Why Men Go Silent, Ignore You, Refuse or Won’t Share Their Feelings

It's time to Open the Silent Man & Understand Him In A Way You've Never Imagined Possible!

Silent Man No Feelings Cover

No man should ever be allowed to leave you confused and left guessing as to what his next step or purpose is with you!

Are you frustrated because you don't understand?

  • Why he isn't sharing his feelings with you
  • Why he isn't opening up to you like he use to
  • Why he disappears, comes back, only to ghost you again
  • Why he suddenly ignores you when you feel everything is going great
  • Why he seems to randomly and suddenly stop contacting you

Then you have found the right place at the PERFECT time to get all your questions answered today.

Men can be a little unpredictable at times. I understand their strong silent type ways can confuse you.

This is why you're telling yourself if you only knew WHY he was acting this way,  your life be simpler and filled with less doubt and heartache too.

Wouldn't you also like to know if it's time to move on and let him go, or if you should  give him yet another chance?

Wouldn't you like some peace of mind, perhaps a little closure, and real answers that he doesn't ever want or try to share with you?

The Silent Man gives you the complete inside look behind why men are this way and more importantly...

WHY are that way with YOU!

If there's a man in your life (or past) who is or has become more silent & the quietness is not only confusing., but making you feel unloved, distant, and emotionally cut off, you need to read this book immediately!

You'll finally understand:

  • Why he isn't sharing his feelings
  • Why he isn't opening up to you
  • Why he disappears, comes back, only to leave again
  • Why he ignores you when you feel everything is perfect
  • Why he seems to randomly & suddenly stop contacting you
  • And so much more...

This is your chance to get ahead of him & his game in a positive productive way because if you only knew WHY he was acting this way, wouldn't your life be simpler & filled with less doubt and heartache?

All his silent secrets are revealed to you chapter by chapter:

*Is Your Situation Different? Learn if you're in this alone. If it's something other women experience to & what it means in all your relationships with men.

*What Really Happened? Get answers to your most asked questions. Thousands of women have asked & I've compiled them a pattern emerged. A must read to understand him & your personal situation. Erase the stress.

*Why He Has To Pull Away Before He Is Convinced You're The One For Him - You'll learn why it must happen & how. Plus why a man pulls away at the worst and best times too.

*His Silence Might Be A Bad Sign, A Breakdown Of Communication - His silence started long before you. How man and women communicate differently. How it affects your relationship.. Why he doesn't understand you and you can not understand him.

*Three Different Dating & Relationship Modes - Men have commitment modes. If you're not in the same place at the same time with him, if can feel like he's being silent or ignoring you when it's not. Learn where he is. No more guessing.

*Projections In Dating & Relationships - Not Everything Is Always As It Seems -  Dispelling the myths, what is really happening, and how projections are the root cause.

*It's Not You, It's All Him - He's A Self-Centered Man Or A Narcissist - Some men are just plain bad. They do it on purpose. This section will help you figure out if it's true so you can leave and get on with your life. Plus stop you from being hurt in the future.

*Could You Be Causing His Silence? How and Why It's You & Not Him - Some of his silence may be caused by you without you even knowing it. You'll learn the many ways you're partly at fault and how it's all fixable too.

*The Evolution of Man & How It Relates To His Silence - A scientific view. An eye-opening and revealing scientific look into the male mind. You won't believe what you're going to find and how it after millions of years relates to you.

*49 Reasons Why He Will Ignore You, Go Silent, or Not Share his Feelings - Specific circumstances as to what went wrong. Why he disappeared or stopped contacting you so much.

*BONUS: "Understand Men Made Simple: There Are Only Two Types of Guys ." An exclusive look into men never before seen.

Hi, I'm Peter White. The silent man book was born from "Why Do Guys...?". It forms the groundwork based on my many years and countless hours digging deep into my male mind alongside the many men who will hide their feelings from YOU, but share with me EVERYTHING.

What I want to SHOW you is not a superficial unrealistic into the male mind, we're not just touching on the surface here...

You'll go deep into how a man lives inside his mind, how he thinks, how and why he feels or does not with you and other women too, plus EVERY ACTION he takes or does not take with you- and it what all really means.

Because if you don't know why it's happening, it can drive you crazy and leave you confused, dis-hearted, and in a painful place for way too long!

A Quick Read Of All The Chapters Included

I've included a quick read for every chapter below. Click on the quick links to read a little more about what's in your book membership.

