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Dating – Interpretations Of What Went Wrong & How To Make It Right

Dating is meant to be fun & exciting and an opportunity to explore and connect with a guy. Unfortunately it’s also leads to experiences of confusion, miscommunication, and misunderstandings between a man and a woman. The section will cover why guys confuse you and the reasons why dating can go so wrong all too easily.

  • How and Where You Can Meet A Great Guy & What Is Getting In Your Way

    Three steps to meeting the right guy for you. Too many women get in their own way which stops them from going to dating to a relationship with a great guy. This is how you can stop it, make it a reality for you, & the truth about what is stopping you from meeting a good guy who is perfect, just for you.

  • If Meeting & Attracting Men Is Easy For You, Why Are You Still Single?

    You go on date after date only to go home frustrated and alone because the guys you meet don’t do it for you. Why your fears are holding you back. Are You being honest with yourself. 24 possible reasons why you’re still single. Are you ready for love? Blame, fault, control, deserve, fairness, & believing in yourself.

  • He Said The Spark Disappeared – What Happened To The Connection You Had

    He said he was physically attracted to you, interested, dated you & doesn’t know why, but the spark has left him. You feel connected to him. You know you’re everything a guy would want but he still vanishes & disappears. The answer to what really happened is here and it’s all about the connection you thought you had.

  • Why He Lost Interest & Is Keeping You Around Anyways – Stop Chasing Him!

    A second date with him ended in an awkward moment of silence, has he lost interest? A few rules of dating to follow to keep him attracted to you. The real issues of needy and desperate to a guy, what to do when it happens, what guys really care about, how they always have something going on and why to never chase him.

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