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Why Do Guys…?

Is he doing it again? The same old same old. Are you noticing the patterns? Are men really so predictable you can learn from it? Here’s a great list of action and somewhat strange occurrences you’ll find certain men over time. From attraction to showing interest. Read them closely and understand lots of men better.

Did you know you can separate men into two all-purpose categories or types? This can help you understand men on a level most women miss which causes confusion and sometimes even pain if you don’t figure him out early. This example & more shows how it works. Look at is character traits not his actions & words first.

Man Woman Buying Wine Dinner

The question of who should be paying for the dates still seems to come up as finances change & dating offers a much more rich world to choose from. What’s your opinion? Is it the man or woman? Is this rule outdated and needs to be changed? Here’s a new way of looking at it and solving this problem once and for all.

Are you having troubles understanding or reading a man’s signals or signs of interest towards you? Before you start over-thinking & driving yourself crazy, there’s some information you’re missing that is vitally important which is one reason it can be confusing. Learn what it is & his many tells of interest too.

When it comes to men, some women got it, some don’t. So why do so many women who have no problem attracting a great guy when on the outside, they’re clearly not the best looking or even dressed appropriately? Look past her exterior, watch her moves. Here’s how she attracts these great guys and how you can too.

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