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Why Do Guys Stare at Girls?

in Stare and Approach
Guys stare at girls all the time. This one is checking you out.

We don’t hide it very well, do we? Although some of us claim to be masters at not getting caught.

I guess the word is out. Girls know we’re staring at them. There’s no reason to hide it anymore.

If they want to know why, let’s tell them…

But first … This question is vague yet the chosen words – “Guys & Girls” leads me to believe this is a younger woman’s question so I’ll keep the answer as relevant as possible.

When I was “staring at girls” I was checking them out.

Beauty, especially in the eyes of a sexually driven guy, not only catches our eye but can literally freeze us. Sometime it’s almost impossible to turn away.

It’s strange because unless we talk to you the image disappears quickly. Making any later fantasies with your image almost impossible. Although I imagine some guys are better at that than other.

So if we know you and are still staring there’s a good chance we’re going to use that image later. Now before you go thinking it’s all sexual. It’s not. Sometimes it’s a girlfriend theme or the perfect “meet up” or even just a kiss.

You can safely assume, like nine times out of ten, if any guy is staring at you he is checking you out.

He wants to meet you. He is attracted to you.

In a weird way he even wants to get caught because just maybe, if you catch him staring at you, you’ll stare back and it’s on. I would say more than half of those guys are desperately hoping you’ll approach them.

From there he’ll probably even assume you like him or at least are attracted to him. That usually depends on his self-esteem.

Think of this. As guys. When we’re hanging out and some girl starts staring at us our friends are likely to smack us and say, “Dude! That girl is totally checking you out.”

Since we’re men and can only think like a male we’re usually going to assume you work the same way. It often goes like this:

  • Checking you out – We see something we like or are attracted to you.
  • Staring at you – Locked in your beauty and most like want to get caught so you’ll approach us. Lessening the chance of being rejected.

Now as for the whole “sexual attraction” level I would have to say it’s almost like an addiction. Not usually harmful but it certainly can be.

When we see a “hot” girl we’re likely to get a little excited. Not hard just sexually aware.

And it feels good.

So we do it a lot because it feels good.

Strange to you maybe but to me, as a guy, it feels perfectly natural and I’ve been enjoying it for many years. Just now as I get older I’ve learned not to let it take me away or make me do stupid stuff.

If you’re dealing with younger guys staring at you, then he may not have learned his own personal control over how good it feels and he reacts blatantly to it.

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  • Janna


    There is this guy I like and I don’t know if he likes me back.

    I feel that he is staring at me as his face is always turned towards me but I am you scared to look at him.

    There was once I did and I caught him staring, he simply slowly turned his head.

    Does he like me?

    • Peter White


      That’s something you need to find out for yourself. I have no way of knowing whether a guy likes you or not based on you believing he might be staring at you.

      I can tell you WHY we stare and it’s usually a sign of attraction BUT attraction is not the same as like.

      Attraction is something we feel instantly internally is beyond our control.

      Like has nothing to do with it. We may like you as a friend, co-worker, or family member. Like can also attach itself to attraction when (and if) we get to know you.

      From there we may become more interested in you beyond the physical.

      With all that said, the ONLY way you’ll ever really know or begin to know is to talk to him and get to know who he is.

      My suggestion would be to NOT attach a meaning or “predict the outcome” of any interaction with someone you’re attracted to and just open up a clear line of communication. That’s all.

      Thinking like that or expecting nothing but getting to know someone normally relieves a lot of pressure.

      So – go talk to him and see how it goes. 🙂


    • Deepthi

      Ofcourse he likes u

  • Ashley

    I’ve been going to tuitions for about a year, and there’s this guy who stares at me the whole time., And when I catch him staring at me, he smirks and wiggles his eyebrows at me.
    I have a huge crush on him and I don’t know if he likes me back.

    • Peter White


      Read the post :p

      Men tend to look, wink, smirk, wiggle their eyebrows for a reason – they like what they see. 😉

      Something inside us draws our attention and we fixate on what we find beautiful.

      Question – do you think he will like you more or less if you start a conversation with him?

  • Deepthi

    There is a guy in my univ. I like him so much and I’m in love with him on valentines day I went and told tat I like him, he said he needs 3 days time, the 4th day he just said its not going to workout nd time heals I was shocked and I started crying he said I’m the second girl to cry for him, the first is his mother. We stopped talking and he blocked me in social networking sites but simultaneously he stares at me, he always checks whether I’m around him, if he avoids me why should he cross me many times wantedly and when he realizes that I’m noticing him he will wantedly talk to girls and he congratulates me on my shows directly
    But still he says that he hates me and stares at me continuously when I’m far and notices my every action what is this ? I’m totally confused. My love for him is the same but I’m trying to forget him but he does this stare and I’m totally fallen, his behaviour like this makes me not forget him but if u ask him directly he says he hates me .please give me a solution

  • Myra

    Theres a boy who always stare me whenever he sees me. I told my friend to ask him what is the matter when my friend asked him he just replied no i didn’t like and i’m already having a gf n i was so shocked…after some days again he started the same thing he says he already have gf but thenafter he stares me? So whats the reason behind please reply !!!


      He just likes to stare at you. I stare at my male friends for no reason other than to examine their face.

  • Khali

    Hi , I have an ex. We broke up abt 2 years ago. I have recently seen him more often since we are now at the same school and are also in the same class. During class he always stares at me I usually catch him through the corner of my eye. Is he still into me ??

    • Peter White

      Hi Khali,

      The answer would depend on why you broke up. For a more clearer answer read this:


      There are questions you can ask which will help you figure it all out a lot easier.

      Just remember this please: Whereas the physical attraction a guy feels may never leave or could take a long time to decrease, that in no way means we still want a relationship or get back into one. There are too many other things to consider first.



  • Sydney

    What does it mean when a guy stares at you constitaly but never talks to you but gets jealous when you talk to other guys.

    • Peter White


      It means exactly what is written in the post. He gets jealous because he is attracted to you and doesn’t want anyone else to have you.