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Why Do Guys…?

Your phone is ruining your love life and is making your dating life much harder and more complicated than it should be. This is how it’s happening. How your smart phone should be used. Don’t let it make you more nervous or anxious. Let the dating process happen. It will. Texting habits are not the answer.

Three steps to meeting the right guy for you. Too many women get in their own way which stops them from going to dating to a relationship with a great guy. This is how you can stop it, make it a reality for you, & the truth about what is stopping you from meeting a good guy who is perfect, just for you.

What really causes a man to cheat on his wife or girlfriend? Is he just a cheater or did he become one? All the reasons of infidelity and how it happens. Learn exactly what makes a man stray and how to spot the guy who is most likely to sleep with another woman while in a relationship with you. Will he be unfaithful?

You go on date after date only to go home frustrated and alone because the guys you meet don’t do it for you. Why your fears are holding you back. Are You being honest with yourself. 24 possible reasons why you’re still single. Are you ready for love? Blame, fault, control, deserve, fairness, & believing in yourself.

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