What He Must Feel To Never Want To Let You Go & How To Connect With Him

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In the last post I gave you a little information on a type two guy. Today, let’s talk a little about type one: The guys who DO get you.

A very rare man indeed.

He’s generally GOOD with women which means he has no problem attracting them in many different ways.

HOW he got that way remains to be seen. Some stumble on it accidentally. Some acquire it through trial, error, and lots of mistakes. Some are naturally blessed with it – they’re (appropriately) called naturals.

The rarest ones LEARN it from an outside source – either online, in books, or from a friend who “shows him how it’s done”.

That would be your host me – Pete or more formally Peter White. Catchy name, isn’t it? And no it’s not a pen name. It’s the real deal.

My was first REAL education on women was given to me by the awesome and popular (among guys who don’t like to learn how to trick women) was David DeAngelo.

Based on common knowledge or a shared agreement among “us” – they represent about 8% of men on the entire planet.

In that small percentile you’ll find a few of them are players or use their ability to sleep with lots of women and what you might say are a little shy of commitment.

Keep that last part in mind because a guy MUST be a type one – good with women – for him to have the ability and know-how to play you purposely.

Those “other” guys (type twos) can not and never will knowingly play you because for one, they’re don’t understand how women work and two, because you’ll see through their game almost immediately making it literally impossible to fool you.

My journey from one to the next gives me a unique often unseen perspective which can and will benefit you – that’s for sure.

Not that I’ve played women but I have seen it done and know many of the tricks THOSE guys will use on you.

BUT that’s not the important part. Really it’s not. I think you’re smart and intuitive enough to spot a real player even if you’ve been fooled once or twice in your life.

(If I’m wrong just let me know about it and I’ll see what I can do for you.)

The real benefits for you of me being on both sides are:

Knowing how they may appear to be doing the same thing (as a type two) but that it can mean totally different things as it relates to you.

Which means UNDERSTANDING all men much more clearly.

Knowing what to look for or what not look for to determine if you’ve found a better man for you.

One who does get you and understand you.

You’re never going to find a guy who gets you a 100% but using the right information and communication skills with men – you’ll spend a lot less wasted time on the wrong men.

Plus, knowing how you can do the same thing to both types of guys and get totally different results will make a huge difference in all your relations with men.

When you interact with men and then start to wonder why, what if, and what does it all mean – you must always start with his type first or else you could easily misread the entire situation; Increasing the chance of pushing the better man away and drawing the (problem) guy closer to you.

And there’s a lot more I’ll cover as we go along.

Now… I understand fully you want info on men and my second story from my life will help you.

Years ago, in my pathetic years, I had just given up on paid online dating sites. They weren’t working for me because (as I found out later) your real life must be attractive first before it will work online; otherwise you get the same terrible results.

Myspace was in its glory days and I quite “trolling” the woman pages and yes, sending them messages too. Hey, it was free and the worst that could happen was a few hours spent staring at women I found attractive.

I DID tell you I was pathetic AND just to be remarkable clear, even though social media has changed over to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and smartphone dating – type two guys (who struggle getting a girlfriend of any sorts) spend many sleepless nights “trolling” on them in hopes their going to find their dream woman.

I’m not sure how long it took but eventually I ran into a strange page with a newsletter posted on it from – who else – my future mentor David D.  I became quickly hooked on it because it resonated with me and it made sense.

PLUS he wasn’t advertising “games” or “pua” tricks.

He was making logical sense of the most illogical thing in our world…


Within a few short weeks of joining him I bought my first Ebook on attracting women and devoured every word. I must’ve read that thing a hundred times over.

It was so life-changing and turned out to be so important in my life, ten computers later and I still have a copy on the laptop I’m using to write this letter to you.

I don’t refer to it anymore but it still has sentimental value.

YES – that’s a fact about men, we HOLD on to anything we’re emotionally connected to for a VERY long time.

The important part for you to never forget is the EMOTIONALLY CONNECTED part because once you become THAT to a guy – I can guarantee YOUR sentimental value to him will last a lifetime even after a breakup, new marriage, bad divorce, etc…

We are not the greatest at multitasking and once our focus is on something, it’s very difficult to see anything else.

When that focus is on a woman and an emotional bond or connection is made – barely anything is strong enough to break that spell.

You’re going to get more on my story later but before this post turns into a book and becomes very confusing,  I want to make some points about type one men to keep it simple for you. (That’s my aim at least.)

ALL men ( types one and two) require an emotional (real feelings) connection with you that is above and beyond a physical attraction, beyond anything spiritual, and beyond any friendship BEFORE they will commit to you exclusively and go forward to marriage, family, and children...

AND do it actively, not passively.

You can read more about that connection here: The Right & Wrong Ways To Try And Connect With A Man

This connection takes on a sentimental value to him which lasts an extremely long time (independent) on what transpires over that time.

Yes.  Strange analogy coming:

The all-too-similar way THAT guy hesitates on giving up his ten year old smelly couch when he moves in with you is the very same emotion that when connected to you – turns a guy into an ever-loving sappy fool over YOU.

Trust that when a guy begs to keep his little trinkets he’s been collecting in his life, or becomes stubborn on giving them up because of their sentimental value, is the same driving force behind his love and devotion to you.

Weird connection and I’m positive most have overlooked it (or it’s something you’ve never heard or realized before) which is why I’m sharing it with you today.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that, right?

The slightly more complicated part is the different ways that happens between a type one guy and a type two.

I’ll give you a teaser on the difference which will change your view of men… forever!

Type ONE actively pursues to gather sentimental VALUE in his life.

Be it you, a passion for writing, a thirst for knowledge, finding a real purpose in his life, etc…

Type TWO passively wants and just accumulates sentimental values in his life and therefore (since most are acquired for the wrong reasons or just given to him – as in being not good with women and letting her chase him to make himself feel worthy and valuable OR to sublimate or replace the loneliness and helplessness he feels inside) when it is taken away, lost but not forgotten – a piece of him goes along with it.

Type ONE searches for value to ADD to his life.

Type TWO accepts value in an effort or lame attempt to complete his life.

Noting those two difference can and will forever CHANGE how you interact and see men.

AND it’s as simple as I can put it to you.

If not – let me know about it because I WILL try again.

Now it's that time once again - it's your turn to speak and be heard. As I stated in the last post - I DO listen. I don't always respond but I again, do listen to you.

I'm asking what YOU want to hear more about:

Type ONE guys.

Type TWO guys.

Which one and/or which one do you feel has had the most affect in your life?

I'm looking forward to hearing all your responses.

And we'll speak again in your next email.

I'd also love to hear your answers on the questions I pose below because it can and will teach you about men.

In the opening picture above, can you determine the type of guy he is from the picture alone and yes it is a trick question.

  • Did you look at him and his body language to decide?
  • Did you see the bike in the background and think he has passions or goals in life making him a type one?

Remember what was covered above and you'll understand why I'm bringing it up:

  • Type ONE searches for value to ADD to his life.
  • Type TWO accepts value in an effort or lame attempt to complete his life.

The answer only reveals itself when you learn the REAL reason why bicycling is a big part of his life which is something you must get out of him as quickly as possible and in a way which communicates attraction.

Feel free to leave your answers below and we'll discuss them.


Since we talked a little about connecting with a man - if you'd like to read more about HOW to connect with a man click the button below and read what I wrote for a wonderful woman:

The Right & Wrong Ways To Try And Connect With A Man

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