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Why Do Guys…?

What To Do When His Ex Said She Still Loves Him & He Goes Distant On You

in Communication, Game Playing, Relationship Answers

He said his ex-girlfriend was playing games and getting in his head. Is he still in love with her? Is he waiting for her to take him back? She said he’s worried about getting his heart broken, again. She left him alone, gave him space, and asks: Is he interested? Does he have feelings for her? Is he afraid? What to do?

Are You Unsure About A Guy? What You Need So You’re Never Left On Read

in Is He Interested

She met up with a guy she was talking to on Snapchat. The night was awkward. She gave him mixed signals. She’s left on read. Has he lost interest? Don’t try to figure out a guy through social medial. If he’s not doing anything, he gets nothing. Forget about contacting him. Nervous, unsure. confidence is what you need.

He’s Losing Interest & You Tried Everything To Fix Your Relationship – What Comes Next?

in Relationship Answers

In a long distant relationship with a guy whose behavior is changing. She feels he’s losing interest. She don’t feel like a couple anymore. He’s accused her of overthinking. He doesn’t act like he cares now. She pushed the relationship and tried everything. What caused his change. How communication is key to their success.