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Why A Guy Will Cheat On His Beautiful Girlfriend With A Far Less Attractive Woman

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Guy cheating on beautiful woman


That was a stolen tweet and I felt compelled to give my opinion. If you’re not following me on Twitter you’re missing out on a ton of short quick answers from me on Why Do Guys. I’ll wait while you check it out. ๐Ÿ™‚

First and this MUST be said – I have NEVER cheated on a girlfriend with a less attractive woman BUT since beauty or attractiveness is not always agreed upon, you could argue with me about THAT if you want. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now… my opinion on the rest of us guys is awaiting for you below.

There are groups of guys who accept beauty over substance. How many, who knows?

BUT it’s clear LOTS of men will put up with a ton of bullshit from a woman, just because she’s sexually attractive to him and because he managed to get her.

I imagine “those” guys will cheat on their “hot” girlfriends with someone who is less attractive for several reasons:

Better or more open sex. Who knows… just because she’s attractive does NOT mean she’s good in bed. Maybe she’s frigid or scared or hasn’t found herself in bed yet and he hasn’t tried or knows how to make it happen.

More sex in general.

Maybe he’s not getting enough to fulfill his needs. Whether or not his needs are completely fulfilled OR if he’s unrealistic about it OR even ifย he actually knows how to turn on a woman so he’ll get more is not part of this discussion. ๐Ÿ˜‰

He’s in need of a real connection from a woman of substance. Someone is not so concerned with her money or looks. In other words she’s a little too superficial for him.

Not that ALL beautiful women are superficial and I would be wrong to ever say ALL in any case specifically when we’re talking about people.

Perhaps he’s using her as social status bragging rights. A woman to show off but he’s not actually in love with her. He might not even like her that much.

He’ll cheat for the closeness or intimacy he’s not getting with his girlfriend BUT keeps her around to make himself look better or feel better about his abilities with women.

Okay she’s a “trophy wife” and he’s far too concerned with how people see him.

Sometimes, a guy will get what he thinks he wanted but realizes her “grass” is not any greener. (Wink wink.) Rather than just break it off he not-so-cleverly cheats hoping to get caught and relieve himself in what he perceives as the “easiest” way to get out of the relationship.

Another probable case is, with “hotter” women he just can’t please her in bed. He often leaves her wanting more and because he’s so obsessed with her looks he can’t hold out long enough or find a way to make himself last longer. He will feel like less than a man and go for a woman where her “looks” don’t send him over the edge so easily.

There’s also a real possibility in his mind, he only committed to his girlfriend to get the sex anyways. Once he got it and continues to get it, his commitment becomes less important and he begins screwing around on her with anyone who will have him.

I believe the common theme above appears to be sex and in some cases it’s true…

SOME MEN will take whatever they can get when it is handed to them because they have absolutely no willpower and they let their dicks lead them around on a leash.

OTHER men find themselves always chasing sex whether they have a girlfriend or not as if it’s a game. A game which never ends.

For some men, the mere offer of sex overrides their normal thinking whether he’s chasing it or she’s offering makes little difference.

However, since I’m not into male bashing unless it’s against myself ๐Ÿ˜€ the most realistic or more common reason is a lack of INTIMACY in the relationship.

We’ll call them “good” men…

“Good” men who cheat are often missing something from the relationship they are in and will grudgingly or even unknowingly look outside the relationship for it.

Whether he feels unspoken for or has no voice in his life with her, or feels like she is too much work for him and finds himself or his needs are never attended to, something is obviously missing from the relationship.

Since we might all agree beauty does not guarantee there is something special underneath, a good guy who finds out too late that her beauty is merely a front will often be drawn to another woman where her looks is NOT something he cares about.

Argue all you want on whether a good guy is no longer a good guy the moment he cheats on his girlfriend but at some point ALL people make BAD decisions and it does not necessarily mean they are bad people.

As for the true cheaters, the players, the men with no remorse or empathy for their beautiful girlfriends, well I’m sure we ALL agree on why they cheat… it’s because they ARE cheaters and just because they agree to commit to one woman does NOT change who they are.

Lastly, if there ever was one on this never-ending topic of cheaters…

Just because a man can actually get an attractive woman does NOT mean he’s secure in himself.

He may realize (at some point) since he was not whole before the relationship, he still feels unworthy of a girlfriend.

Rather than set himself up again for another failure or smack in the esteem, he attempts to lower his value by cheating with a woman his partner may feel superior over.

Men AND women tend to level themselves out. Sooner or later they find themselves closest to those who share similar security issues. Couples work together and I may be speculating here BUT cheating is less likely to happen when two people feel they are on the same level as their partner.

Take a guy who can land some of the so-called hottest women in the world and if he doesn’t believe in himself or the relationship as much or at least close as to how she feels about it, you’re going to find a cheater who “appears” to downgrade to a status he feels more compatible with.

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4 comments… add one
  • miss tree

    Infidelity is taking something you have with someone for granted.
    The grass is ain’t always greener.

    • Peter White

      I’m not sure if I would describe “infidelity” in that way. Certainly when we take something for granted we are more likely to give it up or lose it because of the fact we don’t appreciate what we have.

      Of course the grass is not always greener but when two people, the man or woman are always looking over the fence, they might not belong together anyways.

      Thanks for sharing,

  • Ashley

    I know a guy who married a very pretty girl. She was almost out of his league but married him for his fathers money. Now that guy is unhappy with his life. His wife is high maintenance and needs a lot of money for her fashion etc. He doesnt earn enough

    • Peter White

      Sad story Ashley. Hopefully his unhappiness will urge him to get out of the circumstance he is in sooner than later.

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