Why So Many Men Are Starting To Feel More Ugly Today – Inside & Out!

Man Hiding Face Feeling UglyGuys see a woman, they feel attraction or not. They're hard-wired and connected internally to this visual or sighting experience. Everyone who has a pulse realizes this fact but do you know what that means to you?

Do you know what it means to guys and how it affects them?

And most importantly...

Do you know how to use this information to CONNECT with a man on a deeper level and make a better life together?

You're about to find out right because I'm going reveal to you some very interesting (and helpful secrets) about men and as we explore the male mind, take notice to a strange fact I've uncovered...

How and why men are starting to feel UGLY in our modern society and its affect it is having on all of us.

I'll start with this one:

Only the most secure men are willing to judge another man's attractiveness based solely on how he looks.

Type ones are hard to find and he's the rarest on top of that list.

Which also means we do NOT sit around talking about the rugged looks of another guy with our male friends. It never happens unless we're hanging out with a group of gay guys and it just "happens" to come up.

Yet something interesting does happen despite our reluctance or caring to discuss another man's attractiveness...

Men tend to assume if another guy has no problems attracting women, then he must be physically attractive.

If that guy is obviously not good-looking they'll quickly say it's because he has money, fame, or fortune, but that is the exception and not the rule.

Men project how they experience their own feelings of physical attraction on to women which means they believe your attraction is triggered the same way as them and it's how you decide whom to date.

This causes something interesting to happen which is revealing and can be used by you too...

Most average type twos and not the extreme cases will predict or assume, that if you are attracted to him or some other guy, then it must  about his looks, overall physical appearance, or his status.

This connection is important because it means that if you are paying a special attention to a guy and his personal needs, he will begin to feel more attractive.

The opposite becomes real too.

The less you pay attention to him and his needs, the less attractive he feels about himself.

I bet you didn't know you had THAT much power and control over a man, did you?

Well you do!

Many men see themselves or how they look based on how many women respond positively to them, as long as it's sexual and not a friendly kind of thing.

Now here's the kicker or relevance:

Because of the internet and easier exposure there's an emerging tendency for women to be more vocal about the "hotter" guys they see in movies, pictures, music, and social media.

In other words, women are talking about these things more publicly.

This may not be not enough to change everything but a strange phenomenon is beginning to emerge...

Guys are certainly NOTICING and FEELING it as they flip or browse through all your social media accounts as they do what they've always done, visually check you out.

Trust me that most men are checking out REAL women like you online and saving the dirty stuff for later that evening.

The results of all this is staggering to say the least.

You can choose to be happy about it, sad, vindictive, or have no opinion at all, but that won't change what is happening because of it:

Men are (finally?) beginning to feel the pressure you as a woman have felt your whole life and the many generations before you to...

  • Be more physically appealing.
  • Have that perfect body.
  • Get and stay in shape.
  • Starve to look good.
  • Etc...

The pressure for them is going even higher because it's not stopping at what we see publicly, it's now entering the sexual realm.

Just like you might think your breast size makes a difference in attracting men, even though its impact is less than you might believe, men are now more than ever experiencing a similar pressure to have the so-called well-endowment a woman "supposedly" fantasizes about everyday.

Of course you could argue that men have always thought their dick size was important and that they've always suffered from penis envy but, you must admit that years ago, a man or woman had very little opportunity to see lots of different ones.

You now have the opportunity to check out more in an hour than a woman could in her lifetime not even twenty years ago.

It's ALL  out there now for you to peruse, compare, or enjoy practically any time you want. Just not at work, right?

Fortunately or unfortunately because of our phone camera and the not-so-rare dick picks, you're probably getting more than you care to look at anyways.

Moving past the penis talk - let me sum up what I've covered and get to the GOOD stuff:

  • Men don't sit around talking to other guys about how attractive another guy is.
  • Only very secure men will judge how handsome a guy is to anyone else which includes you and his male friends.
  • If a man sees a guy with a woman he finds attractive, he'll generally assume the guy must be good looking.
  • If he thinks the man is not physically acceptable and is with an attractive woman, he'll believe it's because the guy has money, fame, fortune, high status, and even sometimes, a huge penis.
  • Men often believe women experience attraction, its affect, and act accordingly the same way they do and take it personal.
  • Since women are being more vocal about around their physical attractions and have more opportunities to do so, men are noticing and are beginning to feel the same pressure women have to look good.
  • Men are typically bad judges of their own attractiveness and rely on women to determine how good looking they are which become tied to their self-esteem and confidence in themselves too.

Let's take it from the last...