When you're ready, go here to make your purchase. I'll be waiting for you patiently.

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It's begins with my wife, my sly smirk, and my silence too. You'll quickly see why every guy not only needs to be silent or quiet, but also how it makes him more attractive to you and the world he lives.

The Preface: The Silent Man - Why Men Go Silent, Ignore You, & Won't Share Their Feelings

Women Worrying Silent Man Situation Different

I have talked to many women in my years or light coaching and even though they feel their situation is unique, it's not always the case. In fact, it's more rare. This is good news because once we know and see the pattern is there. Getting to fixing and opening up a man becomes so much easier.

The Silent Man Opening - Is Your Situation Is A Little Different?

What Went Wrong Between You Him

You have lots of questions. Very specific questions which need to be answered first and foremost. This is where I lay it all out for you in an easy to read format.

What Really Happened? Answers To Your Most Commonly Asked Questions

Man Dragged Away Marriage Feel Like Pull Away

Men will back off... Always! It's a need to step back and better understand one's emotions before the next stage can happen. Small steps or big push-backs, he will pull away. This can help you ease your mind and quiet your heart as he digs through his man emotions.

Why He Has To Pull Away Before He Is Convinced You're The One For Him

Breakdown Communication Man Woman Silent

Communication, open discussions when both you and any man convey not only what you want to say, but what the other one hears. Any breakdown cause problems of silence for years and it began even before you met.

His Silence Might Be A Bad Sign Causing A Breakdown Of Communication

Different Place Same Time Not Together Mode

The stages of commitment and dating are not set in stone but there are general paths men take on their way to your heart. You'll learn how they're connected to you and him plus a better to know where you're at with him, without having to talk about the relationship.

Three Different Dating & Relationship Modes & Not Being In Them Together

Projections Dating Relationship Romance Sign

We all too often predict the future but we are rarely correct. In this chapter you learn how to spot when you misreading everything with regards to you and him. His silence may no be silent at all.

Projections In Dating & Relationships - Not Everything Is Always As It Seems

Self-Centered Narcissist Man Not You Him

Men are not always at fault, but in this or these cases it mostly him. You'll learn about the toxic man, why he is doing it, and his terrible ways. This will help you decide if walking away forever is your best choice.

It's Not You, It's All Him - He's A Self-Centered Man Or A Narcissist

Woman Causing Silent Man

You get all the warning and signs that  you might a big part of his silence and need to get away from you. This can help you see the bigger picture so you'll know your next step if you want to fix it or not.

Could You Be Causing His Silence? How and Why It's You & Not Him

Evolution Man Showing Biceps Science Man

I dug deep into the past mind of man and how his existence demanded he be silent... or else. It's all related to his safety and your too.

The Evolution of Man & How It Relates To His Silence & Deep Feelings

Man Ignore Woman On Phone

Get very specific examples of what might be happening in your situation so you can better determine what is really going on. You won't believe some of excuses men come up with here that you must know about, before anything else happens.

49 Reasons Why He Will Ignore You, Go Silent, or Not Share his Feelings

Understand Men Simple Phone Cover

You can get the bonus for free but I include here because it's connected to the silent man.

There are 3 critical reasons why you NEED to read this book IMMEDIATELY:

♦ If you’re not sure what his type is, you could misread everything he says & does which leads to more confusion and making mistakes with him that will hurt.

♦ Learn the insight & ability to detect if he’s for real, using you for sex, a player, a good guy, or one of those rare REAL man you DO want.

♦ Get my personal secret to getting a guy devoted and obsessed over you. Let me show you the right way because if you do it wrong, there may be no turning back the clock.

Bonus: Understanding Men Made Simple: There Are Only Two Types of Guys

Do you have a man in your life that is all-too-silent and the quietness is making you feel unloved, distant, and emotionally cut off?

Pick up the book today and he won't seem so quiet anymore:

♦ Find out the last thing a guy wants from someone he loves and how knowing this can either open your lines of communication with a man or cut it off entirely.

♦ What a man enjoys doing to you which will help you understand why he's so silent all the time.

♦ What kind of questions you must ask a guy that makes him feel great about being with you and gets him to open up easier to you.

♦ Learn why and how you'll NEVER look at another man the same way again with something I call the "Soap Box" Theory.

♦ How and why you're misunderstood by a man and why he misunderstands you too, so you can know how to open up a safe line of communication with him.

