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Why Do Guys…?

Rants About Guys – What Do You Really Hate About Men and Want Them to Know About It!

Do men have this control switch over you? One minute you love him, and then next you hate everything about him.

Some days you love him, some days you hate him. Maybe you feel like he knows what your switches are. Here’s your opportunity to get it all out. Let him know how you REALLY feel.

I‘m a guy and yes, I’ve managed to upset a few women in my life.

This even prompted me to write a post called “Ten Reasons To Hate Me” Of course I wrote it to show my readers how you can not like a guy or what he’s doing and yet still feel attracted to him. I explained how a jumble of mixed emotions on your side is much better than feeling nothing at all.

Let’s be completely honest. Men can, okay once in a while 😀 piss you off.

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Maybe you feel like you’re being played. How one minute he’s into you and the next time he acts like you don’t even exist. Like he couldn’t even care less.

Perhaps he has a mean edge you don’t understand. In private he’s “super sweet” but in public he’s a cold-hearted prick to you.

He acts distant. He was hurt in the past. He’s terrified of commitment and refuses your help to get past it all. It’s like he’s always living in fear that women are all to hurt him.

On the lighter side of things – Maybe he’s just lazy. You don’t seem to connect on the smaller things in life. He’s a slob. You’re a neat freak. Or he feels everything needs to be in “his” order and you can’t even find your keys half the time. To him it means something and you can not see why it’s such a big deal to him.

On the sexier side – He refuses to learn how to go down on you properly. He’s quick in bed. He’s too slow in bed. It’s not that he doesn’t understand your fantasies it’s the fact he won’t explore them or even talk about it.

On the dating end – Men act like robots. They ask boring questions. They give you the same experience and you go along with it hoping maybe “this one will be different. Or they’re not even asking you out. They stare, gawk, smile, wink, act all into you – but refuse to take the next obvious step. And that’s to go somewhere, anywhere with you so you can finally learn all about you.

Don’t forget about the bad boys, always out to annoy you. Always getting in trouble for no reason at all. The immature boys who treat you like you’re nothing but a body. The quite type who refuses to give you any “real” information about what he feels.

Or how about “Mister Overly Confident Cocky Ass” who believes nothing less than he’s a gift to all the women in the world and you must want him too. Of course only for his body.

Then you have the jealous guys who don’t trust you. Grrrr!!!

The clever guys who manage to say the right thing all the time leaving you speechless. The words you so eloquently devised to say were left pushed back and unmentioned because once again, no matter how hard you try – you just can not help but to love him. So you remain silent and always temporarily appeased.

Whatever it is – I’m positive (you’re a woman) so at some point a man has upset you.

So tell me – What Do You Really Hate About Me?

(Oooops I mean men, your man, the guy down the street, the online perverts, etc…)

This is your chance to get it all out and in the open.

What do YOU want men to know about YOU and what would you like them to STOP doing?

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING A RANT ABOUT MEN – These will be heavily monitored and this page will updated accordingly. Refrain from using real names and places. This is meant to be a learning process. A way to understand men better. Opening up better communication between the sexes. To help you get ALL your frustrations out so you can get on with securing a wonderful and happy life. Oh yeah – please have fun with it. – Pete

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  • Ashley

    I met a guy,we were friends since Primary School then as well in grade 7,but in grade 9 we were the most closest why?as he stood with me when i broke up with my ex.We used to go out to play games together me and James.Well i was hated by the popular girls as one of the girls were James ex.So she blamed me for their break up and they rumored about me,but James scolded them and even warned them off.His Best friend,Damian,did not like me as he liked one of the popular girls therefore he distanced from James and parted ways.Through hardships he stood their with me,i started liking him,he did not know tho.I was happy with him and my friends,then suddenly after 4 months plus of our friendship he started ignoring me.I asked him what happened? he ignored me and banged the table in front of him.I was scared when my friends asked him as well he would shout at them ‘can you not talk about her’.I do not get it,why he is doing this 2 months and we still were not friends.Best of all he even patched back with his ex best friend and made friendship with my ex. i started hating him,even my friends they said hes a fuck boy,he was only using you.I do not get it?how can the love just change to hatred so fast?everyday i cry,i want to move on from him but i cannot why?

