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Why Do Guys…?

You’re not sure how he feels about you. If he’s interested, attracted, or even thinks about you constantly. This simple two text routine will get him to reveal exactly what he’s feeling & otherwise save you lots of time & frustration trying to figure him out. Use your phone, push the buttons, get results.

Are you dating a guy who keeps giving you an excuse from not wanting to fully commit? Is it the typical, it’s not you, it’s me or I’ve been hurt in the past, or I don’t want to hurt you because I’m no good. Find out if he’s real or not. Is he really that weak or using it to keep you around while he looks elsewhere.

Guys are staring at you. Some are creepy but there’s a few you do want to approach you. Here’s how you can help the jerks go away & open up the ones to start a conversation after eye contact. There’s one way to deal with them all in a positive attractive way so you’ll never have to worry about this problem anymore.

Do you believe men are only interested in a sure thing? They only want to date women who put out easily & in sex with you? How they’re not attracted to nice women? The myth or limited belief you have might be getting in the way of meeting a guy who wants to commit. How it affects your dating life and what to do about it.

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