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Don’t Tell A Guy You Like Him… Here’s How To Show Him

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Don’t Tell A Guy You Like Him… Here’s How To Show Him post image

Let me make this very clear.

When you ask, “How do I show a guy that I like him?” my answer will come from me thinking about how I would want a woman to show me.

Feel absolutely free to change every “me” below to “guys” in general because well, I’m a guy. 😀

Here’s what I’m thinking about…

I want you to pay random attention to me.

Sporadic nice reminders.

The occasional glance.

Don’t ever tell me you like me for your own personal reasons.

Don’t tell me you like me just because it’s something you feel you have to get off your chest.

The urges become too great and if we don’t let them out, we’ll go crazy. But what does it do to attraction? Does it help? What to focus on instead. When You Just Can’t Wait To Tell Your Crush How Much You Like Them

Don’t do it unless you know (within reason of course) that I am attracted to you and have given you every available reason to believe it.

How do you talk to me to show me?

Ask questions which mean something to ME.

Throw in a little how we both might be connected to those answers.

Don’t just talk AT me explaining your life history or the sordid details of your daily life. That’s someone I used to do a little too much and since it creates little tension or fun, we can save all that for later.

The social norms don’t change just because we’re attracted to each other although the details of the conversation might such as flirting and using well placed innuendos.

Most guys take flirting and innuendos as a sign you’re into us and since I’m sure lots of women have accidentally attracted a guy because of doing that with him, it’s safe to say if you are actually attracted to a guy, use it wisely just don’t over do it.

How would you ask me if I have a girlfriend which shows me you like me?

Assume I DO. 😀

Assume if you’re attracted to me then there must be another woman who does too and that I just might be having sex with her. 😉

Guys will tell you one way or another if they’re attached to another person. If they won’t or don’t and you find out later, then we have a another problem. He either likes you THAT much or he’s a cheater or he’s not really invested in his current relationship.

The odds are, if we’re interested in you physically and/or emotionally the last thing we want to tell you is if we’re single or not.

This is a very hazy subject and can be confusing.

Another reason just to assume it because that just makes guys feel better anyways.

Let’s face it.

You’re going to find out one way or another soon enough, right?

Showing me you like me might be nothing more than being attentive and responsive to OUR unique connection.

If you bring it up, badger a man for attention, or demand it, you know as well as I do it rarely works and when it does it’s not done for the right reasons. How To Get His Attention Without Looking Desperate or Scaring Him Away

Any more might complicate things.

Any more might come of as needy or worse yet desperate.

Any less and I might assume it’s not happening. I’ll grow distant and eventually give up trying or caring. Not a great combination.

The key words above are OUR CONNECTION.

We like to know you’re thinking of US. Maybe it was something we did or a topic we talked about or even a shared sensual moment where a kiss “almost” happened.

You see, if your focus is all on me or if your focus is all on you we tend to get the wrong picture.

We either think you’re not into us, a little too self-involved, or that you’re into us way too much for the time being.

However, mostly focusing on the OUR connection creates a relaxing bond but with an unmentioned space and can cause us to feel like the decisions to move forward or not is not one persons to decide.

We feel less chased and more challenged because we’re not always trying to get you to like us more. We can be ourselves and therefore open up even more.

The challenge created becomes, “How far can WE take this thing” and not “What do I have to do to please her so he’ll like me back.”

And, so it be said, IF we’re only mildly attracted to you and it feels like we’re being chased, we can either use that to our advantage by possibly using you for sex, or running because your interest in us supersedes the interest in us.

Showing a guy you like him and talking to men tend to work together. Which is why they’re included together today.

How you speak to us shows us or clues us in on the fact you’re feeling something beyond a friendship. Which includes a little flirting and fun topics.

What we talk about gives us all the information we need to connect with you on a deeper level. Connecting with you on that level creates the US or OUR part which I believe you’ll find most men really get into.

Granted it’s not ALL about connecting.

This article can not possibly cover everything and anything about talking to men and showing them you like them BUT I do feel that if you have followed along from the beginning, paid close attention to how NOT to show guys you like them…

Plus you have understood the “being attentive and responsive to OUR unique connection” (which I understand can be a terribly hard concept to gather) then you’ll hopefully have a much clear image of what to do the next time you start liking a guy and are looking for a way to tell him.

I’m going to tell you blatantly… don’t just say it unless you know without a doubt he feels the same way and is much too dense to figure it all out on his own. Don’t ruin the surprise. 🙂

SHOW him you like him.

Use some or more of what I shared with you today and of course if you have any questions at all today, make sure you leave them below.

