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Why Do Guys – Understanding Men and The Things They Do To Confuse You

If you ever wondered why a guy does something you can not understand – this section covers many of those questions with direct and honest answers. Why do guys was built in this category so it has a little of everything. You’ll find it centers around habits, teasing, games, conversations. texting and lots more.

  • Are Men Only Interested In A Sure Thing? This Myth Can Kill His Commitment

    Do you believe men are only interested in a sure thing? They only want to date women who put out easily & in sex with you? How they’re not attracted to nice women? The myth or limited belief you have might be getting in the way of meeting a guy who wants to commit. How it affects your dating life and what to do about it.

  • You Had A Few Amazing Dates With Chemistry But He Still Disappears, WTF?

    When a man runs after a date it’s enough to drive you crazy. What happened? What did you do wrong? Can you stop it from ever happening again? More than just a few words on what you must do with a guy and how you should communicate with him to make sure he doesn’t just disappear.

  • Why Men Cheat & What Causes Them To Stray Plus How To Spot A Cheater

    What really causes a man to cheat on his wife or girlfriend? Is he just a cheater or did he become one? All the reasons of infidelity and how it happens. Learn exactly what makes a man stray and how to spot the guy who is most likely to sleep with another woman while in a relationship with you. Will he be unfaithful?

  • Why Guys Like Being Called Daddy – How It Really Makes Him Feel Inside

    Is the why guys like being called Daddy all about sex or is there something deeper going on here? I’ve listed several reasons some men like the “father figure” phrase and what it really means to him. Plus what this little but powerful word does to him and how you can use it without having to say it to attract a man.

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