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Why Do Guys – Understanding Men and The Things They Do To Confuse You

If you ever wondered why a guy does something you can not understand – this section covers many of those questions with direct and honest answers.

Why do guys was built in this category so it has a little of everything.

You’ll find it centers around habits, teasing, games, conversations, texting and lots more.

  • I’m Not Looking For A Relationship… Right Now! Will The Time Ever Come?

    Just because he says he’s not ready for a relationship, doesn’t mean he’s broken and you need to wait for him to fix himself. Just because he tells you he’s not looking for one right now, doesn’t mean it will change anytime soon. Often it’s because he’s not looking to get together with you on a deeper level. He’s not feeling what he needs to feel to move forward. The connection is not there. Find out is you should wait and give him all the time and space he needs to figure it all out, or if you should start dating other men immediately.

  • Men!!! Need I Say More? How Tired Of Them Are You?

    You’re a complex woman. You’re a smart woman. You want to understand men but all they do is frustrate, confuse, and make you want to scream men so loudly you’d think they’d finally get the point. When you want to get past all the needless blame, answer these questions honestly to find a new path to understanding.

  • What Being A Man Really Means To Guys & Why We Confuse Women So Much

    The reality behind how men actually think as it relates to being a man. How & why they can be so confusing to any woman from dating to long-term relationships. The secret reveals a simple complexity explaining it all. Is this what makes him angry, frustrated, hard to read? Or is he just painfully confused as to what it means to be a man.

  • What He Must Feel To Never Want To Let You Go & How To Connect With Him

    Some unknown often overlooked facts about men and the connections they make with women. How two types of guys form connections which shows you how to connect with all men in a way which can lead to a relationship with him. For him to commit to fully to you and what he must experiences to never want to let you go.

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