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Why Do Guys…?

That’s Not How Men Work


The truth… yep, you’re going to get another vsl when you follow this link ==> That’s Not How Men Work AND although the claim being made might be a little too much hype, “Making every guy in the room want you” I would ignore all that.

Here’s what I see.

You get Marni, a well known dating coach for GUYS, revealing to you everything guys have been telling her about YOU for a very long time now.

Consider “That’s Not How Men Work” as an alternative inside look into the male mind and how you can to use that information to better equip you in attracting better higher quality men.

The price tends to vary and I’m not really allowed to share that kind of information because if I quote something and it’s lower or higher than expected I get a slap on the wrist. You’ll have to find that out for yourself.

Bonuses included are:

  • “Unlock His Secrets” shows you how to communicate with a guy and have him open up or reveal his secrets.
  • “Confessions From A Wing Girl” or top male attraction secrets Marni gets out of a guru.
  • “Intoxicate Him With Desire” gives you insight on how to get any man to feel attracted to you.

Why Do Guys…?” and me, Peter White is determined to offer you real choices of value without compromising integrity with cheap ads or false claims. Please remember this page contains a link which may grant me a commission when it is purchased directly. If you have any comments or would like to review your personal copy you can leave it below BUT if you have any problems or questions with “That’s How Men Work” specifically, please use their contact page or service.

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