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Why Do Guys…?

Christian Carter

Christian helps couples find and keep each other.

It is my understanding than any woman who has searched the internet for advice on men has either seen “Christian Carter” written or advertised in the corner of every dating/relationship “advice” blog out there.

Considering it’s all been said and plastered on some page you’ve visited I’ll honestly admit my question is,

“What could I possibly tell you that would make any difference in whether or not you choose him today or tomorrow as your ‘go to guy’ AND be willing to hand over your money in the hopes of understanding men, attraction, and our typical unwillingness to commit?”

I doubt it’s possible so I’ll just ramble on from my heart the same way I do when in answering the thousands of comments and question you’ve left for me at “Why Do Guys…?”

Christian Carter has two gifts:

  1. He understands men and how their “attraction” works long-term and short-term.
  2. He absolutely knows and “conveys quite nicely” what it absolutely takes for most women to attract BETTER higher quality men into their lives and how to keep that same man in their lives too.

Those two gifts have been proven and tested for well over a decade now by countless women everywhere.

I call them “gifts” because he obviously has remarkable talent in this field BUT they’re not just handed over to you blindly… you have to work for it with your time and your money AND you must be willing to open your mind to allow fresh new ideas inside. I suppose that goes along with any great advice, right?

The one undeniable fact about what I give to you as often as I can is that, if you look deep enough, if you really study my words and ramblings, if you take note and pay attention there’s no doubt you’ll find a piece of Christian in practically everything I write.

So if you like what I give, how I give it, and if it remains real in your life, then you should have no reservations or hesitation that his flagship Ebook, which I now believe is in its 3rd edition, will not only answer lots of your question in full detail but can also offer SOLUTIONS beyond any ordinary free advice often copied and pasted everywhere.

If you’re seriously looking for hard answers AND the solutions to common and not so common problems with men…

Catch Him and Keep Him would be a great place to start and his material is designed to take you the entire way.

Now I’m not allowed to sell or suggest anything else he offers. My hands are tied and there’s nothing I can do about it. You either start by signing up to his newsletter and try out his book, or I get absolutely nothing from it.

Yes, that DOES suck but I figure since you’re getting what you need, who am I to keep you from it just because it would be nice to earn my fair share… and that’s the truth!

All in all…

Christian Carter is for any woman who wants to learn the inner-workings of the male mind.

If you have lots of questions about men and they all seem to start with “WHY?” then his advice may be perfect for you.

Whether you’re just dating a guy, in a committed relationship or even married, I believe Christian understands men, how we think, what we want from you, and exactly how our attraction works.

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You might not know this but I also run “The Approach“. It’s a little place I put up in hopes of getting people together and I try to center the theme around meeting, dating, and interactions between both men and women.

I figured it would be a great place to post every great article written by Christian which I’ve been allowed to share to help you short-term and maybe help you decide whether his stuff is right for you or not.

Please understand some outside links on this page opens a new tab in your browser and is my personal redirected affiliated link. I have a business arrangement with Amare Inc. and Christian Carter which grants me commission based on our current agreement. Whereas I DO recommend Christian’s work, based on our agreement some sales which come directly from here will earn me, Peter White an agreed payment. Christian does NOT furnish me anything free just to promote his material. I do so under my own direction therefore anything written here is not or was never endorsed from Christian or anyone who works for him. Thanks for ALL your support and I do hope he gives you ALL the tools you need to find a great man, catch him, and of course keep him too. 🙂

An honest, REAL look at men:


  • What we really think about.
  • What we actually DO want and what turns us off.
  • Plus advice I personally believe works best with men.

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