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The Many Types Of Guys – Understand His Type & You’ll Get The Why Too

Categorizing men can be helpful to discover the type of guy you’re seeing or interacting with everyday.

In this section I go through all types of guys from players, jerks, nice guys, type ones, type twos, & more to help you better connect with men & to understand them too.

Know who he is and you’ll know what he wants.

  • Do Men Feel Complicated & Confusing? Is There One Simple Answer For You?

    The simplest solution is often the best one. Why make men more complicated & confusing for you when there’s an easy way into a man’s heart? Inject this thought into your mind. Free yourself to feel. Start connecting with men in a way that happens naturally. Letting go starts here & now. A new beginning is waiting.

  • What He Must Feel To Never Want To Let You Go & How To Connect With Him

    Some unknown often overlooked facts about men and the connections they make with women. How two types of guys form connections which shows you how to connect with all men in a way which can lead to a relationship with him. For him to commit to fully to you and what he must experiences to never want to let you go.

  • Why He’s Into You But Still Blows You Off

    He seems interested, attracted, and giving you lots of signals that appear genuine and real. But fails to do anything about it. Makes you feel men are messed up, doesn’t it? The truth is far simpler than you might believe. These type two guys are made this way. Find out why he’s into you yet still ghosts you after.

  • Step Out Of The Man Circle & Learn A Direct Path To Any Guy’s Heart

    Does it feel like you’re going in circles with men? You feel like you’re only meeting two type of guys, one is boring & doesn’t do it for you, the other sparks fly with lots of chemistry, yet getting him to commit to you seems impossible. Here’s your chance to break the cycle & get off the merry go round with men.

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