About the author: Peter White… Showing men and women ways to attract each other naturally by helping you to understand each other. Over ten years experience which has shown me how to see things clearly and get to the root cause of most dating and relationships problems. Hope you learn and enjoy your why do guys experience.

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  • Sarah

    Well, this summer, I met a guy and I thought he was super nice and super friendly. We would talk and we had fun, so I thought that I should ask him to hang out some time. When I asked him to hang out, he turned me down. I told him that I felt a little upset and that he didn’t give me a clear explanation as to why he said no.

    Later, I got a nasty text message from someone claiming to be his girlfriend, and she said, “He doesn’t like you because I’m his FREAKING GIRLFRIEND. You really think he would leave ME for YOU? HAHAHA”

    Well then…if he had a girlfriend, why didn’t he ever tell me??? I would have stayed FAR away from him if I knew that he had a girlfriend!

    • Peter White

      Hello Sarah,

      My guess is that he might have been leaving his options open BUT I’ve found what happens more often, or is more likely, he liked the attention and you made him feel good about himself.

      Rather than tell you he was, even just a little, ho could’ve have been considering cheating on his girlfriend but had a change of heart when he was confronted with it. As in when you asked him to hang out some time.

      Men love attention from women they’re attracted to even if they’re in a relationship. They also feel that if they tell you, you would treat them differently… like a “friend”.

      On the flip side to all this – something just to round it all out, you could’ve misread his signals and he wasn’t that interested in something more than a friendship BUT again, he didn’t tell you about his girlfriend because that’s just a strange moment men typically avoid.


      What if he told you and YOU rejected HIM. What if he told you and you got offended. What if he told you and you automatically assumed he wanted to cheat on her. What if he told you and then it would sound like a rejection to you, he could’ve easily felt that would make you upset or depressed because of the time you were having together.

      I know, tons of reasons why. Hopefully one will click in your head and relate to what happened and will be the right one based on your situation.

      Thanks for sharing and all the best to you,


      • Sarah

        Hi Pete,

        Thank you so much for responding! If it helps, I am 15 years old and he is 15-16 years old. You raised a few questions:

        1) How do you know he was attracted to me?

        2) Actually, I wasn’t ATTRACTED to him because of how he looked. It’s because of his personality, because he was the one who always started conversations first and he was super friendly and kind. Therefore, I never really flirted with him, I was just being myself and enjoying the time he and I had together. Does that make sense?

        3) He actually invited me to come to his music concert, since he discovered that he and I are both into music. Is that something to consider?

        Thank you so much,

  • Josie J Durfee

    I have a problem. So, a couple of weekends ago there was this guy that was showing so much interest in me. He wanted to be with me every single day. However, it was a little overwhelming because I wanted to be sure that I liked him. I said yes to most the times we were together, but there were a few times where I came up with an excuse to say no. Finally, after the weekend had come to an end I was starting to realize that I did like him. I went over to my girlfriend’s house and she asked me about him, I told her that I didn’t know. We ended up watching a movie she and I and then one of her roommates came home, and she invited him over for food. He came over. I had to leave a little while after, and he asked me if I would be seeing him the next day, and at the time I thought we would so I said yes. However, something happened. One of the girls that was there after me ended up texting me and telling me that he did not like me. He was just being nice throughout the whole weekend, which did not make any sense because he told me that he really liked spending time with me and really wanted to get to know me. When she texted me this, I could not resist I texted him and asked him if he did like me. He told me he thought I was great, but no he did not like me that way. I said that, that was okay, and that we both seemed to be confusing each other. A couple days had passed, and one of my friends had told me that the case was that he had said that, because he had heard a rumor that I would not date him because he was a little shorter than me. This was not true either. She told me that she was going to talk to him to tell him that I was okay with the idea of liking him and dating him in the future. A couple of more days passed and I ended up hearing another rumor that not only had he heard that I would not date shorter men, but his friend had read it on a text that I apparently had sent. I couldn’t handle hearing all this through the grape vine so I asked him if I could call him and talk to him, he said yes. We talked I told him the truth about everything. I admitted that I was starting to like him, and he told me that he “generally” liked me, but he wanted to go slow like we talked about before. He also told me that he really had no idea what had happened and that there was no reason to be sorry. Before I talked to him on the phone I asked him if I could talk to him on the coming Sunday and he said yes, so when we were talking to each other, he told me that he as still planning on it. Sunday came and I waited for him. I did not see at all that day. I texted him asking him where he was he told me he was with a friend. And me trying not be anymore clingy that I had been said okay and left it at that. So, I broke the rule in telling him that I began liking him. Is this what has slowed him down? How do I get him interested? What does this all mean, Pete? What happened?

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