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Dating – Interpretations Of What Went Wrong & How To Make It Right

Dating is meant to be fun & exciting and an opportunity to explore and connect with a guy. Unfortunately it’s also leads to experiences of confusion, miscommunication, and misunderstandings between a man and a woman. The section will cover why guys confuse you and the reasons why dating can go so wrong all too easily.

  • Why He Lost Interest & Is Keeping You Around Anyways – Stop Chasing Him!

    A second date with him ended in an awkward moment of silence, has he lost interest? A few rules of dating to follow to keep him attracted to you. The real issues of needy and desperate to a guy, what to do when it happens, what guys really care about, how they always have something going on and why to never chase him.

  • Why Do Some Guys Turn Into Losers AFTER You Start Dating Them?

    Why every guy you date quickly turns into a loser and how to stop it from ever happening again. The 3 most common types are: Comfortably complacent. The easy way out guy. You’re too much work for him. Objectify the dating process with men. Learn to spot the right guy for you and avoid the bad ones.

  • Why Men Can’t Be Upfront & Honest While They’re Dating You

    Why men are not being honest and upfront with you in dating and where the relationship is going. What being brutally honest really means. Why he doesn’t do it. Why guys are not moving forward with you. Men are not touch with their feelings with you. He’s not sure what he wants. He’s enjoying the moments with you.

  • Many Reasons A Guy Won’t Show Up For The Date After You Met Him Online

    Woman Online Date Guy Didn't Show up.

    You’re doing the online dating thing and you start messaging a guy. You seem to hit it off and he quickly agrees to you meet in person. The time for the date arrives and he doesn’t even both to show up. Why do guys blow you off like that? The many reasons the guy will ghost you when it’s time for the date.

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