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Why Do Guys…?

Understanding Men Made Simple – Why Do Guys…?

Understanding Men Will Never Be Complicated Again!

Man Understood Sitting Thinking Looking

Here's what anyone just like you can do, if you want to understand the supposed complexities of men...

You "could" look into the psychology and sociology behind him but then it becomes ever more complicated. You'll get more confused,  find little or no real answers you can relate AND... unless you're ready to dedicate your life to studying the male brain and how it works WHY would you waste your time?

You can study the mind of a guy by going deeper and deeper until you hit the right spot. You might stumble on the answer you're looking for. That "Aha!" moment might even grant you full access to any man's mind and his heart too. (Wouldn't that be great?)

But I don't think you want to go that far - you don't want a degree on men!

You have enough great things going on in your life. Time is a strict and limited engagement of yours and you would rather not waste it.

You want simple answers that you can use right now to figure one guy out and why he's "acting" a certain way towards you OR you want answers and some form of closure on the groups of men who've been consistently frustrating you.

You're fed up and tired of it all.

You're at a point where you felt you had little or no choice but to seek out advice on what HIS problem is (or was) and it's brought you here to my little spot in the world appropriately named, "Why Do Guys...?"

That's actually a GOOD thing. Not your frustration or perhaps even outright anger towards the opposite sex  because emotional uneasiness is never a pleasurable experience.

No - I'm talking about you making your way here as being one of the greatest things that has happened to your dating and relationship "life" because...

I want to show you HOW to understand ALL men.

I want to inspire and inject so much confidence in yourself and your knowledge of men that you'll spend less or no time ANYMORE asking WHY.

You'll be able to us this new free time any way you like which I do hope is used enjoying your relationships and doing the things you love to do - perhaps even with those you love the most.

Are you ready for it?

This readiness I'm asking of you is not a joke. It's not a rhetorical question. I'm not asking you to build your energy or drive. I'm not asking to peak your curiosity or even to get you all fired up to gaining a control in your life you might have been lacking in the past.

I'm asking if you're truly ready because you must be willing to go to places you've never been inside your heart and mind. You must be open to NEW ideas and concepts. You must be ready for a new mindset and to start seeing things from a perspective most will never see because they just won't let it all go.

And not lastly... Here's the part where I risk losing many of you but that's okay.

You must be ready to let out all your anger and frustration you've had about men BEFORE you will ever reach the next step or stage in your life.

If you're at all bitter - filled with blame and regrets - are more concerned with proving you're right and he's wrong - if you're in a "pouty" place thinking the world (and the men in it) have only done you wrong and because of THAT you feel you "deserve" something better JUST because you feel superior or have played nice all your life...

I can not and will not get you there or even try to make you.  I won't waste any of my time "talking" you down. I won't let you take me to "that" place with you.

That is not my thing and you'll quickly find I efficiently cut out those from my life who waste my time bitching and whining about how unfair life's been towards them - because my SOLE responsibility in all this...

Is to SHOW you how to understand men.

I'm not telling you all this because I'm a mean person. You might consider that and I'm okay with whatever you believe about me.

I'm not telling you this because I intend to treat you like a child and send you to bed early because you wouldn't eat you Brussels Sprouts. (Weird reference, I know.)

I'm asking you if you're ready - truly ready - because honestly, understanding men (and I suppose life in general) starts with first understanding yourself better than ever before and figuring out men begins with a clean fresh look at what is really happening unfiltered by past bad experiences and a closed narrowed-down attitude.

Still with me? Very cool.

It may appear I've now complicated things - you know - with all the "you must understand yourself first" stuff - I understand you probably didn't come here for that purpose and you're just about ready to "click out" and search for an answer which satisfies and agrees with what you believed to be true anyways.

And that's part of the point.

I've been studying "people" for all of my life. Not from books. Real life people. One of the many things that I've consistently found that if someone isn't willing to understand themselves FIRST - when they go out looking for the real profound RIGHT answer to solve their immediate and current problem - they don't find it because...

They're not looking for an ANSWER. They're only looking for proof they are right.

They're looking for someone or something to agree with their findings.

The reality is: They're looking to FEEL better about who they are and when they surround themselves with those who will agree with their plight or supposed facts and knowledge of their experience it makes them feel better about themselves for a short time and in the process....

Delay or fail to make any significant changes in their life.

