Two Types of Men Make It Easier To Figure Them Out – Defining His Actions

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Us guys can be a wild bunch of free-flowing testosterone hard asses but down deep inside, we're only trying to make the best out of what we have, just like you.

We have a ton of emotional junk to hide, compartmentalize, sort out, deal with, contemplate, act on, or let fly and see what happens.

Some handle these adversities well, some don't.

In my book, "Understanding Made Simple - There Are Only Two Types Of Guys", I write out a list of questions which, when answered forms all the traits of a man.

The purpose was to show the character differences between a type one and type two in a way which separates the so-called "better man" (who will at least be open and honest with you) from the more confusing actions of a type two.

Another purpose was to also show how if you were to remove the “better man” traits from the list he can still be a type one (good with women) but he won't be a good guy. This wide spectrum can go all the way to the toxic ones who might be more inclined to hurt you.

Not lastly, reveal how each type communicates based on those traits (or lack of) which ultimately become the "centerpiece" of their interactions with certain women and all others.

For example:

Ask this about any man...

Is he independent and lives life on his own terms?

This may appear to be a good character trait but that's not always the case.

It's certainly an attractive trait which can show strength, confidence, and a zest for living life with purpose and a strong sense of individuality.

But what if this independence has him believing he can do whatever, whenever he wants?

What if he pushes others aside with little empathy to forge his path and those who stand against him be damned? In other words, If you don't care to live on his terms (which he firmly believes are better than yours) you become nothing more than an obstacle.

What if he turns out to be a liar or cheater?

Generally, a type one has a moral or ethical code he tries to stick to which prevents him from harming others, physically or emotionally without due cause.

All traits combined: Strength, confidence, independence,  individuality, etc... deem him a more attractive man.

He WILL attract lots of women.

However his actions can vary so greatly it can be tough to see the man behind the man until it's too late.

Meaning: He can use these very same abilities to fool others and often does so to benefit himself, if he's not one of the good guys.

A type two often does have a good moral code and ethics he stands by to the best of his character. Again, generally speaking because the dark side is never too far away for some.

Unfortunately for the type two, he often lacks the attractive traits associated with self-esteem and confidence in his abilities with women, very specifically.

(His career path, knowledge, and intelligence are not always included. He can excel in all those areas. )

He also struggles in his skills to communicate and interact with a woman in a way most would find attractive.

This not only makes his actions confusing, but often misleading and strange.

The type two can appear head-strong and appear independent, or act like he's living on his terms when in reality, he's acting out of fear, reprisal, nervousness, unsureness, and a personal strength.

He's going silent, ghosting, not getting back to you, bouncing from one thought to the next, committing one moment only to pull back and disappear again, (many etc...)  because of his unfortunate low self-esteem and very little confidence in his abilities with women.

If you were to assume his actions of self-reliance are real and were developed from his strength of character, you will be fooled and eventually the relationship and/or dating process with be destroyed or made to stop.

A type one is acting from his strength, courage, esteem, and confidence,  and a type two is acting out of fear, reprisal, nervousness, unsureness, and a personal strength.

Both of which can appear the same to the untrained or unaware eye.

Crazy stuff, isn't it?

So what do you do about it?

What if you want a type two who just doesn't get and/or refuses to fix himself at least a little but you find him irresistible?

What if you will never settle for anything less than a type one who is also one of the good guys? (The rarest male.)

Knowledge, or what I've shown you today is definitely a good start. Now that your eyes are open to seeing what's going on behind the manly scenes, the entire picture becomes quite clear.

You will notice a shift in how you see and look at men without even trying as long as you let it happen.

Don't fight it.

The next step would be to read my book and learn all you can about both types. It's free for all subscribers which can include you too.

From there, your next decision or path will become clearer.

I firmly believe you will also begin to communicate differently with any man in your life and any future dating opportunities coming your way too.

This is great news because then you can focus on other areas of importance such as yourself and how you connect with men on a attractive personal level that will continually grow.

Therein lies the secret to all men stuff...

Understanding Men Made Simple?

Maybe not as simple as we'd like it to be but let's be honest, if it was all too easy it would be boring, predictable, and not worth trying anything anyways.

The solution however is set up for all to try and enjoy in steps or stages:

You must do your best to build personal strength and a healthy esteem.

You must meet lots of types of guys. They come in flavors too and I know you have a type who does it for you.

You must steer away from over-thinking and "trying" to figure him out and let him show you who he is based on exactly what you learned today and from book.

The (not always last step or stage) is a little tricky because I've seen way too many women fail in this area.

You must learn to throw away certain notions or myths about men and how you're (supposed) to find common interests, flirt, etc... and...

Learn an entirely counter-intuitive way of connecting with men:

ALL men (types one and two) require an emotional connection that is above and beyond any physical attraction,  spiritual beliefs, and casual friendships before they will exclusively commit to a woman.

When the connection is right they will actively pursue you.

You can read more about it here at Why Do Guys:

Three Ways You'll Push A Man Away - How To Inspire His Total Devotion

The Right & Wrong Ways To Try And Connect With A Man

The conclusion...

Men come in all shapes and sizes but we can separate them into two groups to keep it simple.

The ones that "get you" and the ones who don't!

The purpose today was to show to you how even if their actions or words are same to the similar, they come from different places and are generally based on their character traits.

When a guy says, "I want to date you exclusively!" during one random conversation and it surprised or confused you, even more so when the type two slowly started to disappear after from no fault of your own, then this is where the two type concept steps up to help you out.

A type one will rarely make a statement that he doesn't follow through to the end. You can trust he means it and it's coming from a place of strength and conviction.

Whereas a type two will make statements he can not back up. He'll say them for many wrong reasons which vary depending on the his traits and the situation he finds himself in with you.

He may even say it because he saw you look at some other dude that night.

Learning all what makes a man (found in the book below) and connecting it to his type, and how removing certain parts makes for a bad or good man is essential to understanding all men.

The benefits are never-ending rewards that can break you out of any communication problems you might be having with men so you can best focus on other important aspects of life you wish to make better.

Such as increasing your personal strength and a healthy esteem. and  meeting men.

It also frees you up to connect with the man you desire the most and make sure you're getting it right.

Which I know you can do.

Thanks for everything and please carefully consider the book from Rori Raye to help you better connect with men.

"Learning how to connect with a man’s heart is much, much easier than all the pretending, managing and analyzing that you’ve been doing to get love and affection.

In fact, love doesn’t have to require “work“ at all. It can be absolutely effortless. All it takes are some very simple shifts in your words and body language.

That’s why I created my book, Have The Relationship You Want.

To... give you a roadmap you can follow to let go of all the beliefs and habits that are keeping you from connecting to a man’s heart and instead open up and express who you really are and what you really want."

Click Here To Learn Why Men Fall Head Over Heels For Some Women And Not Others…

Love from: Rori Raye.

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About the author: Understanding men does not have to be complicated. Let me show you how and why too. There are only two types of guys and knowing this fact changes everything. If you don’t know his type you could misinterpret everything he says or does as it relates to you.

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