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You know what love is, you know what it feels like, you've been in love before and I'm positive a few or even more men have fallen in love with you.

Your experiences have shown you how it happened and how you two connected and even if you're not in a relationship right now, or not sure about a guy you're seeing at the moment...

Do you feel confident enough it's going to happen again?

If so or not, did you know you will ACT or REACT the next time based on your past experiences to make it more likely to happen again?

I have bad news...

This may not be a good thing especially if things have ended badly for you and left you heartbroken for some time.

No one can blame or fault you for it. I certainly wouldn't.

A few men have fallen in love with you and you put it all together in your mind.

You acted or reacted to him, you did certain things, he fell for you or chased you until you gave in.

It makes perfectly logical sense that the two are connected, right?

Whatever you did, it worked and so it must work again this time but hopefully, with a better man for you.

Except you keep running into problems.

This one guy who is in love with you chased you but you're not really into him all that much, are you?

Maybe you gave in one or twice because you felt a little something for him.  He was overly sweet to you, kind, a little loving plus he courted you romantically.

He made you feel GOOD about yourself. You enjoyed the attention and since the relationship wasn't all that bad, it had its moments, you stuck it out for a while.

But deep down you knew what was coming...

Sometime in the future, maybe after a few dates or even after an eight month long relationship, it all fell apart.

You realized or finally admitted to him and yourself that he's just not the guy for you.

You felt awful breaking it off with him but however it happened - for good, bad, or worse - it's over and you're left to start again.

And now, finally...

You meet a guy who really does it for you. You're INSTANTLY attracted to him and it really feels like he's into you too.

So, based on your past experiences and the men who loved you before, you think it's all good.

You can just do what you did before and soon this new guy will be acting just like the last guy who chased you.

But it doesn't work, does it?

This new one confuses you. He doesn't really chase you. He's not acting like those "other" guys. 

And it freaks you out so much you start doing things you've never done before.

The very same stuff you've told your girlfriends not to do because it was clear looking at her dating experience from the outside what was going on.

Now you don't want to screw anything up but it feels like you have no choice. You're in it deep enough emotionally and/or physically you're missing the signs you clear saw before...

It takes one thing to happen between you and him which sends your mind racing.

Maybe a missed message.

A bad talk.

A silent evening.

You feel like he's drifting away and it's freaking you out!

Forcing the issue isn't the answer because you know, the harder you try to grasp him, the further you push him away.

And here you are...

Rori Raye, an expert relationship coach with 25+ years of experience, says one big problem you're having is that you THINK you know what a man wants but it's actually those very same things that actually DO push a man away.

You believe you know what causes a man to fall in love but the unfortunate and sad reality is, those very real beliefs do the opposite and cause them to run away from you.

In her article, Three Ways You'll Push A Man Away - How To Inspire His Total Devotion she warns you about all the wrong ways to connect with a man and explains why it doesn't work.

The three big mistakes made while trying to connect with a guy, if you want something more with him.

Men are logical. They compartmentalize easily. They have this ability to separate their emotions.

It would only makes sense to connect with them through their "male" brains like another guy might do, but this won't work because it will never create the chemistry needed to get him to FEEL something more than he would a close friend.

So... You can't go through his mind.

Maybe you'll get to him sexually. Men are definitely into sex. Who isn't?

They're very visually orientated and going through his body will in the very least get your "foot?" in the door.

But all that gets you is sex buddy.

You quickly found out he isn't into sharing something real with you and when he does, it's superficial and fleeting and only happens AFTER the sex.

And of course, just when he seems to be ready for a real commitment with you, he disappears for a while and comes back acting like he wasn't there in the first place.

You can't go through his body either.

How about connecting with him in the spiritual sense. That HAS to work, right?

You share lots of the same beliefs and values so you must be creating an emotional bond based on these shared passions and goals.

You both want a commitment and are actively seeking one. You're both ready to step into the future and feel ready to make it happen.

You worship the many of the same things so it feels like you're creating a solid bond based on shared passions.

This MUST be how to connect with a man...

Well unfortunately, what ends up happening is the creation of a deep friendship that doesn't go anywhere further and the harder you try to turn that friendship into something more, the distance between you grows because he's just not feeling it with you.

You definitely can't go down the spiritual road... bummer!

Sure it's great to find things in common. They're important to both of you but that's not where the REAL CONNECTION starts - friendships, however close they become, rarely if ever, turn into a long-lasting relationship built on LOVE.

So... What's left to try if anything?

How DO you connect with a man if you're not supposed to go through his mind, body, or soul?

The only way left is through his HEART but first, you must be connected with YOUR heart.

You have to be in touch with your feelings otherwise he may not feel comfortable or safe to open up to you and express how he truly feels about you and him.

He wants to be himself around you and luckily you're born with all the feminine power needed to get him there.

Learn how to express your feelings in words (and other ways of interaction and body languages) and you WILL bring him closer to you.

Are you ready to start the process? Please say yes because Rori Raye is ready to show you how right now!

Have Get Relationship You Want Cover

Words from Rori herself...

"Learning how to connect with a man’s heart is much, much easier than all the pretending, managing and analyzing that you’ve been doing to get love and affection.

In fact, love doesn’t have to require “work“ at all. It can be absolutely effortless. All it takes are some very simple shifts in your words and body language.

That’s why I created my book, Have The Relationship You Want.

To give you a roadmap you can follow to let go of all the beliefs and habits that are keeping you from connecting to a man’s heart and instead open up and express who you really are and what you really want."

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About Rori Raye:

Rori Raye Relationship Coach

Rori is a relationship coach who helps women create more loving relationships through the techniques she teaches in her live seminars, online relationship advice products and one-on-one coaching sessions with clients.

She turned her own miserable and painful love life around to the glorious, happy marriage she’s enjoyed with her husband of 25+ years, and now she shares her secrets with a million women who actively engage with her in her newsletters.

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