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Should You Turn Him On and Off Like Some Appliance...? Men feel. Men think. Trigger one at a time the right way and you can speed up his natural process to fall in love with you.

You’re probably a little overwhelmed from the last post, All A Man Needs To Feel Before He’ll Fall In Love With You.

I mean... c’mon – a guy needs to experience ALL those feelings just to fall in love?

How does it even happen at all, right?

It’s practically inconceivable any guy would or could ever fall in love with anyone, let alone become addicted to her and more.

I hear you.

BUT I have some good news for you…

Men go through that entire process themselves. They actually don’t need you to do ANYTHING to fall in love.

Seriously, they don’t.

They only need to convince themselves of what they’re feeling and if you know humans like I do – we are definitely the best at convincing ourselves one way or another. We’re kind of our go-to person when it comes to making decisions.

So LET him convince himself, try not to get in the way of his process, and you’ll find INSTANT results.

I once worked with a woman who adored me. I knew it. Everyone else knew it.

I’m not sure if she was aware of it herself because she did everything in her power to STOP me (or interrupt my process) from falling for her.

At the time I was a very desperate man when it came to women. She was cute. Had some personality. With the right “skills” around me she could’ve literally had her way with me.

BUT she didn’t and why?

Well first – let me introduce another woman I worked with – She was annoying. I didn’t find her attractive. I’m actually being nice but I found her utterly repulsive.

She didn’t get me either and why?

You might assume it was because I found her unattractive which is certainly true to some extent.

BUT despite her looks – her personality was scary. She overly and rudely flirted with me. She made me feel uncomfortable. Everything coming from her was a sexual innuendo about how much she wanted me and here’s the strange part…

She was ALWAYS way too freaking HAPPY.

While the first one was ALWAYS way too SAD.

Thinking about it now – something clear stands out and it’s something guys relate to:

  • If you’re too happy, where do we (us guys) fit in? How does a guy know how to make you happy? How can ANY guy compete with that?
  • If you’re too sad, that’s our new job, and yes it’s a career no one wants to be “stuck” in for the rest of their lives.

Now I’m not saying to stop being so happy when in fact the advice I give is to make yourself happy by doing things you love.

I’m also not saying an unhappy woman can’t find a guy.

What I’m getting at is that both the women above, sure they are at the extreme ends of the spectrum of happiness and sadness...

Didn’t get it and they did everything in their power to not let me fall in like and then love with them.

It’s obvious men don’t handle extremes very well.

BUT you’re not extreme so here’s the thing.

The sad woman interrupted my process because she didn’t make me FEEL anything that would make THINK more about her in a positive way.

The happy woman only made me THINK I didn’t want her. The only feelings she passed on to me was annoyance which stopped the cycle from even starting.

My point is:

If you get a guy thinking about you – then it’s time to make him FEEL something more by connecting with him emotionally however you can.

If you get a guy feeling something for you – then it’s time to get him to start thinking about you.

If you continually do one or the other – you WILL interrupt his process.

Now I hear you – I said you don’t have to DO anything and clearly I’m now telling you to DO something.

But wait…

I said you do not have to do anything, however – if you want to speed up his process THEN you must flip the right switch at the right time.

And no – you don’t have to do it perfectly.

Let’s say you meet a guy and he’s telling how much he has been thinking about you lately but he’s not following through. He keeps leaving you hanging, talking a lot, and not actually moving forward with his “promises”.

A typical problem.

He’s clearly in the thinking stage but he’s not FEELING it enough for you.

He says he is, but trust me, the more a guy has it for you deeply, the more he’ll come around and prove it to you one way or another.

If he’s not moving forward he either has serious issues OR he’s not there yet.

So how do you flip his switch rather than wait around for him to cycle on his own?

How do you speed up his process without interrupting it and push him away?


You tug on his heart “just” enough. You connect with him emotionally.

I’m not saying to send him flowers or write him some sappy love letter. You definitely do not EVER want to take the masculine role and start chasing him or being overly romantic with him. Especially in the early stages.

You know what you are… you’re a WOMAN!

So BE a woman when you’re with him. You don’t have to take the lead – on fact you should NEVER do that. You don’t have to steer the dates or relationships. You let him lead and you respond emotionally in a positive way.

In other words use your powers of femininity!

Here’s the perfect way to learn HOW from the sweet Rori Raye of course:

Time to Learn The Secrets of Being A Modern Siren

More on that later but for now…

If he’s thinking too much – emotionally connect with him a little.