    • Peter White

      Well what you have here Ashley is a social mess. That’s not all but it’s the overall theme of young people “jocky-ing” or trying to find their place in the social system. It’s a learning process which usually involves a lot of undue drama and bad feelings.

      I’m not excusing or saying it doesn’t change when you get older. The fact is lots of people never mature past their high-school ways well into their forties. Just ask anyone who has gone to their 25th reunion and ask them. You’ll see how little things have changed.

      Obviously I have no idea if he was using you or not.

      All I can see is that he’s overly emotional (still hasn’t matured too much) and is trying to fit in the best he can. Remember this stuff is NOT taught and it happens through experience and testing and often leads many astray.

      Too deep? 🙂 Well let’s go deeper.

      Hate is not the opposite of love. Apathy is. Hate and love are very closely related. Hate implies an emotional connection to something or someone and if that someone is you or him, you can easily see how emotionally overwhelmed we can become when it’s about someone we have feelings for whether that’s friendship or love.

      You can not move on (and I am NOT a psychiatrist) probably because you don’t want to. Something is stopping from acceptance.

      Read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K%C3%BCbler-Ross_model

      It will tell you the stages of grief and loss.

      Objectively decide where you are at or what stage you’re and I’m sure the answers you’re looking for (with regards to your healing) will be found.

      Wishing you all the best,


      • Ashley

        Thanks a lot Peter!!I guess I have to move on I just wanted to know if he felt the same as me.oh and we still haven’t talked but he is trying to give me signals as if he wants to say something but all in all I’m over him!!It’s his regret.Thanks for your reply?

  • Katherine

    I hate how guys lie and say things like “youre the only one that I want” LOL funny. And how you stay faithful and they cheat. But I reeeeeeaaaallllllllly hate that theyre too busy busting off to someone else to have enough sex with you. Because hello if I’m with you I want to have sex with you BIG time.

    • Peter White

      It is funny, isn’t it? When guys make it a point to say “you’re the only one I want” especially at very specific times, are either only doing to get you in bed OR are completely lying because when it comes to sex and just thinking about sleeping with other women, men have absolutely no control over their sexual attraction. That doesn’t mean they will act on it but for any guy to say he’s not sexually attracted to other women, well we know he’s full of shit.

      Not that a smart man would openly tell you that because we know… don’t we… telling a woman you ARE sexually attracted to another woman, while in a relationship, might not be the smartest thing to say. Could get you in a ton of trouble or a threesome I suppose. 😉

      Now about them being too busy “busting off” to someone else to have more sex with you, well you might have to elaborate on that one. I’m getting the image of a guy “jerking off” to screen shots while blowing off a real woman and that’s just sounds absurd. Haha!


      • Katherine

        Yeah.. it’s something that would have been easier to deal with had I got into the relationship knowing that… instead it was fantasy land where I was the apple of his eye. Other girls didn’t even exist!..he consistantly fed me lies like “other girls arent even pretty”, and kept me from being around other guys. Wasnt allowed to text guys or hug them or dress in shorts or with cleavage showing..I was crushed when I found out he wad into his best friends girlfriend LOL or my friends or every girl he saw that was moderately attractive. Or video game characters or girls from animes. He had to be honest with me, he said. And thats why you don’t get married. If youre unsure, then dont do it. Marriage can be special. Or an excuse to own another person and destroy them emotionally. But yeah pornography was more interesting to him than me. Wouldn’t touch me for weeks. But he liked to watch porn a lot. Wasnt young enough for him I spose. I mean I have developed breasts. He was into girls younger than that.

        • Peter White

          Sad to hear Katherine. Sounds like he has an unhealthy sexual addiction. But I’m not a psychologist so that’s just my best guess.

          Great to hear that you have developed breasts. 🙂

          If you’re still with him and you want to make it work, there are ways to meet him half way. IF his addiction is a problem in his life and not just a healthy fetish he loves to live out, you can try helping him get it.

          Otherwise, hope you’re moving on and feeling healthy,


          • Katherine

            M m m mooovin on!!!!! And it feels AMAZIN hahaha thanks yo.