I get it - who doesn't want to FEEL better about themselves. In fact I know the answer you're looking for about men will in a way make you feel better - happier - more free- it's all good.

BUT it's still a quick fix. A short road with an often abrupt turn on the end that only loops back around as you find yourself circling round and round; I believe the term would be "same shit - different day". Does that sound at all familiar?


You've made it this far. I'd like to say I'm proud of you but let's be real because I know myself all too well... I'm just as much or proud of myself for keeping your interest this long.

(Skip ahead, join why do guys right now, and start reading my free 45 page ebook, "Understanding Men Made Simple - There Are Only TWO Types of Guys.")

HOW will I show you how to UNDERSTAND men?

What's my specialty. My angle. My unique as I promised above SIMPLE way of getting you there.

I've studied women my whole life. I've been a male my whole life too.

If my life and my PAST relationships with women were graded - I had nothing but failing marks until around ten years ago. In other words I FINALLY passed the test and earned my non-doctorate degree in women.

Now even though I'm still not a complete man, my journey won't ever end;  I've spent enough time inside my body and by closely watching others to see things most others just don't get. (Because of as I'm expecting of you,  willing and ready to let go and being open to new perspectives and new mindsets.)

My point is: I KNOW what attracts you. How to create it. How to destroy it. How it happens. Why it happens. How long it lasts. I can get INSIDE your head. (Generally speaking of course.)

I know when you're wondering, thinking, and over-thinking about a guy what it's doing to you inside.

I also know that without those thoughts you're just never going to feel that much for a guy. If he's not confusing you - if he's too easy to read - if everything he does or says is predictable - whether you've connected with him or not, you will always feel something is MISSING.

As I've gone from a total loser with women, mind you not a typical loser treating women like a piece of meat but just some guy who couldn't find even a girlfriend to the man I feel I am today - I've experienced two totally different and contradicting realities.

This "second" reality has allowed me to teach guys what I know about you. I pass along the knowledge and skills to them and try to create as many REAL men as I can.

Maybe you'll benefit from that, maybe you won't.

The reality is, by doing so, will most likely push men far away from some women's reach until they too experience their new reality. Strange how life works that way sometimes. We fix one thing only to find we've broken it for someone else. Sadly true.

These two elements or realities - has me allowed to live on both sides and has brought me to the conclusion that can life-altering for you and how well you can understand men.

In the simplest terms I can think of...

There are only TWO different types of guys.

If you want to understand ALL men you must then know which type of guy he is but of course I must tell you what those type are:

Type 1: The guys who DO GET you!

Guy Type Gets Understands You

Some do it or get there naturally. Some will learn it through trial and error.

Some seek advice and use it for good as through the methods I use and the person I've become myself.

Other use that same advice to "play" you.

Some have "problems" and use their natural ability to play most women.

Some don't even know they're doing it or how.

This group (so it's been formulated) consists of about 8% to 10% of men.

It's estimated within this group (based on my own observation and experience only) that 1 out of every 10 fall in the bad or utterly toxic category.

These TYPE ONE are considered the guys who actually sleep with or date the majority of ALL women.

A note which has never been proven but definitely observed and all too often hated by the next type:

Type 2: The guys who just DON'T seem to GET you!

Guy Type Does Not Get Understand You

Women and their relationships with them have come primarily by accident, sometimes a little luck, and sometime pure coincidentally.

90% plus of ALL men fall into this category.

They live in your friends zone. You will rarely (if ever) feel attracted to them.

They can be "nice guys" but they can also be the over-confident pricks who pretends they're the type one.

These guys meet a woman who likes them although they might not know why she does or even realize it's happening.

If she pursues him AND if he feels a little attracted to her - he will "settle" comfortably and just take things as they come along.

That doesn't mean this type can't or doesn't love you.

In fact he'll probably give you more love than you can handle which at times will appear needy and desperate.

But remember... these are guys who generally DO NOT get you.

This group can and will dabble in the other group. They won't know it's happening but they can invoke your attraction and interest.

After some time though they typically revert back to their naturally born type two usually marking the moment when you don't know why - but you're in love with him - but he doesn't do it for you anymore AND the relationship either drags on to boring obliviousness or an abrupt change for better or for worse.


By now you might be wondering WHY it's so important for you to know there are only two types of men and HOW it's going to help you in ALL your relationships with men (casually dating or in an exclusive relationship).