♦ Learn how men are hard-wired a certain way and why it makes them silent AND more likely to IGNORE you.

♦ How men can use misdirection to fool just in how they talk to you. You'll FINALLY be able to read between his lines and know exactly what he's looking for from you.

♦ What really happens when you tell a man "you're cold" and what it communicates to him PLUS how you can say it differently in a way that opens him up more to you.

♦ Learn why he is hesitant about giving you compliments – what does it mean? How does it now affect you and your relationship with a guy you're just dating.

♦ Find out what happens when you don't compliment him back and what it does to a man and if you should compliment him for not.

♦ Finally – you'll know exactly how men communicate and how it differs from you. Know his purpose. Know yours. Learn the difference and EVERYTHING changes between both of you.

♦ What happens when a guy doesn't know how to communicate to you and what it means to you. IMPORTANT stuff because if you don't know this – you could misread EVERYTHING he does.

♦ Go deep into a normal conversation between two men and what they share with each other and how it differs from you and your girlfriends. This will really open your eyes on men and show you how exactly he communicates making it easier to talk to any man.

♦ Why he won't ever or can not tell you he loves you and where it all started. If you have a man who can not say he loves you - this will NOT be a problem anymore.

♦ Learn what silence really means to a man and how knowing this one simple thing changes everything between you and ALL men.

♦ Men have three modes leading to a commitment and if you don't know what they are - you could easily misinterpret everything he says or does - so make sure you're in the same one with him and you'll be left on the hook forever.

♦ Finally understand what he's really committed to you if it's not you especially when he acts like you're the perfect woman for him.

♦ How a guy can be TOO attracted to you and how that affects how he treats you. Yes - you can create too much attraction in a guy which can push him away.

♦ He tells you he's looking for a relationship but then backs away - what does it mean? Why he does it will amaze you and you'll fully understand what kind of relationship he is actually looking for... from you.

♦ When you ask him a simple question and you do not get the answer you were looking for - now you'll know EXACTLY what he heard and why he responded that way. This is like a "secret decoder" of man speak so you're never left wondering what it meant again.

And so much more ALL centered around OPENING UP THE SILENT MAN or men in your life.

This Is The Only Book You'll Ever Need To Know Why Men Pull Away From You.

Women Worrying Silent Man Situation Different

♦ Why men will ALWAYS need space - Now you will know why and how you can give him what he needs to want to get closer to you.

♦ Why men withdraw after intimacy. You'll know what he's thinking which will make it easier for you to keep the feelings strong and moving forward.

♦ Why men pull back after getting close and what you must do to not push him further away.

♦ Why he pushes you away even if he says he loves you and how it's all a part of his process he MUST go through.

♦ Why a man backs off at the best and worst times and how it connected to you.

♦ Why he retreats when you know without a doubt he likes you and how it has everything to do with him and not you. Knowing this little "secret" can help you make it easy for him to never leave.

♦ Why he ignores you - Is he doing it on purpose? Is he doing it to hurt you? Why would ANY man ignore you when you've been so close.

♦ Why he stops contacting you - Is it you or is it him? Learn every reason why he just suddenly disappeared one day AND you'll finally know if you should wait for him or just erase him from your life.

♦ Why he doesn't call as much as he used to - When a man slowly back away - you'll know why he seems to slowly be removing himself from your life.

♦ Why his texting habits get less frequent over time and if it means he's losing interest, pulling away, or dropping you entirely.

Get a Peek of What's Inside The Silent Man Bоок Below:

There are 11 sections dedicated to uncovering the deepest held secrets of the silent man. This will be your EXCLUSIVE look inside the male mind.

Each module can be accessed within minutes of your safe and encrypted purchase.

The Preface: The Silent Man - Why Men Go Silent, Ignore You, & Won't Share Their Feelings:

Silent Man Cover Kindle

As she patiently or impatiently awaits my answer (as if I'm some Guru who knows everything and she eagerly awaits the golden nugget I'm about to reveal) the same thing happens EVERY time...

My eyes squint. My eyebrows curl up like a snake slinking through the grass. My lips purse up a little tighter.

Then SILENCE for a moment...

Table of contents:

  • Me and my wife.
  • A man attempted to walk around the world.
  • A silent man's greater purpose and what he proves.
  • Is the silent man more attractive?
  • Is the silent man more intelligent?