  • Mona

    I think I really hate materialism and that men seem to be attracted to women who are “not a burden” in any way. Since English is not my mother language, let me explain what I mean. I’m a single woman. The only relationship I had, was with a man who turned out to be very emotionally violent. I developed post-trumatic stress disorder with panic attacks. My condition makes me unable to work (and make money). At least for some period of time. But it doesn’t impact my ability to love, nurture, care, take care of home, be friendly, my ability to learn new things (which I love) and get some education about things I love. but you see, it doesn’t matter. I’m being treated like a damaged good to the point I avoid making new friendships or meeting new people. Why? Because when someone ask me (and usually it’s the first question) what do I do for living, I get ashamed and don’t know how to react. And now… what I observe , even if my own family, is how much men value money. And I also see who they’re getting married to. No one cares about good will, good heart, life wisdom, many great skills. Money matters the most. I see how much it is about sharing. Men don’t want to share, and I think most of men perceive women as potential gold-diggers.
    Now… I can’t make money because of my condition. Do I have ANY chances to find love? I doubt. I would be perceived as a “bad investment”, leech, gold-digger etc. I believe no one would like to meet me closer or date me for this reason. Because I am not wealthy and vulnerable. Who wants such burden in his life? And it makes me frightened, because I know my value. I don’t have anybody to shares my insecurity in this matter. I’m too ashamed. And helpless.
    Best regards,

  • Mary

    I hate men who are not straight forward. I don’t read minds. As a women I ask for what I want. Men should do the same. Stop the game playing. If you want sex say so, if you want to date and see what happens say so. If I agree what’s the problem. Dating should be fun. Your not married so you should date as many people as possible. Why do men making dating so hard?

    • Peter White

      Thanks Mary.

      The problem with guys being too straight forward about what they want is that they don’t always know what they want and there are lots of women who are not open to dating a guy who is dating other women making the matter a bit more complicated.

      Aside from that his actions tend to be more trustworthy than his words. If a guy is acting like he only wants sex – assume he does. If he’s acting like he wants to date and see what happens – assume that too. A guy can tell you anything you want to hear, he can lie to you, he can believe it himself and say it, BUT it’s WHAT he does that seems to “make” the man and not his words.

      Yes, dating should be fun. It’s a great time to explore everything from compatibility to a future together to just hanging out once in a while.

      Men that make dating way too hard tend to be caught up in following rules they think they’re supposed to follow… for her or her rules and not their own. AND most men are taught by experience or someone else that you never tell a woman you just want her for sex because 1, it’s not the “right” or “nice” thing to do and 2, because chances are – they’re not going to get it.

      In my past experiences, just telling a woman what I wanted rarely if ever worked in my favor because I said it with the wrong women or the women who didn’t want me anyways or she accepted my proposal under false pretenses.

      In my most recent experiences, you’re absolutely RIGHT. Beating around the bush only muddies things up and causes future problems.

      I think the “real” deeper problem here is it’s NOT that most guys want to make dating hard, I don’t think they do, it’s that they don’t understand how it all works and fail to get a real education. They also don’t know where the line is between being a “real” man or a “real” jerk and to them – telling a woman exactly what they want, often ruins the outcome. More on that later. 🙂

      BUT we must first admit BOTH sexes are guilty here and saying one sex makes it more difficult than the other is not productive thinking which might lead to real answers and real change.

      Anyways, thanks for bringing this topic up. It’s certainly worth exploring.

      Your guy friend,


      • Mary

        Thanks for the reply Pete. I love reading your material.

  • Jackie

    I’ve befriended a guy about 2-3 months ago. He went out of his way to change his schedule to suit mine. We’ve hung out a couple of times. Have common interests. Thursday, he kissed me twice and said that he can’t believe he waited so long. Friday, on the spur of impulse I’ve text him and exclaimed that he was different from the rest (yes, know that it’s a big no no!).
    Then something miraculous happened…. NOTHING BUT PURE SILENCE.
    I wish I had the gift of reading minds, going crazy here.

