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How Do You Feel About Guys Learning Techniques to Attract You?

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Men Using Attraction Techniques How You Feel

Not too long ago we called them “pick up artists”. Their craft consisted of “gaming” women and the supposed end-game was to sleep with as many women as possible.

“Picking up women” means we are to open someone up or start a conversation with a “pick up” line.

“Gaming” usually means using tricks or techniques to sort of fool a woman into feeling attraction. Typically it is seen negatively because it can rely on “using” women against each other or using their supposed “ways” in such a way, she’d have to respond.

They were or are artists for the obvious reason it was or IS a craft. A talent which can be practiced and refined each time to increase the odds of success. Similar to my old craft of playing music which brought me the label of “An artist”.

True “pick up artists”, when watched with their so-called artistry of social dynamics and conversations, can be a pleasure to watch and it’s certainly tough not to admire (from a man’s point of view) their work.

Whether it’s in a bar or club, which was their perceived preferred venue for obvious reasons, to on-the-street number gamer, to local parties and concerts, they used their ability to amass a large collection of rather attractive and seemingly unattainable women to their accomplishments.

Granted, when thought of like that, “gaming” or “playing” or simply using numbers of women for short personal gain only to discard them quickly and efficiently, it’s easy to see most pick up artists as players who should be avoided or who (generally) represent bad groups of men.

Now it’s no secret that if a man goes out searching for help with women they’ll find all the advice (or techniques) they need to change their game.

There’s the good, the bad, the pathetic, the rude AND the rotten… BUT they will also find some great things because the advice given is merely meant to change the way they deal or interact with women and works on re-framing their beliefs. It’s intended to make them better men who will naturally attract more women.

HOW they use those specific teachings is left to the man himself. How you perceive that advice doesn’t remain to be seen because as a woman, you might deal with it on a daily basis.

I must say the help has evolved thanks to a few men (and women) with good intentions who saw past just a quick fix of getting laid and picking up women.

It HAD to evolve because what so many quickly realized is that most guys wouldn’t dare try any of the “skeezy” stuff being peddled. Lots of the men who went out searching for their advice were just (nice) guys who were lonely and sick and tired of losing out to some guy who was good at gaming women.

These nice guys were not willing to go to the dark side. They didn’t have it within their nature or character to use women and so would just pass it all up and go back to relying on luck.

Unfortunately many of those men ended up settling and were probably happy to let a woman control them and if I were to guess, somewhere down the road led to a break up only to repeat the pattern once again.

Those nice guys were also not going out to bars and clubs, they wouldn’t dare do a “cold” approach on the street, and their social life was so limited they were not getting lucky enough to meet several women anyways.

Again, the advice evolved and changed over time.

It has become so refined that ANY man with the right desire and who is willing to put in the work CAN experience amazing success.

Since they can experience certain success without all the gaming and playing of women, one has to admit certain techniques to attract women (done the right way of course) DOES work.

Whether it’s how they communicate or talk with you or simply how they allow themselves to become better men. How they can now courageously look past their shortcomings to realize women were NOT looking for perfection, or possibly how they can stop hiding their intentions behind a nice mask women often find sketchy, creepy or unbelievable, each having a way of building their confidence and esteem.

Whatever ways or means they use which go beyond simply “gaming” to create an attraction they found so allusive before – the evolved advice has proven successful.

We now have groups of men who have turned around their losing ways with women. The exact numbers are beyond my scope of course.

A BIG question still remains. I’ve heard some answers before and I understand the answer is usually a mixed bag of emotions and vary depending on a woman’s experience and her overall view of the dating/relationship world.

Where one woman embraces the work those guy do, another hates it. Where one woman sees only games, another might only see just a guy trying to better himself in the world.

Some women say it doesn’t work while at the same time falling for the same “tricks” over and over again.

BUT this isn’t “Why Do Girls…?” – is it? πŸ™‚ It’s “Why Do Guys…?” :p

I‘d say most men would embrace REAL advice IF and ONLY IF they can implement it in theirs lives without any woman being wiser to what they’re doing. It often becomes an unspoken thing hidden from the world and quietly practiced.

After all, how would you feel about being invited to a man’s house where he left a “How To Get Laid Easier” book on the table?

More appropriately for today, how would you feel about “accidentally” noticing on your boyfriend’s computer that he invested his time to learn more about attracting women BEFORE he met you?

Would you feel duped? Would you feel conned?

Let me say this…

Ask any REAL man (only because he’d be happy to share his honest opinion) how he feels about all the better advice given to men about women and you could hear some say this, “Well if we think about it… Women have been using advice on men and using all sorts of clever ways to get a guy a lot longer than men have. It’s only fair the playing field (in this specific game) be a little more fair.”

He might also say, “With women, it seems more appropriate or acceptable to take this kind of advice but for a guy, to admit his masculinity isn’t all it could be, has definitely stopped men from seeking some help in this area but does seeking this advice, really make him less than a man or more of a real guy for wanting to solve his woman problems.”

The BIG question is NOT whether we agree with some “pick up artists” techniques because only the morally devoid or unsympathetic fool would agree it’s okay to con another individual into having sex


The question is – given attraction techniques DO work – when we seek out to make better men – it actually works amazingly well and it’s simple too – the question really is:

How do you (as a woman) feel about men learning HOW to attract you? What’s your first emotional response? Ten years later, how would it affect you knowing the guy you fell in love with did something like this to date you?


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  • Melinda

    My first response is appreciaton. I appluad the nice guys who make the effort to learn.more anout attracting women. If my boyfriend or husband used techniques on me and I found out, i would feel flattered and definitely tease him about it.

    • Peter White

      Thanks for sharing Melinda. I only hope he has the knowledge and skills to tease you right back. πŸ™‚

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