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Why Do Guys…?

What Do You Love About Your Man or All Men? Show Him How Much You Care

Guys want to be noticed. They want to know how much they’re loved.

How could you so easily love a guy in that shirt. Do you love how goofy he acts. How great he always smells. They way he always looks at you like he really gets you. Tell us, what do you REALLY love about all men too.

Guys love to be complimented. Much more than you might ever believe. Here’s your chance to let it all out and tell ALL men all the little things you love about them.

But there’s always a catch… You can say too much. You can say too little. And of course if you want to understand men you must know – not all men know how to handle even a well stated “Ego” boost.

In my younger days I wouldn’t how to respond. A compliment would actually make me feel uncomfortable. I know… me? Haha!

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If there’s one area guys DO over-think things it is about nice things you might say to him. This depends on the man of course and how many people make it known to him – how great he is.

I believe there are certain rules to follow, based on the man you’re dealing with and they are very similar to what we teach guys on how to compliment or charm you.

For example – Gorgeous guys probably hear it a lot so it goes right over his shoulder. Taller men are constantly told “how tall they are.” Buffed out in great shape model types are constantly being told how sexy their body is. (Trust me I know THAT from experience.)

In my “chiseled body days” 😀 I grew so used to the same mostly lame comments on my looks that I rarely skipped a beat to notice them. This may not mean much to some of you but I’m sure there are some of you who would like to know what compliment to give a guy so he’ll stop and take notice to you.

Those men – I would stick to telling them how special and different they are and refrain from mentioning how handsome they are.

Your average looking dude? – A well placed comment on his looks might give him a little hint, a taste of confidence, or a clever way to reassure him that, he may not be the best looking guy in the world, but he does have something so many other guys don’t have. (And that can even me you.)

I’m guessing, if you’re here, you do love something about one man you hold close, or something all men have which you can not do without. Sure that can even be what lies between his legs. After all it’s not beyond me (or men) to gaze at the female form and admire its beauty. As if we didn’t already know that. 😀

This is where you get to tell me everything you absolutely love about guys…

I want the cheesiest compliments but I also want you to feel free to share all your “dirty” little secrets and fantasies. (In the hopes that just maybe your guy might notice it. Or maybe if you get it out here – you’ll have the confidence to finally share it with him.)

Alright, some of you may be asking, “What does this have to do with understanding men? What does this have to do with why do guys at all?” Fair questions indeed.

My belief is that when you explore everything you love about men and share them here of course:

  • You’ll remain positive even when at times, things aren’t working out the way you want them to.
  • You can better conceptualize your perfect guy and what you really want from a man.
  • You get to brag about your “conquest” so we can all understand how you got him and what makes him so special.
  • You can grab compliments from others to set up more romance in your life by sharing these great ideas with any guy you want.

So how does all that help you understand men better?

Well, as I stated in the first sentences – Men love to be complimented. Men love to be adored. Men love to know they’re more than capable of “catching” a girl like you.

The more he loves you the more he needs to feel – above all else and any other guy walking the planet – you him picked him. You found each other. Almost like it was meant to happen.

You see the higher he holds you in his life and his ability as a man to keep you happy, secure, and attracted – no matter how great your relationship of future relationship is – we ALL need a little assurance or validation than we’re doing something right.

Now let’s hear all about him… What do you really love about men and want them to know how you feel?

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING – I will be monitoring your comments and sometimes it may take up to 24 hours for your comment to appear. Please be patient. Keep it light-hearted and fun and we’ll all learn something. As always feel free to compliment me as much as your heart desires. I won’t hold it against you. 🙂  – Pete

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30 comments… add one
  • Daisy

    I love the fact that he was so touched by a simple compliment I made.It made his day it seemed. I love that he was upfront and honest about his life to me. I love his quirky sense of humor, which is an exact mirrow image of my own. I love that hes goofy and fun just like me. Everything else just falls into place. It was his personality that did it. All that he has to offer after that is a major added bonus. I cant wait.

  • Madeleine Wilson

    I love that when I told him I used to be bullied he told
    me how he would have defended me – I’ve always loved men who want to protect me 🙂
    Also he told me he admired me for being brave enough to be able to do what I love (singing)

  • Katherine

    I love that he is sooo funny. The way he tells me about simple every day things that happen is always interesting. I love how his eyes shift back and forth and he giggles a little. I love that he compliments me on my personality and appearance. It’s validating. I love how he makes me laugh sooo hard. Nothing usually snags me to a guy like a deep friendship filled with laughter. Strangely it makes me want to be faithful.. I stop seeking out other guys when I’m with one who makes me laugh and laughs with me. The closer I grow to them emotionally, the more I want them and only them. Like a raspberry bush amidst regular bushes. I love it when guys make me happy because quite frankly, they usually make me sad.

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