And you should but first...

You can understand men right down to every little thing he does.

BUT you must also understand that could come with a huge price.

I will warn you - opening up a guy you could either grow closer, have the ability to draw him in and truly connect with his heart OR you could just easily DESTROY what you're feeling for him in the process.

Something I'll cover eventually in my newsletter when you join below.

Back to the major importance of knowing which type of guy you're dealing with and how it's going to help you.

Number one:

Two guys can be doing, saying, or acting in the exact same way but based on which type they fall into can and will mean two DIFFERENT things.

Two Men Doing Same Mean Different Things

Not knowing which type can have you misinterpreting him in a way which will lead you astray, cause you to over-think, imagine things that aren't real as they relate to you AND worst of all - make it IMPOSSIBLE for you to connect with him.

See how easy it can to be to misinterpret him IF you don't know his type.

For example:

A common thing lots of women worry about is being played by a guy and you should be concerned about it. The effect of being played by a guy can leave you devastated, hurt, ruin many of your future interactions with good men, and leave you forever not trusting  even the nicest guys making it very difficult to connect with them.

Getting played by a guy is something NO woman should ever have to go through.

Here's the thing.

What is your gut telling you about the two type of guys above as it relates to a guy being a player or playing you?

Got something in your head? Cool.

Now let's see if our views or answers match up.

Type two above - the guys who don't get you will NEVER knowingly play you.

They don't know how. They just don't have it in them to do it. AND if they even try, you'll see it happening a mile away.

This ultimately means - when you know you're dealing with this type two - you're NOT being played and can rule out a whole list of reasons why he's doing the things he's doing which are confusing you. 

To type two - it's not a game and will never be one 99% of the time. (Sorry but there are always exceptions.)

On the other side - type one HAS the capacity and skills to play you. It doesn't mean it's happening BUT it IS a possibility.

Let's say you sleep with both guys a little too early and weeks later you find they're now blowing you off.

There's good possibility that type one was only looking for sex and once he got it - blew you off. He was clever enough to make it happen and therefore it's more likely you've been played or used.

Type one either played you OR if he was a stand up guy told you he wasn't interested in any more therefore he's just being honest and upfront ruling him out as a player.

However the type two - could be leaving you behind for more reasons than I can count on my fingers. Maybe he felt he got lucky and now is confused as what to do. Maybe he thought he sucked in bed and fear facing you again. Maybe he's not attracted to at all and since he sucks with women - when you agreed to sleep with him or it just "happened" he gladly accepted it because honestly - he barely if ever gets any.

And the list goes on and one.

Here's another great example.

You see two guys and you notice their body language towards you is closed off. You guess both are sending you a signal that they're not interested in you - but you're certainly interested in them.

If you were to start interacting with those guys you could find yourself in a situation where you're chasing both because one: You went into it believing or feeling they were not into you and two: because of their body language they triggered that lovely challenge instinct you have built within you.

(Yes - that's the part where knowing YOU comes into play. Since I know what attracts you, I'm also more inclined to know how and why you find yourself attracted to certain men and thus, with this information can predict how you will act around both types of guys. But I digress...)

I can within all practicality GUARANTEE you that not only will you screw it up with a TYPE ONE for many reasons which no worries, CAN be fixed, BUT also that he, after forming an opinion of you with very little interaction is NOT interested in you at all. He's probably not even physically attracted to you.

However - TYPE TWO - you just don't know and if you really want him, by you acting differently around him based on what I've said before - you lessen the chance of understanding him and attracting him too.

Type two's body language is in all likelihood that way because he has low confidence, very little self-esteem with regards to women. He could be madly in love with you, admiring you all the time, and yet closed off when you're near him because he's unsure, confused, doesn't GET you or how attraction works and based on his past experiences with women - fails so often he puts up this huge wall protecting himself from being rejected.

Same body language and/or actions means two entirely different things based on his type alone AND not knowing which type he is can alter your, I'll call it "destiny" with both of them.

It's really THAT important.

You can see how it all so clearly plays out when you have this "inside" information. How by knowing a few simple extra things when you're dealing with and understanding men can either put YOU in the driver seat or have you forever chasing which I can guarantee that CHASING a guy will NEVER land the right guy for you.

Let's back it up all the way to the beginning when you first read and was intrigued by this statement but we'll add a little something to it:

Understanding men does NOT have to be so complicated!

