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Why Do Guys – Understanding Men and The Things They Do To Confuse You

If you ever wondered why a guy does something you can not understand – this section covers many of those questions with direct and honest answers.

Why do guys was built in this category so it has a little of everything.

You’ll find it centers around habits, teasing, games, conversations, texting and lots more.

  • Men Are Very Predictable! Will It Help You Understand Them Easier?

    Is he doing it again? The same old same old. Are you noticing the patterns? Are men really so predictable you can learn from it? Here’s a great list of action and somewhat strange occurrences you’ll find certain men over time. From attraction to showing interest. Read them closely and understand lots of men better.

  • Two Types of Men Make It Easier To Figure Them Out – Defining His Actions

    Did you know you can separate men into two all-purpose categories or types? This can help you understand men on a level most women miss which causes confusion and sometimes even pain if you don’t figure him out early. This example & more shows how it works. Look at is character traits not his actions & words first.

  • Us Guys… We Just Want You To Love Us… Unconditionally?

    What does it really mean when men say they just want to be loved unconditionally? Is it despite their mistakes or shortcomings? Do they just want to get away with being wrong or doing wrong things all the time? Is it a feeling they get and can’t explain. The real explanation begins here. What it really means.

  • I’m Not Looking For A Relationship… Right Now! Will The Time Ever Come?

    Just because he says he’s not ready for a relationship, doesn’t mean he’s broken and you need to wait for him to fix himself. Just because he tells you he’s not looking for one right now, doesn’t mean it will change anytime soon. Often it’s because he’s not looking to get together with you on a deeper level. He’s not feeling what he needs to feel to move forward. The connection is not there. Find out is you should wait and give him all the time and space he needs to figure it all out, or if you should start dating other men immediately.

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