Do Men Feel Complicated & Confusing? Is There One Simple Answer For You?

Complicated Confused Men Questions

I received an email from a reader who dropped out because she was firmly convinced that nothing was ever going to change for her because...

Men are far too different from women and too complicated to UNDERSTAND.

I will admit - it feels like I failed her.

In my mind, maybe because I am a guy - the two guys concept simplifies everything:

Type ones really don't have to TRY and type twos try way too hard and do all the wrong things to be with you.

With type ones, ALL you have to do is work on yourself, get yourself out there meeting them, and when they feel it for you - they'll literally take care of all the details for you.

The secret key component being YOU because you have to match up to him and connect with him in your own unique and lovely feminine ways, or else you'll more than likely push away that great guy without even knowing how, what, or when it all started going  wrong...

Leaving you more confused, frustrated, and helpless to make sure it doesn't happen again.

If all that sounds like your life and you want simple answers with a clear path to change for the better...

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Type twos will give you the headaches. They'll confuse you. They'll do odd and strange things because (as I've said before) they...


To me, and I don't mean to sound superior, that's not confusing at all.

Think about this, if you know some guy right now who is doing all sorts of weird stuff all the time, he's sending lots of mixed signals, he's going from all lovey-dovey one moment to barely speaking the next...

It's SIMPLY because he doesn't understand the process.

He doesn't understand women.

He doesn't understand himself and the feelings he has inside.

AND/OR even cares or knows how to fix it!

So it all comes out messy and random.

Imagine this:

You go to an electronic store to buy a new television because you went online and there was WAY too much conflicting and confusing information out there.

Online wasn't helping you figure out which one would be prefect for you and quite honestly, you didn't care or want to think about it anymore.

You suddenly felt it would be so much easier just to go to a store with experts and they'll just TELL you what you need,  and you can finally be done with it.

EXCEPT - just your luck, right?

The guy working there was clueless as a salesman. Sure he KNEW the different models. He gave you all the information you needed to make the decision for yourself BUT that's not WHY you went there.

You figured, "I tell him where I'm at, how much I watch, what I plan on using it for you and the nice guy will point out the PERFECT one for me."

Well very unfortunately for women all around the world - type twos are no different!

They know your body parts. Some of them even know how to touch you there.

They know how to speak. Some of them can actually hold an intelligent conversation with you.

They know when they feel attracted to a woman and when they don't.

They might even know how to give you all the information you need to make a choice about them...

BUT they're clueless SALESMAN who:

  • Don't believe in their product - themselves.
  • Don't know how to communicate what they need to you.
  • Don't know how to LEAD you to them and through the "mating" process.

It's like they're just leaving you with the information (that they think you want to hear) and letting YOU make the call.

EXCEPT - since they have all these fears and strange junk inside their head pushing them through their dating and relationship life...

When you DO make the call for them or CHOOSE them...

They pull back because suddenly - they don't feel like the MAN anymore and they don't know what went wrong or WHERE to go now.

AND you become the object of their confusion, doubt, and unsure actions.


How does all this make men simple and easy to understand?

Well that's unfortunately on YOU my friend. Pardon if that sounded mean so bare with me.

For one - Because when you try to read into everything they do as if they KNOW what they're doing, it all becomes far too confusing and frustrating too. It only can get worse.

Two - Because when you try to find the deeper meaning behind his actions or words when HE don't even know what that is for himself, you'll only go deeper down the rabbit hole making it very difficult  to find your way out.

Listen - you can blame an instruction video (or even me if you like) for not explaining something like "how to set up a wifi in your home" in a clear, easy to read, efficient way ANYONE should be able to get, but...

You can NOT blame a guy who doesn't understand HOW to do something and for not being capable of communicating THAT something to you effectively.


You can definitely NOT blame YOURSELF for not understanding what in the world that guy is doing and why too.


You must certainly get yourself far away from trying to FIGURE HIM OUT when it's already as simple as it can be...

HE JUST DOESN'T GET IT and if HE doesn't get it, HOW do you expect him to explain it all to you in an attractive way so you DO get him or it.

The simple solution.

EXPECT it - as they say - learn to live with it - come to the conclusion this is the only answer to your emotional freedom.

You NOW know WHY he's doing it,  so there's no need to figure it out anything more...

He's a type two.

This attitude or role I'm asking you to adopt into your mind is not without a purpose.

It frees you and your mind up just enough to allow you the freedom and pleasure to better enjoy yourself with both types of men, and to guide you to making better more rewarding decisions.

When you can do that simple shift in thinking, you'll notice a certain easiness and calmness about you which will transfer over to many parts of your life.

This in turn will transfer over to any guy sitting or standing close to you, no matter what your relationship with him is or where's it's at today or tomorrow and when that happens, you'll find the real magic begins because it WILL...

Make it easy for HIM to connect with you in ways you might have never imagined could happen.

So this is it.

Both types may confuse you or appear complicated at times.

They both (more often than not) communicate themselves in totally different ways.

However - each and every kind decent man you meet who may be the prefect one for you, needs this ONE thing to happen...

A connection that feels natural and easy.


Let go of all the negative thoughts and release yourself from ever feeling that you'll never figure men out, how they're too complicated and don't appear to act normally... and how you just want to give up even trying anymore.

Trust the two types of men I talk about and teach hides nothing. It's all there.

You now have one less thing to worry about today.

My not-so-casual suggestion is for you to now take the NEXT STEP in your life:

Get The Relationship You Want by Connecting With Men In A Way Which Makes Getting Together Happen Naturally!

Rori Raye wrote the book I love to promote. Here's where you can sign up for her free love advice newsletter.

I feel no need or desire to re-write what was already done so well. My expertise perhaps lies adjacent to hers and we certainly see eye to eye on many ideas of love and connection.

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