(go back chapter quick list)

The Silent Man - Opening - But Your Situation Is A Little Different:

Women Worrying Silent Man Situation Different

Guys ignore women, go silent, refuse or fail to share their feelings for many reasons making it FEEL almost impossible to determine exactly why it happened or worse yet, WHY it's happening to you..

The voice inside your head wasn't satisfied with what you've been told. If it was, then it clearly would not keep pestering you with the words that keep echoing in your mind:

"But... MY situation is a little different!"

  • But My Situation is a Little Different!
  • What a man's first response will always be.
  • Why do men go silent?
  • His moment of strength.
  • Your weakness.
  • Common questions.
  • Reading your mind and feelings.
  • When he stops talking.
  • Why he won't tell you he loves you.

(go back chapter quick list)

What Really Happened? Answers To Your Most Commonly Asked Questions:

What Really Happened? Where Did It All Go So Wrong?

What Went Wrong Between You Him
  • He has stopped contacting you or is now contacting you less.
  • He is messaging you less than he used to, if at all anymore.
  • He is not opening up as much as he once did.
  • He has gone completely silent.
  • He may or may not be "done" with you.
  • He has withdrawn emotionally and possible physically too.
  • What Really Happened?
  • Was It Something You Did?
  • Was It Something You Said?
  • Is He Doing It On Purpose?
  • Is He Playing Hard To Get?
  • Was He Just Playing You? Were You Played?
  • Were You Used? Was He Just Using You?
  • Did you misread him? Maybe he wasn't into you as much as you once thought.
  • Does he, or did he even like you?
  • Was how he acted or the things he said to you even mean anything?

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Why Do Men Feel Like They Have To Pull Away:

"This is actually not how most men feel like when you get close to them BUT they must pull away before they'll come back. Expect it. Here's why it has to happen and how it's going to help you figure out the silent man."

Men Must Pull Away or Withdraw Before They Make A Commitment To You. This Is Why It Happens.

Man Dragged Away Marriage Feel Like Pull Away

A man MUST withdraw or pull away at some point from a woman for him to affirm his love for her and confirm other things too.

This is his time to figure it all out.

Most of the time it's not his decision to withdraw - it's a male NEED. He's hardwired to do this at some point or at many points while you're dating him or in a relationship with him.

Table of contents:

  • From Race Cars to Soap Boxes.
  • The Facts.
  • What ALL Men Need.
  • Overview of reasons and sections to come.
  • A Breakdown in communication.
  • Different modes.
  • Projections.
  • It's not you, it's him.

(go back chapter quick list)

His Silence Might Be A Bad Sign Causing A Breakdown Of Communication:

"Men and women communicate differently and knowing the differences can help you open up the silent man and learn the truth behind his apparent silence."

#1: He Might Ignore You, Go Silent, or Fail to Share His Feelings Because There's A Breakdown In Communication.

Breakdown Communication Man Woman Silent

Inside your mind exists a world all its own that NO ONE is privy to being a part of; which basically means your thoughts are private. Unless you choose to share them directly to another – they will remain there for you and for you only. (Sort of because they do come out in strange ways.)

Communication happens when your internal mind speaks to your external world.

Table of contents:

  • The world around you is external, how you interpret it is internal.
  • Why most of what is communicated is misunderstood.
  • Men are hardwired to communicate in one way – women in an entirely different way.
  • What really happens when you tell him something simple like, “I'm cold.”
  • How you internal state changes.
  • When and where the breakdown of communication actually started.
  • Communicating on two different levels.
  • Man's greatest fear is this and what it means to you.
  • How Men and Women Communicate Differently.
  • Typical conversation between two men.
  • Same conversation between two women.
  • How this is not a relationship problem but a “just dating” or seeing each other issue too.

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Three Different Dating & Relationship Modes & Not Being In Them Together:

"It could easily feel like you're being ignored when he's just not in the same mode you are in. He could be not sharing feelings because he's not in the same place emotionally as you are. Below you'll be shown what they are and how they relate to you and the silent man."

#2. Not being in the same place emotionally or physically leads to different modes which confuses his silence and makes him share less with you.

Different Place Same Time Not Together Mode

His silence, ignoring you, or not sharing his feelings may be the case from your perspective. In comparison he could be contacting you less than you and you certainly could be sharing a lot more than him however, as this chapter will explain...

