Men Are Very Predictable! Will It Help You Understand Them Easier?

Predictable Man Holding Glass Staring Lingering

Men can be very predictable. Yes, I said it... and I meant it! The question then  becomes, in what way can you knowingly see what's coming from a dude and quite possibly, how you can use this information to better understand all guys.

Let's separate them again. Put them in different rooms so to speak so they don't gather among themselves and confuse the issues.

Type twos are obvious when they're attracted to a woman and perform foreseeable acts which you can observe a mile away, if you're inclined to watch.

(Type ones are excluded here. They are rarely discreet about this stuff and we'll get into them a later date. )

Type twos, if they're feeling attracted to you want to get to know you and get your attention, but their nervousness or lack of confidence interacting with most women stops them from approaching you for a "normal" conversation and more.

This holds true for all situations. You'll see it happen on the street, at parties, during work if they're an associate of yours, public gatherings, bars, parks, beaches, etc...

Basically any place where you could bump into each other and/or they can notice you.

They will very often and predictably:

Find a way to linger around you, sticking somewhat close longer than necessary with a reluctance to leave. Often they do this just in case "something" might happen.

Find any reason to get close or nearer to you in a slow methodical manner. This is actually quite amusing to watch as I've observed it during my research.

I've also done it myself (before my man-transformation) without even knowing I was doing it. It was a sad affair back then and I don't miss it at all.

They will also seek shelter or hide among their friends (slide in trying not to be noticed) without introducing themselves or saying a word to anyone including you.

From afar they will continually gawk, stare, and do their best to hide the fact they're looking your way. Some will focus on a body part of yours that they like and just gaze. Normally it's not all sexual at all.

Some will just find things around you as if they're in deep thought and contemplating life or, sadly so, the paintings on the wall behind you.

They'll do it for as long as they can get away with it, or believe they're getting away with it.

⊕ You can read more on you not noticing them here: Do Guys Actually Believe You Don’t Notice They’re Looking At You?

And why guys stare is over here: Why Does A Guy Stare At A Woman But Not Approach Her

All that above actually covers a lot of the "he's in the distance getting closer" better known for us today as his...


There just isn't anything more they can come up with right now which doesn't cross the line over to actually stalking you. That's for another post.

The next level of the predictable acts of the type two guy happens during their interactions with you.

By the way these are always major signs of interest and attraction. If you want to know it all, the rest of them are all here: You Have To Know 3 Things To Understand All The Signs He’s Interested

You're talking to a guy or close by to him:

They will find anything which you might have in common and sometimes "pretend" they like something you do even if they don't, just because you mentioned how much you liked it.

They will show an over-interest in your special interests. Some will go as far as lying or making up things to gain your approval. Gaining your support, approval and liking them back is often their main goal because they lack the confidence to believe they could do it on their own.

It's a standard nice guy routine which is explained further here: You Can’t Find A Nice Guy Because They Are Intimidated By Beautiful Women

They will interrupt your conversation at any point in time to gain, capture or beg for your attention.

The louder ones will push their way in to stand out. You definitely know the type. They want you to notice them so badly they'll forget and misread the circle or entire room. Their words will often be misplaced and well out of context.

They will try other more drastic ways too like talking to other women who are around you because they can talk to them, and pretend to ignore you, as if they don't even notice you're there.

Since most are already in "lingering" mode at this point, they're close enough making it hard for you to miss they're doing it.

They want you to see and hear them chatting up someone else who they feel more confident around hoping you'll see how "cool" they are.


Are you now finding, at least in situations like this, how extremely predictable men can be?

So what about attraction? Where does this fit in?

The short list above are actions men have control over but either choose or not choose to act on.

They also have the option to better themselves and their confidence but unfortunately rarely ever do. For many reasons up to complacency and more, are choosing to be a type two forever.

Attraction is not a choice for anyone, which includes you. It's a gut level reaction to an outside stimulus becoming beyond our direct control. It is hardwired into all of us.

Here's the exact definition of attraction I read long ago which changed my life.

"Attraction happens at an unconscious level as an automatic EMOTIONAL
response to certain cues. For men, attraction usually happens in
response to a beautiful face and a nice body. For women, it usually
happens for other reasons (although it can and does happen on occasion
for physical reasons alone).


