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Why Do Guys…?

All men go through lots of stages and emotions which lead to them feelings of love. If you want any man to fall in love with you, knowing what they are and how they are created will help you get him there. This all everything he needs to experience, why, and how it’s connected to a love and devotion all men can feel.

What goes on inside a man’s mind when he first sees you & talks with you reveals the secret to his love and addiction to his feelings for you. Take a peek deep within his heart and mind and you’ll notice the patterns and what must happen before a man falls in love. This has never been revealed before – it’s exclusive.

Some unknown often overlooked facts about men and the connections they make with women. How two types of guys form connections which shows you how to connect with all men in a way which can lead to a relationship with him. For him to commit to fully to you and what he must experiences to never want to let you go.

He seems interested, attracted, and giving you lots of signals that appear genuine and real. But fails to do anything about it. Makes you feel men are messed up, doesn’t it? The truth is far simpler than you might believe. These type two guys are made this way. Find out why he’s into you yet still ghosts you after.

First date disaster, mixed signals, or just bad interpretations of why an older man constantly messages you online, sets up the date, kisses you, & gets an erection while doing it – only to not get back to you the next day. Whose mistake is it? Did she do something wrong or did he? Answers to understand men & dating & more.

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