Table of contents:

  • His stages of commitment and dating.
  • How his modes are always changing.
  • What the three modes are.
  • The problems they create.
  • Where miscommunication comes into play.
  • What is required to reach the final mode and stay there.
  • Specific examples of how his modes may confuse you and cause you to see things differently than the really are.

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Projections In Dating & Relationships - Maybe He's Not So Silent At All:

"We ALL predict the future based on our past experiences and it does affect our current dating or relationship life. You're about to learn below how all of it's connected and how his silence may not be so silent after all."

#3: What If His Silence Has Nothing To Do With You? How Projections In Dating or Relationships Affects Them So Deeply. Not Everything Is Always As It Seems.

Projections Dating Relationship Romance Sign

Have you ever felt like something good was going to happen and it did?

Some of you may attribute this to belief, luck, premonition, or your faith but aside from all those,  it is what I call "projections" and it's something all too many men and women do everyday AND it unfortunately causes lots of problems which could be avoided.

These projections cause many major issues in life including what happens in your dating and relationships..

Table of contents:

  • How you ever felt something was going to happen?
  • What a projection is.
  • Not a guessing game.
  • Where do you live? The past, present, or future?
  • How your projections are affecting him.
  • When men project and how it affects you.
  • Is every action or lack of action a man does connected to you?
  • Figuring out which timeline you live in.
  • What's the best place to be and why.
  • Going a little deeper and how it's all connected.
  • Why projections mean so much in your life.

(go back chapter quick list)

It's Not You, It's All Him - He's A Self-Centered Man Or A Narcissist:

"Not every guy is a good guy. You'll find some men's lives revolve them and only them. Find you below how quickly and easily you can figure out if this is the type of guy who is playing games with you."

#4: He's ignoring you or going silent because he's a self-centered man or a narcissist. He's playing games with you head and your heart too.

Self-Centered Narcissist Man Not You Him

The purpose is to make you aware these types exist, how they WILL ignore you and play silent games, assure you it's not you it's him, AND to give you all you need to spot them early on.

It's a very safe assumption to fully believe - It's not you, it's HIM!

Some guys are unfortunately just bad people and when these guys ignore you, it's never a good thing.

Table of contents:

  • Why these types of guys ignore you and play games.
  • Why the Ego is good but why too much or too little is not.
  • Healthy Ego ---> Self-Centered ---> Narcissistic!
  • How to tell if he's self-centered or a narcissist.
  • Questions to weed out the bad guys from the good guys.
  • What to do when you meet a guy like this and what must happen if you're already involved with him.
  • The secret to the getting past the toxic man.
  • More red flags and warnings to look out for.

(go back chapter quick list)

Could You Be Causing His Silence? How and Why It's You & Not Him:

"Men often react to how they're treated and it's not always a good reaction. He might not ever tell what's wrong or how you hurt him or caused him to pull away - but after this section, all his secrets will be revealed."

#5: It’s Not Him, It’s You: All The Reasons Why You Might Push Men Away, Cause Their Silence, and Withhold Their True Feelings From You.

Woman Causing Silent Man

One of three things is going to happen between you and men with regards to dating, relationships or simple interactions...

Despite what the title of this section says – NO woman pushes EVERY man away.

In this section you're going to learn the many ways in which that balance shifts over to your side which (very generally) causes all those things and more to happen.

Table of contents:

  • The three things that happen between you and man.
  • A shifting of the balance towards you.
  • You can not always blame yourself.
  • Everything is fixable.
  • 4 “steps” : The Plan that always turns things around.
  • What the most consistent component is...
  • The most common reasons you'll push a guy away, cause his silence, have him ignore you or refuse to share his feelings.
  • Your many fears.
  • Control issues.
  • Unfounded needs and desires.
  • Anxiety problems.
  • A faltered limited belief system.
  • Unnecessary accusations.
  • Too many masculine traits.
  • The bigger list.

(go back chapter quick list)

The Evolution of Man & How It Relates To His Silence & Deep Feelings:

"Yes - men really do have feelings. Man has evolved to become who he is today and below you'll see how that evolution has a lot to do with his silence. You'll learn where it came from and what it means to all your interactions with men."

#6: An Evolutionary Perspective Of Why Men Are Silent - Why Silence Is Safe to Him and How His Brain Works.

Evolution Man Showing Biceps Science Man

Aside from being a great place to live, the present... we can only be the person we are in that moment of time.

