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Why Do Guys…?

Why He Lost Interest & Is Keeping You Around Anyways – Stop Chasing Him!

in Dating, Is He Interested, The Disappearing Man

A second date with him ended in an awkward moment of silence, has he lost interest? A few rules of dating to follow to keep him attracted to you. The real issues of needy and desperate to a guy, what to do when it happens, what guys really care about, how they always have something going on and why to never chase him.

How To Turn A Guy On With A Text So He Will Reply – Texting Examples

in How To, Online and Text Experiences, Sexual Desires

There is a formula for getting a guy to reply quickly to your texts. Try it and use some of these free examples straight from a guy which do work. Why you shouldn’t send a picture but if you do, the only time to do it. Some teasing flirt examples. Enhance the attraction. Get him to text back immediately.

What To Do When You Fall For Your Friend & He Doesn’t Feel The Same Way

in How To, Is He Interested, The Friends Zone

You fell for your guy friend and he doesn’t feel the same way about you. How can you change it. Is there a way out of the friends zone with him. Ask this – is he attracted to you? Is he good with women? Make yourself available to date other guys. Challenge him. Try these 3 steps to escape his friends zone.