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Love – Real or Fake? Definitions & How To Know If He Loves You Or Not

Men and women have clear differences of what love means to them.

Knowing a guy’s definition can help you understand if it’s real love or fake or if he means it or not.

This section will explore love in its many forms to help you determine and understand where his loves comes from and how to get it from him too.

  • What Love Is Not! The Best News You Will Read Today Means Everything!

    She thinks she’s perfect for him & wonders why he won’t commit to her. After the break up he found someone else & now she is questioning love, perfection and why guys don’t seem to care much about her perfection. The answer will surprise you. It’s not what love is, to men & women, it’s partly what love is not.

  • All A Man Needs To Feel Before He’ll Fall In Love With You

    All men go through lots of stages and emotions which lead to them feelings of love. If you want any man to fall in love with you, knowing what they are and how they are created will help you get him there. This all everything he needs to experience, why, and how it’s connected to a love and devotion all men can feel.

  • How A Man Falls In Love – Learn The Secrets Of His Addiction To You

    What goes on inside a man’s mind when he first sees you & talks with you reveals the secret to his love and addiction to his feelings for you. Take a peek deep within his heart and mind and you’ll notice the patterns and what must happen before a man falls in love. This has never been revealed before – it’s exclusive.

  • Does He Like You? Does He Love You? What Did He Really Mean To Say?

    Have you ever wondered what he was really saying to you when he said he likes you, love you, is in love with you, or follows it all up with a huge but? Here’s the answer you’ve been looking for, an interpretation, a meaning behind his words and why he uses the word love so sparingly and is careful with saying it.

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