Why A Guy Will Cheat On His Hot Girlfriend With A Less Attractive Woman

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Why men cheat is pretty basic and actually quite easy to answer (I found the perfect ones you can read listed in the credits section) however this one, why a guy would cheat on his beautiful girlfriend with a less attractive woman is a little harder to understand so I'll give you all the reasons as to why it could happen.

First though - since this was a random question I found on Twitter with little explanation, I MUST say that what she finds attractive, what guys see, and the different views on exactly what is attractive is not clearly stated so you'll have to come to your own conclusion at the one. I will simply assume it to be true.

Let's begin...

There are groups of guys who accept beauty over substance. How many, who knows BUT it's clear LOTS of men will put up with a ton of bullshit from a woman, just because she's sexually attractive to him and because he managed to get her.

I imagine "those" guys will more likely cheat on their "hot" girlfriends with someone who is less attractive for several reasons.

The list below will cover those types, self-esteem issues, connection problems, and more.

1st reason - Sexual Satisfaction.

Just because she's attractive does NOT mean she's good in bed. Maybe she's frigid or scared or hasn't found herself sexually or know exactly what she wants and needs.

Maybe HE is not getting enough to fulfill his needs. Whether or not his needs are completely fulfilled OR if he's unrealistic about it OR even if he actually knows how to turn on a woman so he'll get more is not part of this discussion

Although sex is not the biggest reason as to why men cheat, it certainly happens and if he's not satisfied sexually he may look elsewhere to find it.

2nd reason - Lack of a real connection.

He's in need of a real connection from a woman of substance. Someone is not so concerned with her money or looks.

In other words he found out after the commitment that she's a little too superficial for him and probably only ended up with her because of how she looked.

Not that ALL beautiful women are superficial and I would be wrong to ever say ALL in any case specifically when we're talking about people.

Men who cheat - regardless of what their partner looks like are often looking for a better connection.

3rd reason - He's using her in a non-sexual way.

He's using her as social status bragging rights. A woman to show off but he's not actually in love with her. He might not even like her that much.

He'll cheat for the closeness or intimacy he's not getting with his girlfriend BUT keeps her around to make himself look better or feel better about his abilities with women.

Okay she's a "trophy wife" (sort of) and he's far too concerned with how people see him.

4th reason - He made a mistake getting involved with her.

Sometimes, a guy will get what he thinks he wanted but realizes her "grass" is not any greener OR her carper doesn't match her drapes as it relates to her personality or who he thought she was.

Rather than just break it off he not-so-cleverly cheats hoping to get caught and relieve himself in what he perceives as the "easiest" way to get out of the relationship.

He probably let her looks override his better judgement and consequently thinks even less as to finding a more courageous and real way to beak it off with her.

5th reason - He can't please her sexually.

He often leaves her wanting more and because he's so obsessed with her looks,  he can't hold out long enough or find a way to make himself last longer.

He will feel like less than a man and goes for a woman where her "looks" don't send him over the edge so easily.

A man derives pleasure from giving a woman pleasure and it's closely tied to his manhood - a man might be more likely to cheat on his beautiful girlfriend to feel more masculine and to be with a woman he can please in bed.

6th reason - He only committed for the sex.

There's an unfortunate but real possibility he only committed to his girlfriend just for the sex.

Once he got it and continues to get it, his commitment becomes less important and he begins screwing around on her with anyone who will have him.

I highly doubt he waited until they were in a relationship to ask for it, but she may have made him hold out for it and once he got it - challenge gone.

He sticks around because he's probably an ass but will eventually look for a greater challenge in another woman or because he's not mentally or emotionally committed to her anyways.

7th reason - No willpower and is led around by his dick.

SOME MEN will take whatever they can get when it is handed to them because they have absolutely no willpower and they let their dicks lead them around on a leash.

They have little regard to who they screw and even less regard to the person they're cheating.

Yes - not a very classy altogether good guy.

8th reason - He's not emotionally satisfied and something is missing from the relationship.

Men who cheat are often missing something from the relationship and will look outside the relationship for it.

Whether he feels unspoken for or has no voice in his life with her, or feels like she is too much work for him and finds himself or his needs are never attended to, something is obviously missing from the relationship.

Since we might all agree beauty does not guarantee there is something special underneath, a  guy who finds out too late that her beauty is merely a front will often be drawn to another woman where her looks is NOT something he cares so much about.

9th reason - Insecurity and a very low self-esteem.

Just because a man can actually get an attractive woman does NOT mean he's secure in himself.

He may realize (at some point) since he was not whole before the relationship, he still feels unworthy of a girlfriend.

Rather than set himself up again for another failure or smack in the esteem, he attempts to lower his value by cheating with a woman his partner may feel superior over.

Men AND women tend to level themselves out.

Sooner or later they find themselves closest to those who share similar security issues.

Couples work together and I may be speculating here BUT cheating is less likely to happen when two people feel they are on the same level as their partner.

Take a guy who can land some of the so-called hottest women in the world and if he doesn't believe in himself or in the relationship as much or at least close as to how she feels about it, you're going to find a cheater who "appears" to downgrade to a status he feels more compatible or aligned with.

In conclusion...

Some of the reasons why men cheat are exactly the same regardless of the attractiveness of the woman he is cheating on or if she's better or worse looking than the first.

If we rule out the "cheater" mentality or jerk we end up with some clear commonalities and reasons why cheating happens:

  • A lack of a real emotional connection.
  • Needs are not being met emotionally or sexually.
  • Lack of communication or none at all.
  • Getting involved with someone for the wrong reasons.
  • A lack of ability or belief he can please his woman.
  • Major insecurity problems and self esteem issues which are not solved or worked through.
  • Committing too early or even too often.

Mind you I'm not here to excuse the cheater and I'm certainly not convinced one way or another on who cheats more.

It's certainly a conscious CHOICE and the guy making that choice must live with the consequences of his actions.

I'd say for lots of guys who end up in situations like this and become or are cheaters are clearly choosing BEAUTY over substance or a real connection therefore the relationship was doomed from the moment it started.

HOW it happens is unfortunate for the woman involved.

It appears and is hopefully well-known that beauty does not grant perfect relationships or anything even close - we ALL need to have certain things in place for it to happen with as little troubles as possible.

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  • Ashley

    I know a guy who married a very pretty girl. She was almost out of his league but married him for his fathers money. Now that guy is unhappy with his life. His wife is high maintenance and needs a lot of money for her fashion etc. He doesnt earn enough

    • Peter White

      Sad story Ashley. Hopefully his unhappiness will urge him to get out of the circumstance he is in sooner than later.

  • miss tree

    Infidelity is taking something you have with someone for granted.
    The grass is ain’t always greener.

    • Peter White

      I’m not sure if I would describe “infidelity” in that way. Certainly when we take something for granted we are more likely to give it up or lose it because of the fact we don’t appreciate what we have.

      Of course the grass is not always greener but when two people, the man or woman are always looking over the fence, they might not belong together anyways.

      Thanks for sharing,

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