We're brought into this world with a minor template of survival which comes into play later in life but also allows us to communicate to our parents what we need to survive when we're helpless infants.

This reason is a more than just a glimpse into the modern silent man.

Table of contents:

  • How we grow into the person we are today.
  • What silence equals to a man.
  • Where his focus is at and what it means to you.
  • Why words are not always necessary to men.
  • Why would a guy choose silence over talking to a woman.
  • Where his vulnerability is and what it means to him.
  • The love perspective of his silence.
  • His blueprint for survival.
  • The science of it all – do men really have feelings.
  • His pattern or retreat: Chin up. Chest out. Stick it out and suck all the rest deep inside.
  • The "science" of the male brain and how it relates to having, feeling, or showing emotions.
  • The differences between a male and female's brain.
  • The side effects of these differences.
  • Stepping out of our evolutionary past and getting back to the present.
  • How long men hold on to their deeper feelings and emotions.

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49 Reasons Why He Will Ignore You, Go Silent, or Not Share his Feelings:

Specific situations or circumstances which explains why he went silent, stopped contacting you, or withdrew from you.

Man Ignore Woman On Phone

The list below was created to give you VERY specific examples of what might be happening in your situation. You'll notice some of them are very similar to each other but I've felt EVERYTHING needed to be covered or put out there.

I complied the list from my vast experience with men and my personal experiences with women. Which means - they have all happened and are not made up.

This can be helpful to you in a few ways:

ALL of them are written from a MALE'S POINT OF VIEW which makes it very helpful to you in understanding where a guy is coming from or what's going on inside his mind as these things happen.

Some contents:

  • What was he thinking about you.
  • What you could've been talking about that caused it.
  • How many texts did he get before it all started.
  • Calling him when he doesn't answer.
  • Looking for something else.
  • Who is more attracted to whom.
  • What he thinks ignoring you will get him.
  • Is it his mood?
  • What was he doing?
  • Is the break up coming next?
  • Is there a lot of drama?
  • Selfish ways and your problems with him.
  • What you never ask that causes him to withdraw.
  • Do you look fat in those jeans?
  • Letting him do all the talking and THEN he goes silent.
  • Bad timing perhaps?
  • What kind of life is he living?
  • Was it a sex thing?
  • Who calls more often, you or him?
  • Is he bored?
  • Are you seeing someone else?
  • Does he even know how to talk to women?
  • Is it feeling it for you or not?
  • Is there something more he's looking for?
  • Is it a long-distance relationship problem?
  • Does he know even how to pick a reliable phone carrier?
  • Has he been lying to you all long?
  • How many other women is in his life?
  • Miscommunication – maybe he thought this.
  • Was he with someone else?
  • Does he follow through with anything anyways?
  • Is what he believes wrong?
  • Does he listen to all the bad stuff out there?
  • Where was he going?
  • Does he believe what you're feeling for him is real or not?

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Silent Man Cover Kindle

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Is there a man in your life right now who seems to be hot and cold - is he frustrating you because you don't understand why AND he just won't just tell you?

Well that's because (most of the time) he can't just tell you and as you'll learn from my book - why and what it means to him to remain quiet and silent.

Communication is EVERYTHING between a man and a woman and the fact remains - they communicate, interpret, and see things differently.

When you read my book you will be given EXACTLY what those differences are which will make it easier for you to not only see the real man behind his silent mask but also to uncover his purpose as it relates to you.

Has there been many men in your life who suddenly disappear or slowly remove themselves from you after you feel you've made a connection and have been intimate with each other?

I'll be honest with you as I am in my book - sometimes you play your part and push men away - sometimes it's all him - BUT mostly though it's a little of both and I don't think it has to be that way.

If you've experienced a consistent pattern of men leaving you, showing interest and then disappearing, getting involved with men who flat-out refuse to share their feelings then this is YOUR chance to finally figure out where and when it all goes wrong PLUS solid advice to stop it from ever happening again.

I lay it all out for you: 49 specific circumstances these things will happen and I bet a few of them has happened to you PLUS EVERY REASON why you might push guys away without knowing it giving you every available opportunity and chance to STOP it NOW before you get more frustrated and sadly so - more bitter towards men.

The FACTS about handing over your hard-earned MONEY to some dude like me:

What I've put into all this has been countless hours I couldn't possibly add up, now 48 years of being a man, a man who only recently found the love if his life - yes I've been one of the "I'll never commit to a woman I don't truly love!" guy and dating non-exclusively for years AFTER I figured out why I was so bad with women...

