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Why Do Guys…?

The common thought is, getting into a great relationship is hard, yet there are many unfortunate reasons why many impulse buy their way into a commitment. It feels like getting into a relationship is a lot easier, getting out of a bad one it tougher as we struggle to make right our wrong. I think this is backwards.

Pole dancing is clearly heading back to its roots as an athletic sport & is slowly moving away from a stripper on a pole. What does this mean to guys? Do they find pole art to be sexual & erotic too, even as guys are now back in the game? Discus the sexuality of sports & the short-held association between pole and sex.

Do you feel like you’re shy and don’t get or understand men all that well that you’re only choice is to settle for men who make it obvious they like you? I think you’re wrong. You must never settle for a date & here’s how you can make sure your shyness isn’t getting in the way. Overcome anxiety & nervousness too.

There are obvious words coming out of a guy’s mouth which will clearly tell you it’s time to stop dating him. Other words however, are often overlooked because as they are layered within many mixed signals along with him showing affection. Do you end it with a guy when he says it, here’s the real answer to follow.

A concerned woman reached out to younger girls to stop them from getting lip injections. The greater concern of mine is for those who shame, complain, & pass judgments on others. Which is worse, body mods, etc.. or judging others publicly or on social media. What this guy thinks you should do to your body.

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