All A Man Needs To Feel Before He’ll Fall In Love With You

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My last post covered a thought process a man experiences when he sees and interacts with a woman he’s feeling a little attracted to which lead men to believe they're in love.

Keep in mind it was a type two guy which covers the vast majority of men.

I have promised you to make men as simple as possible and I understand the last post might’ve added a layer of complexity to them but don’t let his emotions fool you because…

Men are as simple as this:

They FEEL. They THINK. When they feel more, they think more, and the cycle continues. They process their feelings by thinking through them in their own "manly" way.

You do the same thing except your attraction to a guy is comes at a different later stage.

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Okay so here it is again:

Men FEEL – as in when they see a woman they’re attracted to which causes them to THINK more and connect more to you inside their emotional brain.

The difference between type one and type two at this stage comes down to a simple matter of ACTION.

Type ONE: The guys who get you…


Type TWO: The guys who don’t get you (or the man’s brain I’ve dissected for you in the last post) …

FEEL –> THINK –> Sometimes take ACTION but mostly internalize their actions which generates or perpetuates the cycle.

This is a MAJOR difference between the two types. It also affects you directly because if you’re to create an emotional bond with either type, HOW you do it is a little different.

We’ll get more into the action part later so keep reading all my posts.

Moving on…

In today’s post I’ll take what he felt and turn it into what he NEEDS to feel and trust by the end – it will not only make sense but is guaranteed to blow your mind when it comes to men.

Seriously, after today – you’ll NEVER look at a type one guy the same way again.

Let’s begin.

He needs to feel like he can not help himself as if you’re a compulsion and something else (typically a deep emotional connection) is driving him towards you.

The same trigger which draws him to you physically by sight must feel exactly the same to him and it mostly will with a type two. (For type ones it's a little different.)

When a man’s attraction is triggered by sight it is beyond his control to feel something – for a man to fall in love or more importantly BELIEVE he’s in love – it must feel like it is also BEYOND HIS CONTROL.

Explains a lot about men and their obsession over certain women, doesn’t it?

He needs to imagine and FEEL what a future together would be like and how great it would be in those moments.

His thought process will predict a shared event in the future. It can be a kiss, a hug, an intimate shared moment, or even a heartfelt glance from you over your shoulder.

He needs to feel a little doubt too.

A little unsure and uneasy. This doubt is a good thing because it only solidifies that what he’s feeling is REAL.

People often associate negative feelings as being more real than positive ones especially when the negative ones can lead to something positive and beneficial such as falling in love.

No one falls in love with certainty otherwise it would not have been coined FALLING in love.

As the doubt and uneasiness riddle a man’s mind he’s more likely to feel more and connect it to falling in love.

He needs to have his imagination drawn out.

He must  feel like when he’s around you he’s more aware, in the moment, and therefore instinctively creative.

His imagination is an integral piece of the puzzle of love a man experiences.

His imagination puts him in a state of mind he can emotionally connect to because where our imagination is generated is not connected to logic or reasoning – it’s directly connected to our HEARTS, our dreams, and our fantasies.

He also needs to experience a little confusion.

A little less confident (not in himself) but what to do with all these strong emotions and feelings – it makes him feel ALIVE.

A man will NOT fall in love if he knows exactly how to compartmentalize his emotions because that makes it a choice, and love is NOT a choice.

He should be a little concerned he could screw it all up with you but not enough to have him pulling back and retreating to his mind – because then it’s all done.

You see when a man is experiencing all the turbulent emotions and YOU are there with him when he going through it and it’s partly just being around you which is causing it all...

He connects it all to YOU therefore he connects his HEART to YOU.

The less a man is concerned about screwing it up – the LESS he feels about you…. period.

Sure some men will ACT like it’s all good – but inside, they’re a nervous wreck which again perpetuates his cycles and stirs his emotions even more thus eventually equating it to LOVE.

He needs to feel respected by you and therefore – when he feels like he’s disrespecting you he starts to believe you’ll either lose that respect for him or he’ll never get it in the first place.

Having, gaining, or getting respect from a woman is such a major driving force behind a man’s willingness to commit or to stay in love – a guy named  James Bauer wrote a whole book and more on how to use The Respect Principle to get men to commit to a woman.