Please don't make it much more difficult on yourself by just taking the time to learn about his very easily determined type.

All this talk about men and I forgot to mention my name...

It's Pete. (Peter White)

I'm the guy who runs the show here at at "Why Do Guy...?" and I'm the guy who wants to help you understand men.

Peter and Estee White from Why Do Guys

Don't worry, I'm not going to ask you if you're ready anymore. If you made it this far you DEFINITELY are and you're probably wondering how you can get started already.

It's simple - really easy stuff.

(Skip ahead, join why do guys right now, and start reading my free 45 page ebook, "Understanding Men Made Simple - There Are Only TWO Types of Guys.")

What you've learned today is your "starter" or introduction into the world of men.

It's the basis of what I teach. It's simple, easy to get, and you'll get the rest as we move along from letter to letter.

AND (as of today) you get my Ebook on understanding men:

"Understanding Men Made Simple - There Are Only TWO Types of Guys."

It's a 45 page book which covers all this and more:

♦ How to figure out what type of guy he is and why if you don't know it, his words and action can fool you or worse yet, you could misread every signal he gives you. You'll get the exact long-form definition of each type plus how they interact with you differently.

♦ Over 65 questions you can ask about ANY guy which reveals the perfect man. You'll be able to tell quickly if he's for real, using you, a player, a good guy, or the ultimate rare REAL man.

♦ How to apply it all in your everyday life with men, dating, and relationships.

♦ Why knowing his type helps to quiet your mind and makes you more attractive to men, keeps you from doing things that push away good men, and puts YOU in charge of your destiny with guys.

♦ You'll soon see how and why it's so difficult to find the perfect man and what that really means to you as it helps you decode his actions. But also why it doesn't have to be so tough.

♦ My EXCLUSIVE and often elusive secret to getting a guy devoted and obsessed over you. Warning: Do it wrong and it will backfire on you so make sure you know exactly how it's done.

♦ The only two things you need to concern yourself with when it comes to getting the man of your dreams along with fulfilling your desire to be in a happy, healthy, and productive relationship. And yes BOTH are completely within any woman's capabilities.

♦ Every woman "tests" men in one way or another, BUT if you don't know his type, your tests can be passed by him in a way which allows him to fool you into thinking he's more than he really is which inevitable can lead you down a long, hurtful, and painful road.

♦ What actually does separate the good guys from the bad ones, the players, the users, the abusers, and the nice guy who just doesn't understand you AND why it's important to notice the difference as early as possible.

♦ What makes a perfectly matched couple and why others are doomed to fail depending on how and why they got together.

♦ The questions you need to ask about yourself and what you're looking for, what you're compromising over in men, and how it all relates to finding the man who is perfect for you.

♦ Two simple short definitions of love men and women believe which separates them and how it's connected to understanding men and how it can be used to get a man too.

♦ How to easily change a man for the better just by making him FEEL a certain way towards you and how it works differently on the two types of guys.

I'd love to have you join me. I'd love to open up men to you in a way which you've never experienced it before.

This is what the newsletter covers and it's what you can expect from me.

  • The 45 page Ebook: "Understanding Men Made Simple - There Are Only TWO Types of Guys."
  • Any and all new updates, pages, or posts so you'll never miss anything.
  • Direct access to the male mind - As stated above. I'm a guy. I've been both types. Consider me your guy friend EVERY woman must have by her side.
  • EVERY email has a purpose - to show you how to understand men while at the same time help you understand yourself better.

You can choose to participate or you can choose to just read and take it all in hopefully putting it all to good use in your life.

The PURPOSE or goal is simple:

Open his MIND to you so to make it easier to connect with his HEART. - Open your mind so you can better connect with yourself. - How to communicate all this to him in a way which brings him CLOSER to you.

It ALL changes starting right NOW!

Woman Happy Reading Email

Now that you're ready and both of us are convinced this is the right way to go:

  1. Fill in your information below.
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Thank you for stopping by and I'll see you on the other side...

