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Why Do Guys…?

This guy gets sad and disappointed when he doesn’t understand why he’s not in love with girlfriend. Is that true? Is he in denial? She’s everything and more to him but why can’t he feel it for her. I gave him this love test and he passed, so what is really happening, is he in love with her or not? Find out the truth.

She met a guy she was talking to online & they went on one date. He mentioned how loyalty & honesty were important to him. Everything appeared to go good but after, he ghosted her. Why would he mention honestly & still do that? Was she rejected or did he really reject himself? Understand the answer, learn about men.

He did so much to get your phone number but then silence. You’ve been on a few dates with him, you did get close a few times – but you’re always the one who has to contact him first. You know days go by without one message and if you left it up to him, it feels like you’d never hear from him again. This is why.

Is the why guys like being called Daddy all about sex or is there something deeper going on here? I’ve listed several reasons some men like the “father figure” phrase and what it really means to him. Plus what this little but powerful word does to him and how you can use it without having to say it to attract a man.

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