Remember what I said above,

"If you are paying special attention to a guy he will begin to feel more attractive. The less you pay attention to him and his needs, the less attractive he feels."

Go ahead and see it in action for yourself. You don't have to take my word for it.

Start complimenting guys on their looks and watch their reaction.

Notice how their chest pushes out a little. How they walk away like their dick just grew a soft three inches. How their confidence and esteem are given an instant boost. (Of course only to wear off quickly for them as the "thrill wears off".)

Everything combined becomes a very interesting conclusion...

Men, being visually stimulated, not vocal about the looks of other men, projecting their attraction mechanisms, feel more attractive and confidence if a woman is paying special attractive attention to them, and with women being more publicly judgmental on a guy's attractiveness...

Plus the added pressure of having to deal with their Egos, confidence, and esteem being forever attached to how women respond sexually to them...

I can safely conclude something is happening to men which is rather startling and is definitely affecting our world in ways we have yet to fully experience and that is:

It's making lots of men feel more ugly... inside and out!

They are feeling more pressure to look good, get a great body, get in shape, show off their 5 and one half pack abs.

Which is one thing but what happens next is worse and its outcome remains to be seen.

Since they have no one to talk about it, or refuse to do so...

They are burying those ugly feelings deeper and deeper into their already buried emotional bank.

All this burying of emotions means it will come out in strange ways.

Keep your eyes out for this emerging man-problem as it develops into something more.

The less a man is capable or honest with himself about what makes a man attractive, the more he assumes women are into looks just as much as he is but would never admit it, the more he sees how many women tend to fall for a few select men who seem to be attractive...

The more ugly he's bound to feel which will open up a whole set of problems we (us dudes) might not be prepared to deal with at this time.

This is definitely something REAL to think about the next time you find yourself attracted to a guy who is just average in looks and quite possibly feels less than average because his actions with you and towards you, will be heavily affected by the "secret image" he's keeping to himself...

Because the last thing he wants, is a woman to learn this secret.

Today's post may be on the speculative side, I haven't done any polling and won't anytime soon, but you must admit there's a certain truth to it all and it's definitely worth "looking" into and discussing at length.

However, what is not theory and are facts based on my knowledge of men is that this type of information certainly simplifies men plus gives you a great way to connect with a man's heart...

Because once you know what lies beneath his hard exterior - he's an open book to you and only you.

Connecting more deeply with a man happens when you understand him and the way he thinks. 

Today's post certainly uncovered a lot but I must warn you...

Information like this rarely works when used or said directly.

Lots of men don't like to be made to feel like you're one up to their private thoughts, especially on matters of appearance and its connection to self-esteem.

It's dangerous stuff to you because said the wrong way (directly) could cause a shut down quickly (emotionally and vocally) when you're being too intrusive...

"In order to connect with a man's HEART, so he'll feel compelled to be with you and worship and adore you the way you deserve, you have to drop down into YOUR heart first.

Once he feels your heart, he'll open up his, creating a heart-to-heart connection that begins with expressing your feelings and being your most feminine, authentic self.

Most women buy into the lie that men don't like emotions.

But the truth is, a man LOVES emotions.

He yearns for a woman who can help him feel his own feelings and therefore allow him to be himself.

If you're not in touch with your feelings, he won't feel safe expressing his.

The trick is to learn exactly HOW to express your feelings in words that will draw a man closer in an amazing way.

The usual way we express our feelings comes out sounding either stifled, inauthentic or critical to a man, and does nothing to connect with his heart.

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  • anon

    Just want to note that the email/letter I received had a number of typos in it. I’d take the advice more seriously if attention were given to writing and also some facts to back up claims being made in the content. Women are already flooded with tons of advice that feeds fears. Advice with shaky evidence isn’t helpful.

    • Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it. Always question everything you read can be a good thing.

      I’m assuming the typos you mention are (mostly) grammatical which is obviously not my area of expertise. Sorry to hear my style of writing is making it difficult to take me more seriously. That is probably not going to change anytime soon. My writing will evolve however the direction it goes is beyond my scope. I just write what I say in my head.

      I agree about backing up claims I make. I do my best to back up solid facts with research such as in these two articles:



      The rest of my claims come from my direct knowledge of being a man, studying men for over a decade now, and my personal hard journey I’ve taken inside my head. It’s been a long one 😀 .

      Thanks again and rest assured I (personally) have NOT will will NEVER knowingly feed into women’s fears for views or money. I can not speak for my affiliates and do my best to not advise the negative ones.

      Please enjoy the rest of your email subscription and all the best,


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