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Why Do Guys…?

When we speak different languages it’s hard to connect with each other. Men and women aren’t exactly saying the same thing even if they’re using the same words. If you believe spoken words or phrases are holding your dating and relationship back, then you need to read this. What men are looking for in their language.

Men!!! Need I Say More? How Tired Of Them Are You?

in Opinion, Why Do Guys – Understanding Men and The Things They Do To Confuse You

You’re a complex woman. You’re a smart woman. You want to understand men but all they do is frustrate, confuse, and make you want to scream men so loudly you’d think they’d finally get the point. When you want to get past all the needless blame, answer these questions honestly to find a new path to understanding.

It’s hard to be understood when we don’t understand. Men can be confusing, that’s not hard to see, but have you ever wondered why they have to be that way as it relates to you & your journey in life? This is why. Men don’t have the answers themselves making it difficult to be understood. We all want the same thing.

Thinking is a good thing but when it turns into something more, freezes you up inside, causes you to act differently around a man you like, & has you questioning anything a guy says or does, it will make you less attractive to him Time to stop those negative trends with some helpful advice to quiet your mind.

She thinks she’s perfect for him & wonders why he won’t commit to her. After the break up he found someone else & now she is questioning love, perfection and why guys don’t seem to care much about her perfection. The answer will surprise you. It’s not what love is, to men & women, it’s partly what love is not.

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