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Why Do Guys…?

He seems interested, attracted, and giving you lots of signals that appear genuine and real. But fails to do anything about it. Makes you feel men are messed up, doesn’t it? The truth is far simpler than you might believe. These type two guys are made this way. Find out why he’s into you yet still ghosts you after.

First date disaster, mixed signals, or just bad interpretations of why an older man constantly messages you online, sets up the date, kisses you, & gets an erection while doing it – only to not get back to you the next day. Whose mistake is it? Did she do something wrong or did he? Answers to understand men & dating & more.

Are your text messages pushing men away or bringing them closer? Your phone can be an invaluable tool . If you’re using it wrong can be lethal to your dating and relationship life. Stop sending boring texts that make men lose interest. Use this solid texting formula advertisers use to make you want anything & make him want you.

Are you starting to notice that married men are starting to flirt with you more now than ever? Why would a guy who is in a relationship even bother, if he doesn’t intend to cheat on his wife? Is it your fault or his? If it”s making you lose faith in men, you must read this, not to excuse his actions but understand why.

Is the sex life in your relationship not the same as it was when you first started dating? Is your man paying more attention to porn than pleasing you? Does it feel like the passion is gone? When everything else seems great & he’s not cheating, here’s the reasons why your sex life is not active anymore.

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