Why He’s Into You But Still Blows You Off

Man walking alone blowing you foo

Men are messed up! That’s all you’ll ever need to know.

Seriously – I DO joke a lot and it may be hard get across in these posts but sooner or later – you’ll figure ME out too so it’s all good.

I’m going to start by going in more depth about those two types of men because I feel it’s just THAT important. (Well one for starters.)


Well I used to be a type two – I just didn’t get women and that was certainly easy to see for women who had no interest in me whatsoever.


What about the women I passed by or blew off?

They were into me and either I wasn’t interested or attracted to them.

I’m more than positive the signals I gave them were very confusing. I’m almost certain I drove them CRAZY.

Probably leading them to the inevitable conclusion that ALL men are… just...  messed... up!

AND what about the ones I WAS interested in?

Take Christine (last name deleted after further examination) for example. Yes that’s her real name. Oh was she soooo into me. I was the “cool” new kid visiting her town.

I was showing off my skills (please laugh or forever be labeled with no sense of humor) as I was literally carrying around a flattened cardboard box, something that was called a “boombox”, and I was break-dancing for everyone in a spread out large lower-class (government subsidized) apartment complex.

And sure I was good, but not THAT good.

I was the cousin of her brother’s good friend which made me the outsider and she hooked on to me quickly.


Who knows – back then I assumed it wasn’t my looks that’s for sure.

It wasn’t my shy personality.

Maybe there was something “special” in the water they drank because (since I never equated to showing off my dance skills to attracting women) I certainly was not confident in my woman skills.

Hence making me a clear and pathetic type two – a man who doesn’t understand women.

So Christine was into me.

(YES I remember her full name and what she looked like. Cute blonde girl. Shorter hair. Incredible eyes. You could say I was into her too. You’ll be shown how that is a predominant male trait – we REMEMBER an awful lot when it comes to women and yes, it WILL make a difference in your life with guys.)

I remember her but the events that transpired are a little fuzzy, not that they matter anyways.

The end result however… I DO remember.


Here’s this cute girl. I was so desperate to find a girlfriend. I was extremely attracted to her. She was everything I ever imagined in a girl AND yet – I still probably broke her heart. (I actually don’t know if it broke her heart but it certainly broke mine.)



Why does a guy act this way?

What does a young man have anything to do with an older guy?

You know, the kind you’re into and not some young break dancing punk with long hair and a cardboard box to show off to the ladies.

Like most type twos – I was scared, inexperienced, and so deathly afraid of kissing her the WRONG way that I chickened out.

Put my tail between my legs and avoided her at all costs until she “got” the picture and went away all too quietly as I’m now thinking about it.

You’ll find boys like I was (take note how I still remember her specifically among what I can guess is about over a hundred of failures and possibly more) …

Well here's the kicker and I do understand you don't care much for "boys"....

We ALL grow up into the men YOU have to deal with everyday.

They send you mixed signals.

They act all into you but fail to DO anything.

They pretend to be all cool when inside their a little boy scared who just doesn’t know WHAT comes next or how it’s supposed to happen…

So they blow you off.

And it has NOTHING to do with you.

(Well actually it has everything to do with you but not in the way you might think and we'll get into that sooner or later.)

This stuff is things that guys rarely if ever grow out of UNLESS they figure something out like I did, OR they just get lucky, OR they find a woman who pushes it all, takes on the masculine role despite his inability to lead confidently, and some of them suffer the consequences years later as they’re now stuck with a man-boy who treats his wife life his “mommy”.

Powerful eye-opening stuff, isn’t it?

I’m not saying or advising you to stay away from a type two. In fact you won’t be attracted to many of them anyways.

Just trying to keep it simple for you.

Men who are into you and don’t act like it or DO anything about it are as simple as it gets in understanding men.

They don’t GET YOU!

They don’t know what to do or what comes next.

They’re scared they’re going to screw it all up and from those fears, screw it all up anyways, some before they even open their mouth.

That’s the type two and since they’re they comprise of the majority of men out there – they’re the most common type you will come in contact with everyday.

As the song goes (if you’ve heard it) “We’ve only just begun…”

So grab a seat. Something to snack on. Enjoy the show. Relax.

I promise you’re going to learn a lot about men and YOURSELF too because I do go there – I’d love to turn you into a woman who can have ANY man you desire with a flick of your hair if that was possible.

I promise I’m going to send you other places to help you out and so I can earn a living from your support and your achievement in the personal development area and your RELATIONSHIPS with men of course.

I also promise to assure QUALITY and CONTENT are always there so you can devour it all and use it however you like.

I however will NEVER promise grammatically perfect material with no misspellings or missed words because it’s not my forte. I just WRITE.

I just let it all out. I let the emotions fly. Sometimes I hit hit the proverbial head on the nail – and sometimes I miss by so much I get lost and can’t find my way back.

It happens and apologizing in advance is not my style nor does it do me or you any good anyways.

(Do you get me there – what’s an apology anyways when someone can’t promise or fulfill that they won’t do it again. Makes the apology sort of useless, doesn’t it? I’ll tell you THAT story one day.)

I’ve said enough – more is to come.

Now it’s your turn.

You’re always welcome to leave me a comment on anything that is on your mind. I can and will not always get back BUT I do read them.

I do listen to you.

I DO want to hear it all.

Yes – I get it. YOU want answers. This is highly emotional stuff here.

I FEEL for ANY and EVERY woman who writes me BUT I just don’t have the capacity or time to get back to everyone without starving myself and neglecting my family and personal life in the process.

And yes it hurts to ignore someone in need. Really, it does hurt a lot!

You’re a SMART woman. You know that. You know exactly what I’m getting at too.

The conclusion...

Today's lesson about men is from my early teens but remember - boys grow up to be men and carry much of their childhood experiences (the good and the bad) with them.

When the past constructs a man who seems into you but then all of a sudden blows you off...

It's not always you or your fault. You do play a role in it but for today's post, let's assume it's mostly on him because of the reasons listed above and as you'll see when you read around why do guys...

They send you mixed signals.

They act all into you but fail to DO anything.

They pretend to be all cool when inside their a little boy scared who just doesn’t know WHAT comes next or how it’s supposed to happen…

So they blow you off.

They just don't get it or you and act sporadically and strange as they try to get past it all as safely as possible protecting with what little they feel they have regarding their masculinity.


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