Attraction isn’t a choice; it’s an evolutionary mechanism that
takes over our mind and body long enough to make sure we mate
with someone with the best possible genes.”

Attraction Isn't A Choice by David DeAngelo

Once a guy feels the initial attraction, it's terribly hard and practically impossible to shake it off.

We can not reason our way out of it. We can not tell ourselves to not to feel it no matter how much we might sometimes want it to go away.

We can even tell ourselves "you're not our type" but the more we feel it, the more you'll become our type over time.

It's important to remember these things because I know, from being a guy, we're going to do some pretty stupid stuff because it literally hijacks our brains.

Once its triggered the hardwire kicks in and there's no way around it.

Our ONLY CHOICE is how we act or react to it.

Attraction is a very powerful switch which happens in an instant and can last days, weeks, months, years, decades, or a lifetime.


We can't reason our way out of it. We can't tell ourselves not to feel it.

⊕ A man's interest in you is not the same.

This is more about choice and you can all the important differences here: You Have To Know 3 Things To Understand All The Signs He's Interested

Consider this about his predictability as it relates to interest and attraction.

You're consistently dating a guy who showed lots of interest early on and then suddenly makes you feel like he's just not into you any more.

Maybe he's questioning whether or not you'd be prefect together. Maybe he's questioning the connection. Maybe he's seeing six other girls and is terrible at making decisions although I highly doubt that.

Maybe he needs to grow up a little. Maybe on some days he feels powerful and confident and other days his life seems pointless and boring...

My point is, his "now" lack of interest is highly predictable because it is WHO he is.... a type two.

He will act out from his character traits which drive him inside and out.

His need to escape, pull back, and question his every move will eventually come out, okay... for most.

Some will hide it, ignore it, or drive themselves crazy along with you as they're trying to figure out their emotional states based on the "almighty can't help but to feel it" for this woman...


⊕ SELF-PROMO ALERT: Why men pull away or go silent is heavily covered in my book. Become a member a give it a read -  go get it here.

What you might have been waiting for...

How you can use this information to better understand men... simply.

Their predictability should offer you some comfort because you'll be less likely to misread their actions and less likely to take them to heart.

Obviously  you don't want to see everything that is coming. The future offers rewards which can be exciting at times. When taken in context and used to enhance your life.

Men exhibit patterns and when noticed can also be used to better determine and figure if this type two can be right for you and worth exploring through dating all the way to a relationship.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with falling for a type two.

In fact, in my free  book you get for signing up below, "Understanding Men Made Simple" I reveal a clever way you can make him feel so good he'll fall for you so much easier and perhaps want to take the lead, which type twos tend to shamefully avoid way too much.

Everything above gives you lots of clues to look for and when examined closer, insights into lots of great guys. I didn't intend to put them down. Remember, I've been one myself for a few decades too.

Clearing the clutter and confusion keeps the path open for you. No more guessing your way through it all. No more wondering why he's acting a certain way.

Knowledge like this goes a long way and a good construct to use a base and measure where you're both at, so you spend less time "talking about a relationship" and asking "where it's all going" which needs to be kept to an absolute minimum in your interactions with men.

"You have to learn to stop caring so much about finding 'the right man'!

Once you've released your hold on this goal, and stopped trying to impose your own order and method on the universe, you have SOOOO much more energy to devote towards the things that really count ... like enjoying life."

Why Letting Go Gets You Loved Up - What Dating Should Be All About

Use what you learned to relax and enjoy the ride.

Whether it's a roller coaster or a simple merry-go-round doesn't matter. All that matters is being in the present and having fun there.

Thanks for stopping by.

You're awesome for giving me the opportunity and I appreciate it.

Men ARE predictable!

At least in the general sense of the word and what we've covered today.

Their attraction, actions, and even certain interests as the process their many longer emotional states as they feel the needs comes up inside them as it relates to you.

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    I honestly cannot thank you enough for your work. I can say from experience that it is anguish to have a deep affection for a type 2 guy whose signals are so confusing but who shows such deep affection, awe and care. Your articles are the only source that has rung true through this. It is sanity every time I read one. Thank you so much.

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