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Love – Real or Fake? Definitions & How To Know If He Loves You Or Not

Men and women have clear differences of what love means to them. Knowing a guy’s definition can help you understand if it’s real love or fake or if he means it or not. This section will explore love in its many forms to help you determine and understand where his loves comes from and how to get it from him too.

  • If You Want To Know Him & Connect – Take A Deep Look At His First Crush

    A man’s first crush builds his character & reveals his future relationships with women. If you want to know a man, or really understand how he works or what makes him tick (his relationships with women) then get to know the boy inside him. This is also how to connect with him on a deeper level to form a relationship.

  • The Words He Uses To Speak His Love For You Means Little Without These Four Things

    A man may not be able to express his love to you in words. What he says can be faked or he might not even mean it. If you want to figure out what he really means when he speaks, ask yourself these four questions and you’ll figure him out. They involve fear, risk, action, conviction, and commitment.

  • Reading His Mind, Why Do Some Guys Try Way Too Hard to Get You?

    You may know these two guys who try way too hard to get you. One is creepy, the other is sadly pathetic. However there’s a third type here revealed and when you go deep into his mind and see what he’s thinking, it will forever change how you see men and how you can get any guy to experience a love for you.