Why So Many Men Are Starting To Feel More Ugly Today – Inside & Out!

Man Hiding Face Feeling Ugly

Guys are visually or sight based in more ways than just how they first experience attraction. Mostly everyone who has a pulse realizes that fact . You might know what that means to you BUT do you know what that really means to guys AND how it can help you connect with a man.

You're about to find out because today I'm going reveal to you some interesting and helpful secrets about men AND in the process of this exploration into guys - you're going to see HOW and WHY men are starting to feel more UGLY in today's modern society.

I'll start with this one.

Only the most very secure men are willing to judge another man's attractiveness based on how he looks.

And we all know how rare THAT type of guy is because it's even quire rare for a type one.

This means we (men) do NOT sit around talking about the rugged looks of another guy with our friends. It just never happens unless we're hanging out with a group of gay guys and it "happens" to come up. Which being in that position many times - not oddly enough DOES come up an awful lot.

Yet something interesting does happen...

Men tend to assume if another guy has no problems attracting women, then he must be attractive.

A few will explain away the obvious not-so good-looking ones who are attracting women as having some other assumed advantage as in money, fame, or fortune but that's the exception and not the rule.

Men also project how they experience their physical attraction on to women. Meaning they will often believe your attraction is triggered the same way as them, causing something even more interesting to happen... which is revealing to you and can be used too...

Most (typically average guys - type twos - because there are always extremes)  will predict if you are attracted to him or some other guy, then it's mostly about his looks or status. Status being a social advantage in some way.

This connection is important because it means if you are paying special attention to a guy he will begin to feel more attractive. The less you pay attention to him and his needs, the less attractive he feels.

I bet you didn't know you had THAT much power and control over a man, did you?

Well you DO!

Many men base their looks on how many women respond positively to them as long as it's sexual and not friendly based.

Now here's the kicker so to speak:

There's a definite emerging tendency for women to be more vocal about the "hotter" guys in movies, pictures, music, and social media, which I feel has (in part) been brought on by the advancements in exposure to men - you can probably thank the internet and more women running Hollywood and for that happening.

But that's not enough to change everything until this strange phenomenon begins to emerge, guys are certainly NOTICING it more as they flip through your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds while they're doing what they've always done - checking ALL parts of you out. Trust most men will opt to check out REAL woman (online) and save the dirty stuff for later, which basically means they're browsing real women first.

The results of all this is staggering to say the least. You can choose to be happy about it, sad, vindictive, or have no opinion at all but that won't change what is happening:

Men are (finally) beginning to feel the pressure you as a woman have felt your whole life and the many generations before you to...

  • Look better.
  • Have that perfect body.
  • Get in shape.
  • Starve to look good.
  • Etc...

The pressure doesn't stop there either because it has to spill out even further into the sexual realm of life.

Just like you might think your breast size makes a difference in attracting men - (even though its impact is less than you might believe) - well as you're becoming more vocal about your perfect penis size - they're feeling and experiencing a similar pressure to have the so-called well-endowment a woman supposedly fantasizes about.

Of course you can argue that men have always thought their dick size was important and that they've always suffered with penis envy but you must agree that years ago, a man or woman had very little opportunity to see lots of different cocks. You can check out more in an hour than a woman could in her lifetime not even fifty years ago.

It's ALL  out there now for you to peruse, compare, enjoy, or whatever at practically any time you want. (Just not at work, right?)

AND unfortunately with the advent of smart phones and dick-picks - you're probably getting more than you care to look at anyways.

I'll go over what I've covered so far so we can move past the penis talk and bring on the good stuff.

  • Men don't sit around talking to other guys about how attractive another guy is.
  • Only very secure men will willingly judge how handsome a guy is to anyone else which includes you and his male friends.
  • If a man sees a guy with a woman he finds attractive he'll generally assume the guy must be good looking.
  • If he doesn't see it or believe he'll excuse it away as he must have something else - like money, fame, high status, or yes even sometimes a huge one in his pants.
  • Men project. They believe the way they experience physical attraction is how many go through it too. Since they are visual, they think you must be that way too. Which is where the he MUST be good-looking to get thing comes from.
  • Since women are being more vocal about around their physical attractions men are noticing it and they're beginning to feel pressured similar to the way women have experienced it.
  • Men are typically bad judges of their own attractiveness and rely on women to determine how good looking they are. (Minus the arrogant and overly-confident guys of course.)

Let's take it from the last...

Remember what I said above,

"If you are paying special attention to a guy he will begin to feel more attractive. The less you pay attention to him and his needs, the less attractive he feels."

Go ahead and see it in action for yourself. You don't have to take my word for it.

Start complimenting guys on their looks and watch their reaction.

Notice how their chest pushes out a little. How they walk away like their dick just grew a soft three inches. How their confidence and esteem are given an instant boost. (Of course only to wear off quickly for them as the "thrill wears off".)

Everything combined becomes a very interesting topic in my world, maybe yours too... I'll try not to lose you here:

Men, being visually stimulated AND not vocal about the looks of other men, projecting your attraction works the same way, AND how they feel more attractive if women are noticing and paying attention to them, AND with women being more publicly judgmental on a guy's attractiveness...

PLUS the added pressure of having to deal with their Ego, confidence, and esteem being forever attached to how women respond sexually to them is doing something to men which is rather odd...

It's making lots of men feel more ugly.

Yes - I said that - men are starting to feel more ugly and feeling more pressure to look good, get a great body, get in shape, show off their 5 and one half pack abs.

And since they have no one to talk about it with because that does NOT happen among guys, they are burying those ugly feelings deeper and deeper into their already buried emotional bank.

I imagine at some point if a man buries an emotion for too long, it will come out in some strange ways. Keep your eye out for this new emerging man-problem.

The less a man is capable or honest with himself about what makes a man attractive, the more he assumes women are into looks just as much as he is but would never admit it, the more he sees how many women tend to fall for a few select men who seem to be attractive...

The more ugly he's bound to feel which will open up a whole set of problems we (us dudes) might not be prepared to deal with.

This is definitely something REAL to think about the next time you find yourself attracted to a guy who is just average in looks and quite possibly feels less than average, because his actions with you and towards you will be heavily affected by the secret image he's keeping of himself.

Today's post may be on the speculative side - I haven't done any polling and won't anytime soon - but you must admit there's a certain truth to it all and it's definitely worth "looking" into and discussing at length.

However - what is NOT theory and are facts based on my knowledge of men is that this type of information certainly simplifies men and gives you a great way to connect with a man's heart - because once you know what lies beneath his hard exterior - he's an open book to you and ONLY you.


Image by Aleksandr Neplokhov - found at Pexels.

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