Your guy friend,

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32 comments… add one
  • Lauren

    Hi Pete!
    So I’ve been casually seeing this guy for like seven or eight months now and I had asked him to meet my daughter like a month ago and he said not yet which made me think he wasn’t that into me. Then it felt like a relationship kind of got paused. – A sidenote, he does work two jobs and is busy a lot of the time. -Then we reconnected a few days ago and in the midst of our conversation he asked me do I love him? I replied that I didn’t know and I wasn’t expecting him to ask me that but that I felt like I could as long as I wasn’t playing myself to which he responded, ‘definitely not.’ Then I asked him Did he love me and his response was, ‘he can.’ So I guess in my over thinking nature I don’t know if that means he’s already determined that he’s in love with me, and not sure how I feel so he wanted to test the waters first perhaps? Or is he being manipulative because we haven’t been spending time together too much recently? To be honest knowing his star sign and what I’ve seen of his personality, I don’t feel like he’s playing me although he’s really been into having this threesome-which I’m not against, and actually suggested at one point – but the circumstances (and ppl) need to be right, as I don’t wanna feel jealous at all, especially given I’m not sure how he feels about me or where we stand.
    Now just to throw a wrench in the whole thing, he had just told me the night before he only want to be friends with benefits?! So you can imagine why I’m extra confused when the next day he asked me if I loved him. I was talking to one of my girlfriends the other week about this guy, and she said to me that she thought that I was in love with him. So maybe I am? but I feel like I don’t wanna be in a situation where I’m gonna get myself hurt.
    Please advise :))

    • Thanks for asking Lauren, I’ll see what I can do for you.

      First up, eight months and not meeting your daughter is not how it’s supposed to go. It shows a clear lack of any investment by him into your future together. You’re a package deal!

      This may or may not help, but it can help others too:

      How To Date When You’re Ready To Have Kids & Now – How To Tell Him

      His time, two jobs, heard it all before. You make time period or don’t. Not much more to it.


      You don’t test the waters of love.

      When a man asks, “Do you love me?” it’s normally not a good sign of anything. His answer of “I could” was a terrible passively aggressive set up to control you and to dig out your feelings without having to reveal his.

      Wrote this a while ago, might offer something more complete:

      What Does It Mean If He Asks, Do You Love Me?

      He’s not being manipulative because you haven’t spent enough time together. He’s (probably) not being manipulative purposely. It’s just who he is, which is not good thing either.

      For some, it’s just who they are and their actions prove it time and again. But that’s neither here nor there because it’s happening and the outcome would be similar anyways.


      The threesome requests and talks makes things obvious he doesn’t want and most likely never will want a real relationship with YOU and you alone.

      Whether he’s been leading up to this or not is not that important for moving on purposes, but can be useful for now decisions, and future learning to spot this type of red flag actions before you get stuck in them.

      The FWB (friends with benefits) is him now backing out because he clearly doesn’t want to move forward with you without some form of new drama thrown at you as he definitely wants full control over you at which then he’ll use it and you for all its worth and then, as it all falls apart, claims it’s your fault, he’s a busy man, you pushed him, etc…

      More info on FWB:

      FWB – Does It Really Work? Don’t Relationships Need Clear Definitions?

      I’m not the bearer of bad news, just bad information which can always be used to help you decide where to go, what now to do, and how best to use the objective details I’ve given you to learn something and use it for good in the future too.

      More objectivity, your thoughts of loving him will only make things worse and tougher on you. Don’t let the feelings cloud your judgement.

      Please don’t let them factor in on the decisions you will now be taking.

      And now it’s time for you to reflect and hopefully quickly and positively make the best ones for you.

      My personal advise is to remove him from your life gracefully, with confidence, with a strong belief it’s for the better of you and your daughter.

      Wishing you all the best.

      Thank you for trusting in me and my opinion of your situation.

      Your friend,


  • Emily Dearing

    My question is why do men chase you do hard and then when you’re not together act like you don’t external, communication drops off etc. on the next date is all on again. Is it their way of taking it slow?

    • Most men do love the chase Emily and unfortunately, some of them don’t know what to do with when they catch you and others, like the chase or challenge more than prize causing them to back off once it’s over.

      Thanks for asking Emily,


      For more, search here or copy paste into your search bar


  • Ela

    Hey Pete ,
    I read your article about ignoring the msgs , I have a similar situation need to share and ask you about it , it could help me later in the futur … So i met this guy who was super interested on me more than me interesting actually ! After several meets , Now he started texting me asking about my day etc , and when I answer back he saw it and not answering back … And like after 2 days he will start all over again and text me again asking about the day … In this case what should i do exactly … Like ( Getting mad and tell him this is not okai ) … or ignore and answer back and we will keep going in the same cycle ! Thanks for listening x

    • Hey Ela,

      You can take a closer look at what you’re texting back to him. You might not be too open ended with your remarks so he doesn’t know what to say back.