  • Cindy

    I don’t like him because he didn’t treat me well. I was travelling and we ended up getting together with this guy. I wasn’t sure where it was going to lead but we stayed in touch for a couple of months everyday after he left. He never had a relationship before and was in his late 20s. That was a red flag for me but I really didn’t think we would go further. He kept saying he missed me and wanted to see me and I was missing him too so I ended up meeting up with him in a different place. He took time off work and we traveled together for a week and then stayed together after that. I knew he was not right for me from the beginning but I did like him but he was showing signs he was not serious or a player right away. He talked about another girl day 1 that we both knew, then it just was all about the sex and not really any emotional intimacy. After a couple days of this it wasn’t fun and even though I wasn’t all into him I started to feel clingy and insecure. He said because he was never in a relationship before he didn’t know what to do. We both decided to end things, but we were living in the same place and then still had feelings for each other. He tells me one night while we were out with a group of friends he was falling in love with me I didn’t believe him but I did still have feelings for him so we got back together and it was shittier than before we broke up. He was being cold, acting like he didn’t want me there, barely spent time with me, even flirted with other girls and was just a jerk. He did nothing for my birthday. I ended up breaking up with him and left for a few days to go to another place. I came back to get my stuff and he was all about me. Spent the whole day with me before he had to go to work, kept coming to check up on me and wanted to get physically intimate but that wasn’t about to happen and he even asked me to go on a trip with him and wanted to visit me and s***. I was like wtf. Then he would send me random messages but it wasn’t like before it wouldn’t be conversation basically more like checking up on me. I stopped responding and changed my number when I got to a new place and he sends me a facebook message asking how I am. He’s like either you don’t want to talk to me or you changed your number. I said it was both but played it off as a joke, even though it was true, and just said yeah I changed my number and then he doesn’t respond even after reading the message. So what is his deal and why df is he contacting me? (you probably can’t answer but some insight please!) I do feel bummed the ways things went with him, thought he was cooler or we would have a better time but it kinda sucked and I just want to let it go and have it be in the past so why is he trying to contact me and then not respond? It’s weird and annoying and therefore I hate him, well not really but I definitely don’t like him.

  • Amber Gardner

    I hate how they always accuse women of being gold diggers, yet they set out to make great amounts of money and drive fine cars in order to entice them, and then hate them for being enticed by the money they themselves sought out for themselves and love. I hate how they place all that love for money on women and never on themselves.

  • Jade

    Alright, so there’s this guy at school who teases me like, I dunno, A LOT. He always calls me shorty and he always finds a new thing to tease me about. For example, that one time that I looked at the clock in our classroom and made a face, I thought that nobody saw it, but I spoke too soon. That same day at lunch, he was starting to recreate my expression in front of his friends. It seems that everyday he just finds a new way to tease me. Well, at least, until today.

    Yesterday, one of his friends invited me over to his house and at that point, I didn’t really saw a reason to say no. Long story short, it ended with me having a bruise on my hand made by him. So, today at break, he suddenly approached me, blocking my way and asking me if I was mad at him. I didn’t answer and ignored him all day long. But the thing is I could always catch him staring at me across our room.

  • nakiro

    I hate rude men. Rude way of speaking, swearing in public, like you can say something occasionally, I don’t mind “fuck it” or something along with the situation but I am always repulsed when there is very heavy talk about genitals and stuff like that in public. Don’t make people turning heads cause you are rude. You can be silly. I act silly sometimes too You can talk dirty in my ear but don’t fucking (I said it) embarrass me! Be nice to people that is a big one for me. I never make scenes in the public cause I care about my image. I generally dislike womanizers. It doesn’t produce anything in me, I always feel repulsed. I like unusual people. People with unvisible strength. People who never want to learn anything, who never want to progress, well, I loose interest. Don’t tell me you don’t care to live better. I like people from who I can learn also. Hate liars. Like if you are lying to impress me you are better off without me. I also dislike when a guy “looses” in a way from me, being in a discussion or some situation and then acts like an asshole. Be a better man and stand your ground, admit I was better that time and you will get my respect. Don’t say you are a gentlemen, just act like one!

  • hazel

    i wished men would stop trying to solve prblems that he’s caused with a hug and a kiss, and instead tell me whats going to change from now on and act on it.

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