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Why Do Guys…?

Are You Being Ignored? Start Understanding The Man or Men In Your Life

Ask the right questions and you’ll reveal the truth about all men.
Men will go silent or ignore you for six main reasons. There are many circumstances that happen to you personally, but when you break down the inner mind of men, their silence starts in one or more of them.

Knowing those reasons could effectively change how you understand men and why they do they things they do.

In the “Why Do Guys..”” newsletter you can learn those six main reasons and the real truth about guys from a guy who is not afraid of revealing our secrets.

  • Why men go silent and ignore women.
  • From the narcissistic to the self-centered man and how to spot them before they hurt you.
  • Is it you? Is it him? Or maybe it’s not the right time to date.
  • What really happens when YOU ignore a guy and how it makes him feel.
  • PLUS Letter after letter designed to answer all your questions about guys.

Don’t wait! Join today. Real men want you to understand them.

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Brutally Honest Answers About Guys, From A Man


Maybe your boyfriend is acting “funny” and I’m sorry but he’s NOT a funny guy and you want to know why…

Maybe your husband is going quiet and you’d like to know why…

Get a real perspective from a guy who knows “more than a little” about men and women. Someone who won’t hold back. Who won’t down-play the answer to make you feel better.

Get my gut response to any and all questions which are reasonable and preferably direct.  (It’s not that I don’t want to answer everything it’s just vague questions are so much harder and are often misguided.)

I have this problem and I’m hoping you can help me out.

You see I give advice to men. I help them with their woman problems.

I help them to find their attractive self and I even advise them, “ahem ahem” once and a while to play a somewhat “innocent” role, to attract and date the women they want the most.

The fact is, my “Nice Guy Approach” is taking off and men everywhere are learning how to “get” you.

Now that may not sit comfortably with you.

You might feel I’m teaching men how to manipulate you.

You might even feel some of those guys are using the information to use you and date lots of different women – only to hurt you in the end.

The truth is I’m not going to defend the “bad” ones. How they use the information is entirely up to them and there’s not much I can do about it.

Here’s my problem – women read my advice all the time and they like it. They spoke up and asked personal questions so they too can benefit from my nice guys approach. And I offered what I knew and believed could work for them…

But I always felt constricted – I always felt like what I was telling them was me just trying to be nice. Sure it helped because I would tack on personal “advice” to my reasonable explanation on why men do the lovely things they do. (And I found I was rather intuitive and found it all completely natural)

My answer or solution to this problem was to create a spot on the web where I could release my most inner thoughts to women without holding back anything.

Your questions need honest answers to truly see past any man’s persona to truly get inside his head.

How you use this information will come in time. Where “Why Do Guys…?” goes is entirely up in the air.

You can help me with my problem and of course benefit from stepping into one of the “coolest” guys you’ll ever meet. Yes I’m a little cocky but I have every reason to be this way. If you don’t like you have every right to speak up.

Help me by asking real-life personal questions you want answered about men – help me to reveal the one thing I know you’re looking from men – honesty.

I guarantee some of it you won’t like. The truth is never taken too lightly especially when they’re wrapped in my personal beliefs and are considered totally biased.

But if you promise me to keep an open mind and listen closely, I promise my answers will attempt to guide you to better relationships with any guy you meet, are currently dating, or have been married to for fifteen plus years.

My name is Pete – not Petey! Guys hate being emasculated. 🙂 Seriously call me whatever you want. I’m sure I can handle it. You can read more about me here.


Thanks for stopping by and I do hope “Why Do Guys…?” is a fun experience which gives you some answers you seek and a place you’d be happy to share your friends.