      For example – if he texts, “Hey, how are you today?” and you only text back, “Good.” then you’re ending it there. You would want to send, “Wonderful! How are you on this amazing day? 🙂 ”

      Sure it’s a lame example but the point was to show you the difference between open-ended and closed remarks.

      Other than that, if he’s just being weird and you’re doing what you can to get the conversation moving or progressing to actual speaking, and he’s continuing to act this way, well then you know what to do… politely ask him to stop messaging you if he’s not going to speak or progress further along.

      Thanks for asking and all the best,


  • lana mory

    hello im really greatful for this information but im really confused ,maybe you know why 🙂 it’s because a guy okay i’ll start explain it’s been three months we have knowing each other everything was normal like two person but lately he starts doing some strange thing after i start talking to him in a friendly way(being nice with him) it’s been a week from now when things start getting weird ,the first sign is he starts looking at me and he smiles he never do this and im shure nothing was creepy in my face then when i smiled to him he looked down and second one is he starts care about me like when and what i souldn’t worry about and reply my messages very quickly the third sign that reaaally confused me is he looking at me alot lately like really a lot he holds eye contact for a long time then he smiles or he keeps looking at me from far away and i can notice he looking directly to me (a crowded placs ) and i absolutely can’t keep looking at him it makes me uncomfortable in really trying to not show signs for my favor but its really this is how i read them (and how they looks like)

  • Lennie

    I met a guy a few weeks ago, even asked him for his number and ended up getting it. The same night we talk for hours on the phone while he’s still working and that continues for a few weeks. He has one of the busiest jobs in history meaning there is barely time for social life yet he seems interested in me and we have plans to meet up in the future when he has time off again. He is the one who always makes the first move by asking what we are and if I want more than friendship, making hints at keeping me around etc but last week I was a little too intense as I was confused by his signals as everything he does and says hints towards liking me, yet out of nowhere he always pulls away. When I asked him what was up and if he was playing games he told me that he wasn’t playing any games and the only reason why we aren’t meeting up right now is not because he doesn’t want to but purely because he will be very busy for a while. We haven’t talked in a week and I am now not sure if I should just give up on him or if he is still interested in me ? From past experiences with him I know he is super insecure and doesn’t think highly of himself, asking for reassurance from me multiple times. My heart is breaking and I don’t know what I should do now.
    P.S. I’ve been reading your posts for hours now, I am loving everything so far thank you so much!

    • Yeah Lennie I see the problem very clearly with your “type two” guy.

      You’ve taken the lead which to his type, means he feels he can sit back and let things roll along on his schedule because you’re the one chasing him. Something his type likes because, as written in my “understanding men made simple” book – you’re making him feel like a type one and it’s partly how to get a guy to love you. (Partly, not all.)

      The bigger picture is:

      Too much talking and not enough “doing” delays the courting process or stops it from happening.

      This also causes other issues that you’ve already found out the hard way because when you become frustrated and tired of waiting… as proven when you wrote … “but last week I was a little too intense” – hence pushing him away with the extra drama he’s okay with because trust me he like the drama, but often deflects or moves far away from a REAL romantic courtship which is needed here.

      I won’t be getting into all the details as to why I’m right. I’ll explain what I can however I can.

      My advice, although be it non-descript, is that if you want things to work out and move forward, you MUST find a way to give up most of your leadership role to him and get the actual physical romantic courtship moving along with face to fact ACTIONS.

      Easier said than done? Sure. I got the easy part.

      Get back to me when you can and if I come up with a more solid plan, (hard to think right now) I promise to pass along to you.

      On the side – RELAX!

      He’s into you.

    • Emily

      So, I met this seemingly sweet guy thru friends. We ended up hooking the second time we met. He was very sweet, considerate, and seemed interested. He complimented me the whole night, talked about love languages, held hands, played with my hair and stuff. But he never asked me for my number. I see him in 2 days for him to ignore me. A hi and a hug, that’s it. He seemed shy but I thought after having hooked up, he’d be more easy. Also, when we hooked up he mentioned how I didn’t flirt with him while he kept looking at me the whole time. He also seemed a little insecure about himself. But the next time we meet he’s just so so casual. I’m so confused.

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