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Why Do Guys…?

Evan Marc Katz

Recommending Evan Marc Katz for women looking for a happy, healthy AND fulfilling relationship.

I personally recommend Evan for women who are ready to start a new healthier pattern of dating and relationships which are fun and much more rewarding…

He will help you to “stop looking back and start looking ahead” to create a happier future while remaining in the present. Which just happens to be “where” the best guys tend to look for quality women to match themselves.

He offers amazing values, incredible guarantees, and everything he commits to is packed with intuitive insights to help you not only understand men better but also how to communicate with them so they too can understand YOU better.

The truth is, here at Why Do Guys…? I’ve found myself being good at answering the “why” and I enjoy doing it.

Evan specializes in answering the probably more important “HOW!”

He can show you how to find the right guy online: Finding The One Online

My vast experience online has taught me this: If I’m not getting the results I want then I must change what I’m doing.

Which includes better profiles to capture the right persons eyes, more enticing emails so others feel compelled to write back, communication which not only inspire and attracts but saves myself from getting too involved with someone only to find out later it’s not going to work.

If you’re online and you’re NOT getting the results you want and deserve, you’re putting yourself out there and I understand how difficult that can be.

Take some helpful advice and learn new techniques BEFORE you waste any more of your extremely valuable time by following Evan’s proven series: Finding The One Online.

Evan’s “flagship program is designed to show you “why men disappear” but also HOW to stop it from happening again… with the right guy that is.

It’s designed to show you how the past affects your present and future AND how living in the past or future can easily ruin your present, with regards to having a happy, healthy, fulfilling relationship.

You have two options:

Your first option is to watch his intro video where he will teach you lots of great things…

3 Secrets To Learn What Men REALLY Think About You… And The Key To A Happy, Healthy, Committed Relationship!

  • Heels reveal how to have a happy, healthy committed relationship.
  • Figuring out if he’s a player or a keeper.
  • How to know what men really think about you.
  • How to Attract confident men by doing nothing.
  • How to make him feel devoted without changing anything about you.
  • 3 Reasons why men disappear.
  • Sit back and let him ( the guy ) do the work for you…

Click here to watch the video by Evan to Understand Men and Get The Keys To A Happy, Healthy, Committed Relationship

Your second option is of course to go straight to the source and just pick it up “risk free!” After all, that’s what a present minded woman would do. 😀 For that just go here: Why He Disappeared.

There’s one definite item Evan and I always agree on… YOU!

You have all the power within yourself to attract the kind of men you want in your life who will enhance your life.

But what if you don’t believe in yourself?

How do you make yourself more approachable and connect easier with men if you’re struggling connecting with yourself?

Whereas I teach guys the number one easiest way to attract women is to become more attractive men, this Ebook Evan wrote will do the same thing for you in seven steps:

  1. Let Go of the Past.
  2. Set Realistic Expectations.
  3. Overcome Negativity.
  4. Defeat Your Fear of Failure.
  5. Reframe Your False Beliefs.
  6. Carry Yourself With Confidence.
  7. Take Action Now!

Believe in Love – 7 Steps to Letting Go of the Past, Embracing the Present, and Dating with Confidence

His “motto” is… You have to believe in a product if you want to sell it AND in dating and relationships YOU are you’re own product so you must believe in yourself first.

This program is NOT for women who are not ready to take charge of their life. Honestly if you’re not going to do the work for whatever your reasons are, do NOT pick it up. It’s too expensive to waste your money on if you’re not willing to put in the effort.

But trust me, by the time you start taking action it WILL be worth it. It’s not the exact steps I used because I was all over the map of discovery and attraction but looking back now, the steps he advocates were taken by me.

And it did change my life.

Start believing in yourself and use his 7 step process to get you there: Believe in Love – 7 Steps to Letting Go of the Past, Embracing the Present, and Dating with Confidence.

There’s something else I absolutely love about Evan and no I’m not feeling gay today… he doesn’t offer a thousand spin-off products which not only confuse the issue, but makes it hard to decide whether it’s the right one for you or if it’s just the same piece of advice re-packaged and fluffed with useless nonsense.

And to me that’s GREAT news because if you’re confused by men and their actions the last thing you need is another guy to frustrate you while at the same time taking your hard-earned money in the process.

I mean you could find a guy like that on every street corner, couldn’t you? HAha!

His methods are simple:

*If you’re NOT living in the present, if your past relationships with guys have led you nowhere and has you dreaming about a better future then you NEED this: Why He Disappeared. “The Smart, Strong, Successful Woman’s Guide to Understanding Men and Keeping the Right One Hooked Forever – our bestselling eBook and audio program which helps women instantly understand men and get over a painful breakup.”

*If you’re self-esteem, confidence, and your outlook on life and how you fit in the bigger scheme of it all is making it a struggle just to get things done for yourself, in other words maybe you’re just shy and not believing in yourself enough then you NEED his seven steps immediately: Believe in Love – 7 Steps to Letting Go of the Past, Embracing the Present, and Dating with Confidence. “7 Steps to Letting Go of The Past, Embracing the Present, and Dating with Confidence – a powerful eBook/workbook/audio program that gives women the fuel they need to positively persevere in their pursuit of love.”

*If you find yourself going online to meet men and it’s not working out the way you would like it AND the men you’re meeting this way are wasting your time, trust me, you’re doing something wrong… Then you need to learn a different approach by getting this: Finding The One Online. “How to Master Online Dating and Create the Love You Deserve – a comprehensive online dating system, with a 180 page transcript, 7 hours of audio, and a 35-page workbook – which attracts more men, higher quality men, and helps women to create an exciting love life from scratch.”

I sincerely do hope Even can help you with the how more than the why because he does offer an important piece of the puzzle.

His main page is here and I would suggest you go check him out: Evan Marc Matz

No matter what you decide, give his advice on a little time and I’m positive you’re going to learn something you can carry with you forever.

All the best to you and YOUR happiness too,


Please understand the outside links on this page open a new tab in your browser and are my personal redirected affiliated links. I have a personal/business arrangement with Evan which grants me commission based on our current agreement. Whereas I DO recommend Evan’s work, based on our agreement some sales which come directly from here will earn me, Peter White an agreed payment. Evan does NOT furnish me anything free just to promote his material. I do so under my own direction therefore anything written here is not or was never endorsed from Evan or anyone who works for him. Thanks for ALL your support and I do hope his products give you all the tools you need to find a happy, healthy, and fulfilling relationship just as promised.

An honest, REAL look at men:


  • What we really think about.
  • What we actually DO want and what turns us off.
  • Plus advice I personally believe works best with men.

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