AND I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND you might not care what I've been through and how it's not a valid reason to buy the book... because it's not!

You're not here to help me - I'm here to HELP YOU!

Each and every word I write - be them confusing at times - long-winded - over-worded or understated comes from my HEART.

So you're not just buying another faceless self-help book with the same old re-hashed and re-packaged advice that's been going on for years.

You're buying a piece of my mind - a part of my heart - and a VERY UNIQUE perspective on life, living, men, and my own objective way of seeing pass all the nonsense to help you get straight to the ROOT of the problem so you're NEVER left guessing or in the dark when it comes to men supposedly being the strong silent overly macho masculine type they think they're supposed to be.

The current price (whatever it may be at the time of writing this) is FAIR and the knowledge you will take away from the book is PRICELESS and TIMELESS.

Read it a few times, study what you can of it and it WILL last and help you for the rest of your life.

You're NOT buying an overpriced phone that needs to be replaced. You're NOT buying a self-help book where if you don't put in the work, nothing will change in your life - you're NOT throwing away your money away to something you want to try or wear or have fun with not knowing if you're even going to like it.

You're buying VALUABLE INFORMATION to help you see better or feel better in one of the most important things in your life which you can never escape from and that's a RELATIONSHIP.

I can not force you to buy it and I don't intend to talk you into doing something you don't want to do.

My intention is to pass down my KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING of the male mind to you in a way which will OPEN UP the silent man who has for far too long remained unexplained, mysterious, confusing, and frustrating to you up until now.

  • If THAT is what you're looking for in your life...
  • If you want fast simple answers...
  • If you want to be reading it already within a few minutes...
  • If you want to finally understand WHY MEN ARE SILENT and why they have to be and WHY you've become or have been so attracted to them...

Then you'll definitely WANT to BUY THE BOOK today!

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BONUS: Understanding Men Made Simple: There Are Only Two Types of Guys - 11,000 words.

PLUS - I want to make sure you get EXCLUSIVE access to my popular and unique perspective on men that can begin to help you understand men... simply and easily:

♦ How to figure out what type of guy he is and why if you don't know it, his words and action can fool you or worse yet, you could misread every signal he gives you. You'll get the exact long-form definition of each type plus how they interact with you differently.

♦ Over 65 questions you can ask about ANY guy which reveals the perfect man. You'll be able to tell quickly if he's for real, using you, a player, a good guy, or the ultimate rare REAL man.

♦ How to apply it all in your everyday life with men, dating, and relationships.

♦ Why knowing his type helps to quiet your mind and makes you more attractive to men, keeps you from doing things that push away good men, and puts YOU in charge of your destiny with guys.

♦ You'll soon see how and why it's so difficult to find the perfect man and what that really means to you as it helps you decode his actions. But also why it doesn't have to be so tough.

♦ My EXCLUSIVE and often elusive secret to getting a guy devoted and obsessed over you. Warning: Do it wrong and it will backfire on you so make sure you know exactly how it's done.

♦ The only two things you need to concern yourself with when it comes to getting the man of your dreams along with fulfilling your desire to be in a happy, healthy, and productive relationship. And yes BOTH are completely within any woman's capabilities.

♦ Every woman "tests" men in one way or another, BUT if you don't know his type, your tests can be passed by him in a way which allows him to fool you into thinking he's more than he really is which inevitable can lead you down a long, hurtful, and painful road.

♦ What actually does separate the good guys from the bad ones, the players, the users, the abusers, and the nice guy who just doesn't understand you AND why it's important to notice the difference as early as possible.

♦ What makes a perfectly matched couple and why others are doomed to fail depending on how and why they got together.

♦ The questions you need to ask about yourself and what you're looking for, what you're compromising over in men, and how it all relates to finding the man who is perfect for you.

♦ Two simple short definitions of love men and women believe which separates them and how it's connected to understanding men and how it can be used to get a man too.

♦ How to easily change a man for the better just by making him FEEL a certain way towards you and how it works differently on the two types of guys.
If you're still not decided but you would like to read the 11,000 word report, "Understanding Men Made Simple: There Are Only Two Types of Guys"...

Go to my main page, read the intro, and sign up to my free newsletter at the bottom of the page OR click here and fill in your information and within a few short minutes you could be learning all about the two types of guys and why it's so important in understanding men.

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