He needs to feel a little guilty when thoughts cross his mind of you being just a body or a prize.

These feelings of guilt transfer over to something deeper and he begins to see you as something greater; otherwise there would be no guilt.

A man who plays women for sex might feel guilty about doing it, he might not, BUT if it isn’t transferred over to something deeper (which comes sometimes later) the connection is not made and love is never found or believed to be there.

Think about a player who “falls” in love. He does so because she connects with him in a certain way which is very personal to him and makes him feel BAD for what he’s doing and since it’s connected directly to her – begins to think or feel he’s in love… with HER.

He needs to be reminded of you when you’re not around.

His feeling towards you must transcend time and space. He must (for all intensive purpose) FEEL like you’re always there with him. Not watching him like some stalker but a constant reminder that everything he does or says or participates in will DIRECTLY affect you even though most of the time… it won’t.

For man to feel and believe he’s in love he must begin to feel like everything he does affects you in some way – otherwise the connection is lost or not made.

As a man’s emotions explode and progress forward he must experience MORE as they could just stay in his head or transfer over to someone else closer by…

He needs to feel curious enough to want to know and feel more too.

For him to progress from one stage to the next his interest must be driven or engaged just enough AND he must WANT to feel more of it – like he just can get enough of you.

A desire to feel special in your eyes.

Lots of men are generally okay about how women see them but as soon as they start feeling even a tiny amount of attraction towards a woman they becomes instinctively more aware of NEEDING to feel special in your eyes.

This need transfers over to a desire to please you as it’s directly related to his feelings of masculinity.

It’s not complicated – make a guy feel more like a man when he’s around you and he WILL start feeling something for you… guaranteed.

When pleasing you pleases him it becomes directly connected to the same feelings he experiences when he’s truly in LOVE.

A need to want to give something back in exchange for all the emotions he may not even feel privy to or deserving of…

You’ll find lots of men (especially the type two guys) won’t feel deserving of your love and affection. When this happens you’ll find them to be or become more giving as if they feel like they owe you something.

This giving back can be anything from sharing his feelings IF he’s made to feel open and comfortable around you to share them to doing things for you.

The more he gives the more he begins to experience a TRUE CONNECTION to you.

And that connection won’t be in just his mind...

He will FEEL and experience it in his heart.

Every emotion he wades through will cause him to question EVERYTHING and anything about what is happening to him which will lead him to the inevitable conclusion…


Because nothing else feels that way.


As you can see, connecting with a man on an emotional level stirs a lot inside him. I'm positive there's even more going on but we're not going there today.

I'm sure your mouth is a little dropped as you're starting to realize all the stuff that goes on inside a man's mind - as it relates to love - and explains a little on why it's so hard for men to process all these feelings...

Thus all the pulling back, going quiet, and spending way too much time considering everything he's experiencing.

It's eye opening, that's for sure.

For now - take it all in. Read it a couple times.

Think about ALL the different ways you can make all this happen for a man.

I'd love to hear what you came up with so if you don't mind, send me a note below and let me know about it.

I'm sure lots of you are wondering about the HOW to make all this happen - while we may get into it I've got something you will definitely want to look into to make it all happen NATURALLY.

Yes, naturally.

That basically means no games, no tricks, no fancy principles or coy phrases to turn  a man into a loving fool - which trust me you don't want anyways.

Really - WHO in their right mind wants to date a fool anyways, right?

Here's Rori Rayes book on creating that right connection with a woman and trust it's a great intro price:

Have The Relationship You Want - Why Men Fall in Love With Your Heart & How To Connect With Him on That Level.

We'll talk more about it later - promise. I promote for obvious reasons but also because it's inexpensive, she's an amazing, thoughtful, and very smart coach, it primarily deals with the ALL important connections you must make with a man - which leads to a man loving you.

I'll just say that men experience TWO forms of attraction.

The first is generally physical and was not covered today which is okay, because it's fleeting and unreliable and is NEVER enough to form the connection you've seen a guy make today.

The OTHER is what you've been shown today...

Creating an emotional connection or bond so a man experiences EVERYTHING and more leading to feel AND believe he's in LOVE.

You CAN make it happen.


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