If he’s feeling a lot – get him to start thinking about you more. You don't want it to be about the two of you being together and what your future with him is – just get him thinking about YOU.

And keep doing it.

I GUARANTEE that over a short time and lots of cycles, he’ll become literally addicted to you.

You see – women fly through their emotions. They don’t need the push. If I can get a woman to experience many of them in the shortest time possible – I can get her hooked on me. (And yes – they don’t even have to be positive. Not that I go there anymore – just that I have done it and seen it work in less time than it took to drive her home.)

But men need the push. They don’t experiences these shifts as quickly as you do.

That’s where you come in.

Keep flipping the switch and he’ll never get you out of his head.

Leave it on for too long he wants to turn it off.

Leave it off for a while and you go unnoticed and ineffective and he starts to look for a woman that knows how to do it.

Sounds like a nasty game, doesn’t it?

FLIP his switch on and off like he’s some sort of appliance you turn on when needed and turn off when you’re done with it.

But it’s far from a game IF you do it right AND if you do it naturally.

The list of needs I gave you in the last post explains the emotions or feelings a man needs to fall in love. It wasn’t a joke. It wasn’t made up.

I’m a guy who has experienced it, lived it, AND seen it happen to so many guys it’s amazing no one else has come up with it… that I know of.

Okay – I was addicted to a woman once who drove me crazy. She was bad for me in every sense of the word. Not sure if she was a bad person but certainly NOT someone I should’ve gotten so involved with, but it happened.

The more feelings I felt for her – the more I thought about her. The more I brought up how much I was thinking about her – the more she’d do her thing and become emotional or do something totally over the edge.

She led me on a vicious cycle – I’d get inside her head and she’d pull back. The further she withdrew the more I’d think about her and how I missed her and would then go running to her with all my thoughts because she gave me the time to “think” about it.

She played lots of games that worked but for you, they do NOT have to be games. I believe there’s a natural way it happens that brings men and women together where they last and grow old together.

Playing unfairly or through using games means one thing – sooner or later the game ends and no one wins, both lose, or one wins and the other loses.

AND a lot of pain ends on your doorstep and becomes very difficult to remove.

I’m not advocating or suggesting you try anything like that all.

Merely saying or proving this FLIPPING of his emotional switch works.

Whether it’s done naturally or not.

It’s just up to the USER, which is YOU, to choose the bad way or the naturally good way.

Think about how many women you’ve seen in your life that literally drive men crazy and yet they still keep coming back for more.

Think about how many women you would not call “nice” but seem to have this strange power over good decent guys who can’t seem to figure out how BAD she is for them.

It's most likely because they're playing games with his head and allowing him to cycle through his process AND they're doing it in a negative way without caring much about him at all.

I definitely do NOT want you start doing that and I'm certain you don't either.

In the next post I'll go through what I can from the list of feelings and come up with some natural ways to get him to process things quicker. Kour eyes open for it.

For now - consider the darling Rori Raye - you won't offend me if you sign up to her free "love advice" newsletter which is right here.

BUT I'd still rather you look closely at her Modern Siren product and here's why:

Sometimes I run across a guy who is got it ALL going on but he still struggles with women because he keeps missing one of the important points when it comes to men and women.

Aside from all the gender specific stuff...

  • A Male human is designed at birth to attract a female human.
  • A female is also designed at birth to attract a male.

It's not rocket science - it's pure and natural.

  • If he learns just how to BE that MAN his problems with women tend to take care of themselves.
  • If SHE learns how powerful her femininity is as it relates to men - the rest sort of takes care of itself too.

A woman who is in touch with that part of herself and conveys or communicates it to a guy will naturally connect with a guy and is far less likely to interrupt his cycle.

In fact - SHE causes it to happen which becomes consistent and reliable too.

Rori points out something very important in her program.

The magic combination of strong on the inside and soft on the outside.

That strength within you gets him thinking.

The softness on the outside gets him feeling.

When combined it's unbeatable and irresistible.

The woman from my above - the one that was too happy all the time - I didn't see any feminine energy. What I saw was someone pretending to be strong on the inside and on top of that - pretending to be soft on the outside while putting up a false front of being happy.

The other woman - the sad one - clearly soft on the inside but she wasn't softer on the outside - it was like she was devoid of all emotions on the outside.

Neither one had the right combination.

I'm convinced you're not as extreme as those two were which means I'm also positive you're REAL CLOSE to achieving that magical combination...

With the kind help of Rori you CAN and WILL get there quickly.

Modern Siren Draw Him In Cover

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