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Why Do Guys…?

I took a survey which was given to over twenty thousand men myself & you’ll be surprised by what my answers reveal about all men. An honest look inside a guy’s mind & how it’s related to all men. Get inside my head & you can get inside his mind & heart too. This is why men lie to you and what it means to you too.

He’s just not getting back to you. You send text after text & it’s like your messages are lost on him & it feels like you’re being ignored. If you’ve ever wondered why he’s doing it, what it means, and how to fix it, now’s your chance to get the real reasons why from a guy himself. Frustration gone. Finally, closure.

You’re not sure how he feels about you. If he’s interested, attracted, or even thinks about you constantly. This simple two text routine will get him to reveal exactly what he’s feeling & otherwise save you lots of time & frustration trying to figure him out. Use your phone, push the buttons, get results.

Are you dating a guy who keeps giving you an excuse from not wanting to fully commit? Is it the typical, it’s not you, it’s me or I’ve been hurt in the past, or I don’t want to hurt you because I’m no good. Find out if he’s real or not. Is he really that weak or using it to keep you around while he looks elsewhere.

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