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Why Do Guys…?

Is He Confusing You? How To Get A Real Answer To All Your Questions About Men

Peter White

It’s hard to believe I’ve been answering personal questions about guys for well over six years now. Thousands of women have come here looking for an answer and courageously left their heart in hopes of getting an open, honest, and REAL answer to their “man” problem(s).

What started out as a simple “nice” gesture for women who kept visiting DiaLteg TM and asking ME  for advice – eventually turned into this lovely site; which has now evolved into something I believe is really special plus free from the clutter and cookie-cutter responses my nemesis magazines sites offer you.

(DiaLteG TM is my site where I teach men natural attraction.)

Throughout the years I’ve formulated some very interesting material on men based on my own (male) experiences, going deep into all the why’s behind men and what makes them tick,  along the countless hours of research and strange ability of mine to be objective and see things others may easily miss – especially when they’re in the middle of it all.

This is of course led to me a firm belief of what I’ve now quoted as a simple understanding of men BUT along with that came the many problems associated with any new theory or belief or “unique” perspective.

For example:

I THINK and somewhat believe I figured out how men fall in love – or what has to happen for him to feel emotional love BUT another problem arises:

There’s no clear definition of LOVE that is consistent among men and love has many different forms. (Such as how even though there’s only one word describe it in English – it’s obvious a man’s love for his Mother is different than the love he feels for his children which is different from what he experiences with a woman he is sexually and emotionally intimate with over a period of time.)

But enough of all that…

This page was created in the beginning as a place where a woman can get an honest, upfront, objective answer about any specific guy in their life OR where you can leave question about men in general to help you understand, connect, and possibly attract a better man into your life.

Little did I know (not counting the thousand comments on posts) I’d be looking and trying to get through a single page with over 700 comments.

Quite the daunting task as you imagine.

What I’ve now decided to do is find a way to break down all the questions and answers into separate pages and delete them from here so it’s continually fresh and easier to get through. (Wish me luck!)

That way you can search for something similar to what you’r going through without having to expose your personal information or heart publicly AND if a question is interesting to you – you can give it a read and perhaps use the advice in your own personal life with men.

Yes – this page will now or very soon be once again OPEN to anyone who wants to leave a question BUT…

I can NOT do what I have done in the past. I have a businesses to run and a family to enjoy my time with and I don’t want to promise you more than I can give.

I can give you personal consultations with very detailed answers based on a very strict selection process where a fee will have to be paid up in advance. (More info on that is coming.) 

I will be choosing random questions to answer here and sometimes I’ll feature them in a post.

Here’s your opportunity to leave what’s on your mind about a guy or men in general.

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  • ayden

    hi pete!

    i’m seriously having issues!!!! i met this guy on a dating website and we connected right away and we have been texting off and on. i am in high school (senior) and over text he says all the time, if you see me then say hi! but he claims he never sees me, however i literally see him like 1000 times in the day. i am sooo shy so i cant walk up, but i am also afraid that he sees me and thinks i’m not attractive or whatever. is he leading me on? or do you think he really doesnt see me?! i’m getting restless…. help!

  • Emma

    Hi Pete,
    This is just a random question. Well, I’m concerned. So a close friend of mine has been dating her boyfriend for 6 years without having sex with him. Yep! She said she told him @ the beginning of their relationship that she wants to get married first. But, what I want to know is , is it possible for the guy to remain faithful to her for that long and not cheat because he loves her even if he is attracted to her? Thanks

    • Peter White

      Hi Emma,

      Awesome question!

      I would say it IS possible but highly unlikely. I wouldn’t put it past a guy to go that long with someone they truly love without some form of sex AND I’m sure it drives him a little crazy now and then, BUT people and the strength they have amaze me everyday.

      So I won’t go judging this guy. It IS possible.

      I can only tell you I have met very few men who could endure that long and I am certainly one of them. Then again I wouldn’t get involved with a woman, at least commit to her if she told me that early on. It would be a deal breaker.

      If you’re questioning him, look at his character, his morals, and definitely look into what they’re actually doing together. If they’re sexual and helping each other out AND he has high ended character values, then it’s very probable he’s remaining faithful until they get married.

      Thank you so much for sharing, love it!


      • Emma

        Hi Pete,
        Thanks, that helps a bit. Fingers crossed that’s the case. 🙂

  • Anissa

    their is this guy on my job that flirted with me for months then as soon as i let him know that i was interested in him to he just stopped talking to me i mean totally avoiding me i mean he wont even look at me and even one time when he did look at me he looked at me as if i where a piece of shit on the bottom of his shoe. Please explain this behavior to me because i surely do not understand it i never did anything to this man.

  • Miss Confused

    Hi Pete! I’ve a guy friend who I’ve known for 2 years as we were in the same class at college, but I never actually had any conversation with him at all in these 2 years. Then, he went into a different college so we’ve not seen each other since a few months. Suddenly, he sent me a message for my birthday. That was about 2 months back. And from that day onwards, he has been regularly chatting with me. He normally messages me at night, which is when I’m not free. So I reply to his messages the next day in the morning. I have my vacations going on, and he’s got college the entire day. So there’s no fixed schedule when he can chat, so he just messages whenever he gets time. Now, I don’t know if he’s lying or being genuine, as I’ve seen him active on Facebook during the day. He’s a great person to talk to. Lately, he started taking interest in my hobbies (playing the violin), and he’s asked me to send him a recording of me playing it. He keeps on calling me “special”, but he’s really sarcastic at times, so again I don’t know what this means. He’s also told me “You’re a sweetheart”, but again this can be interpreted in various ways. We have a lot of common interests, but again he hasn’t told me anything directly. I’m really confused as to whether he’s flirting or just saying it for fun.
    Please help! Thanks! 🙂

  • Missy

    Hi Pete:
    Wanted to fill you in on something regarding this guy. As I was walking to the room, I had passed him. He then caught up to me and we began to chat. We spoke for five minutes and then he went elsewhere. Another day, he completely ignored me and that afternoon before the end of the day, he walked up to me and said something.
    Can you give me your thoughts.

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