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Why Do Guys – Understanding Men and The Things They Do To Confuse You

If you ever wondered why a guy does something you can not understand – this section covers many of those questions with direct and honest answers. Why do guys was built in this category so it has a little of everything. You’ll find it centers around habits, teasing, games, conversations. texting and lots more.

  • Why Guys Wake Up Hard In The Morning – Erection Mystery Solved?

    Lots of theories have been put forth as to why wake up with the proverbial woody, it’s a fair interesting question which needs to be answered. Maybe it’s his sex drive and apparent rampant thoughts of sexual desires, maybe it’s testosterone, then again, maybe not. The answer is here and how a kitten helped me solve it.

  • Why Do Some Guys Walk Like They Have A Big One Between Their Legs?

    Oh no, here he comes. It’s another guy walking towards you, swaggering about like he has the biggest one in the world between his legs. If you’ve ever wondered why they do it, if it’s made up, if it’s a role they like to play, or if it’s something deeper like belief and confidence, here’s the answer. Argue if you will.

  • Secrets About Me Revealed & How It Can Help You Understand All Men

    I took a survey which was given to over twenty thousand men myself & you’ll be surprised by what my answers reveal about all men. An honest look inside a guy’s mind & how it’s related to all men. Get inside my head & you can get inside his mind & heart too. This is why men lie to you and what it means to you too.

  • 12 Real Reasons Why A Guy Will Not, Can Not, or Does Not Text You Back

    He’s just not getting back to you. You send text after text & it’s like your messages are lost on him & it feels like you’re being ignored. If you’ve ever wondered why he’s doing it, what it means, and how to fix it, now’s your chance to get the real reasons why from a guy himself. Frustration gone. Finally, closure.

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