Here’s What It Means When Men Are Always Looking At You

Man Looking Staring You

This question about men looking or staring comes up a lot and so I thought I'd give you a simple and short answer you can use so you'll never wonder again what it means when a guy looks at you.

It simply means this:

They find you attractive. You are triggering an uncontrollable physical attraction towards you.

They could be trying to check out your ass, could be nicely or not-so-appropriately blinded by your cleavage, just watching you move, and/or enjoying any part of you which is their preference area to be sexually attracted to the most.

Consider yourself a highly attractive woman to him and all those that do the same.

Guys will also look your way to catch your eye - they're trying to make eye contact to gauge your interest in them. Once the eye contact is secured, they may or may not approach you (that depends on the guy and the situation AND whether he's a type one or type two ) AND regardless of all that they still want your body language approval of some sorts saying it's okay to talk to you.

They rarely if ever look a woman's way they don't find attractive because they don't want to catch the "wrong" woman's eye and have to deal with the consequences of her just maybe believing he's into her.

The difference between the two types of guys as their looking at you:

Type ones generally have a purpose of looking at you - to secure the approach of you or establish some level of mating ritual dominance. Something you can read more about here:

He’s Making Eye Contact & Staring At You Means This – How To Approach Him.

This type is more likely to approach you and start a conversation. He also wants to get caught so eye contact can be made.

Type twos have the same goal in mind BUT they rarely if ever act on it. They look because they like what they see but won't do anything about it.

Since they barely will move forward and do something after eye contact - this type doesn't want to get caught and tends to avoid making direct eye contact.

Both are aware of what they're doing and why and have conscious control over doing it BUT neither has control of what they're feeling while they're doing it.

The only anomalies or variance from what is listed above is if they guy doing the looking is in a relationship.

He's still feeling attracted to you and it is still the reason why he's looking but approaching or starting a conversation is not the purpose.

Most are simply basking in what they find beautiful and enjoying the feelings of attraction.

There are a few exceptions to all this looking which goes beyond the scope of attraction and I'll lightly cover a few of them for you.

Guys will often look my way too and I'm not talking about gay guys just checking me out.

It's to either:

Establish dominance in a group.

When a male enters a room or a place he may scan and make eye contact with many people to see where hit fits within the group. If he catches your eye and it feels like he's looking at you - most of the time he's not (even if he does it a few times) - man or woman - he's trying to establish his dominance or lack of dominance in the group.

Protect and secure their environment.

Similar to establishing dominance he'll look around to find safety in the group. He may then position himself in an area where he feels safe and gives him the opportunity to protect himself.

The security or protection he's looking for is not always from physical attacks unless the area merits it - mostly it's a social anxiety thing and he wants to feel safe and comfortable as he scans the room for potential problems.

Again - it may FEEL like he's looking at you and is finding you attractive but it's not always the case making it easy to misread why it's happening to you. (Especially if it happens a lot.)

Show social awareness.

As he looks around where he is, eye contact is often made with several people to show them he's socially aware of his environment, wants to make others feel more comfortable being around him, and is opening up a sub-textual line of communication to be used later.

The purpose is to make the progression from entering to starting a conversation with a man or woman (friend or stranger) go more smoothly.

It's typically the trait of a guy who is socially exceptional.

I realize there are a few other circumstances where a guy might be looking at you for reasons which are not always so nice BUT based on my experience and knowledge in this area - they are very rare and not worth mentioning today.

While trying to figure out why a guy is looking so much try to keep everything in context. Circumstance and situations will always be slightly relative to why or if it's happening.

How you believe others see or perceive you will also have a small impact as to why you're thinking it's happening. It's best to remain impartial IF you're to see the real reason of it happening.

The most common reason is listed above and I believe it's the best answer that fits...

When a guy is looking at you - he's feeling attracted to you.

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  • Soumya

    Hi Peter,
    Just wanted to ask you something…. I met this guy for the first time in my life in a company picnic (my dad works in a big firm) and that guy’s dad and my dad are good friends (of course he doesn’t know this). But he also happens to be elder brother of a friend who is now my enemy…When I alone just got up on the bus (my parents coming from behind) he was like looking at me continously and when we boarded the other bus he sat on the same seat that was mine in the previous bus..After breakfast, we went to a British palace where I was filming a video on my phone and that guy…. say ‘Red Blazer’ was posing for a photo when my camera pointed to him (i held it for a few seconds!). I think he saw that and took the wrong message maybe…but after his ‘modelling’ he gave a blank stare…idk why..
    Moving on when we when to the Victorian carriage shed, he was taking a landscape selfie and I was again shooting a video and again stood there with my phone towards him and i think I MIGHT have come into his selfie coz he looked behind and saw me. He always stared me in my eyes…never anywhere else. After that he like started showing up where ever I went or is it a coincidence?( because he is present in all of my videos I took there). During filming when my dad called me my name( more like shouted it!) he turned towards breaking his concentration from his phone. At night when we reached our final picnic spot, we all just roamed, sat and talked things like that. Red Blazer was like always around me, he stood just behind where my mom and dad stood. He had this blank stare always into my eyes. He was on the phone the whole day and whenever I used to walk past him he would look at me. In that place there were bunch of girls of like his age( yeah he is 2 yrs older than me) who looked more beautiful than me but he didn’t even glance at them. The last which happened just mixed me up. His sister (my enemy) was whispering something in his ear, i.d.k what, but both were looking at me and he stared for like whole TWO MINUTES!
    Just wanted to know the conclusion…thanks

  • Liv

    So this guy told me he was serious about liking, couple of days later hes going through some issues. I admit i didnt really respect that and we fought. Later i apologized but he was still upset and tells me not to wait for him. Couple days later he contacts again likee we didnt fight before and tells me he still wants me. Then we didnt see/talk till last week. He made a lot of eye contact and stared at me but made no move to talk to me. Im scared hes moved on or still mad and wants nothing with me. I constantly think and miss him but i havent talked or bothered since the last contact. I really do like him and ive tried to get over him but i cant, ive even cut myself off from seeing and all. I really want to fix this before he leaves to the army, but i need to know if he still cares and how to gain his trust back.

  • Jay

    So this guy that I work with looks at my all the time. I could be across the room and his eyes find me. He sometimes act like he isn’t looking at me but I see him out of the corner of my eye. Then there are days he flirts with girls and I get mad and he seems to tell that I’m upset and changes up and tries to be humble and nice to me and talk soft and stuff. He looks at my ass all the time. Even others have told me he was looking while I walk away, he listens and does anything I ask him to do. And always wants my help. Even makes me laugh all the time. Sometimes it’s hard to make conversation because he knows I like him but I can’t tell if he is giving off he likes me but scared to tell me. “Gay”

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