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Is He Confusing You? Leave Your Questions About Men Here And Get An Answer From A Real Guy

If a guy is confusing you and you’re looking for an answer, you can leave them here.

When he’s doing something you just don’t understand and the answers you’ve found only seemed to confuse you even more, well then men might as well have a huge question mark posted on their face. STOP over thinking and tell us what you REALLY want to know about guys.


Is there something about a guy you wished anyone would finally give you an honest answer?

Your girlfriends are great but they might know know about the other side. They haven’t lived a man’s life.

Maybe your guy friends are not typical. They’re “nicer” than the “boys” you’ve dated. They don’t have the experience you wish they had.

Your family’s a little too close or perhaps too far. Either way they know you too well and their answers are more about you and not men in general.

You’ve tried searched out here in the great web but for some reason, you just couldn’t get a real satisfying answer. They, like I’ve been guilty of too, seem to open up more questions that satisfy just one of them.

And now you find yourself here… wondering, hoping, trudging through a few posts, reading a few comments… it’s kind of nice but YOUR problem is different. It’s just not covered somewhere.

This page comes to you as an opportunity to leave a question (anyone) can answer but also it’s a starting place to categorize everything you wanted to know about guys.

Leave your random question about men and I just might feature it as a post – or I’ll throw you a quick answer straight from the instincts of a guy who understands men and wants you to understand us all better.

Here are the basic categories I’ve found most questions fall into:

( If you feel I’ve missed one then please let me know about it below…. thanks in advance…. Peter White )

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  • Emma

    Hi Pete,
    This is just a random question. Well, I’m concerned. So a close friend of mine has been dating her boyfriend for 6 years without having sex with him. Yep! She said she told him @ the beginning of their relationship that she wants to get married first. But, what I want to know is , is it possible for the guy to remain faithful to her for that long and not cheat because he loves her even if he is attracted to her? Thanks

    • Peter White

      Hi Emma,

      Awesome question!

      I would say it IS possible but highly unlikely. I wouldn’t put it past a guy to go that long with someone they truly love without some form of sex AND I’m sure it drives him a little crazy now and then, BUT people and the strength they have amaze me everyday.

      So I won’t go judging this guy. It IS possible.

      I can only tell you I have met very few men who could endure that long and I am certainly one of them. Then again I wouldn’t get involved with a woman, at least commit to her if she told me that early on. It would be a deal breaker.

      If you’re questioning him, look at his character, his morals, and definitely look into what they’re actually doing together. If they’re sexual and helping each other out AND he has high ended character values, then it’s very probable he’s remaining faithful until they get married.

      Thank you so much for sharing, love it!


      • Emma

        Hi Pete,
        Thanks, that helps a bit. Fingers crossed that’s the case. 🙂

  • Alex

    Hi Pete!
    So I met this guy online a couple of months ago. Everything was going great. We would have endless conversations about random things. He told me he was beginning to crush on me and that he couldn’t wait to meet me. He mentioned to me that he was afraid he would scare me away. I told him not to worry. After talking for over a month we decided to finally meet. I thought everything went well, it seemed he was into me as much as I was into him. After our date ended he said next time he would drive up to see me. A couple of days after that he began to be distant, until he officially cut off all the strings. He hasn’t tried contacting me and hasn’t responded to a text I sent him a couple of days after. He still checks my social media but won’t talk to me. My friends said he ghosted me and to move on.This all just threw me off because he always mentioned how loyalty and honesty were important. If he wasn’t into me why didn’t he just say so?

    • Peter White

      Hi Alex,

      I must say to ALWAYS be cautious when a guy says, “He’s afraid he’ll scare you away.” It’s normally a sign of low self-confidence AND as you know, it also means he won’t have the guts to tell you how it is. In other words he’ll be more likely to just blow you off or “ghost” you as your friends said.

      He, most likely mentioned how loyalty and honesty were important because to him they are but apparently to him they also mean he’s feels too nice to reject a woman the right.

      And that’s why he didn’t tell you. Way too many guys actually think, and I was guilty of it too, that a woman’s world will fall apart if she’s rejected. They understand how it feels, especially the nice guys, and so absolutely hate doing it. The same nice guy doesn’t give women enough credit for being strong enough to accept it and to move on.

      It makes it much worse after he got all excited to meet you and told you, built you up in his head, and built himself up in your head too but since it didn’t work out, decided it was too difficult to reject you honestly.

      I teach my guys just to say, “Hey it’s been fun but I just don’t think it’s going to work out.” Hopefully that stings less.

      Thanks for asking, great question and I do hope that clears it all up for you,


  • Anissa

    their is this guy on my job that flirted with me for months then as soon as i let him know that i was interested in him to he just stopped talking to me i mean totally avoiding me i mean he wont even look at me and even one time when he did look at me he looked at me as if i where a piece of shit on the bottom of his shoe. Please explain this behavior to me because i surely do not understand it i never did anything to this man.

  • Miss Confused

    Hi Pete! I’ve a guy friend who I’ve known for 2 years as we were in the same class at college, but I never actually had any conversation with him at all in these 2 years. Then, he went into a different college so we’ve not seen each other since a few months. Suddenly, he sent me a message for my birthday. That was about 2 months back. And from that day onwards, he has been regularly chatting with me. He normally messages me at night, which is when I’m not free. So I reply to his messages the next day in the morning. I have my vacations going on, and he’s got college the entire day. So there’s no fixed schedule when he can chat, so he just messages whenever he gets time. Now, I don’t know if he’s lying or being genuine, as I’ve seen him active on Facebook during the day. He’s a great person to talk to. Lately, he started taking interest in my hobbies (playing the violin), and he’s asked me to send him a recording of me playing it. He keeps on calling me “special”, but he’s really sarcastic at times, so again I don’t know what this means. He’s also told me “You’re a sweetheart”, but again this can be interpreted in various ways. We have a lot of common interests, but again he hasn’t told me anything directly. I’m really confused as to whether he’s flirting or just saying it for fun.
    Please help! Thanks! 🙂

  • Missy

    Hi Pete:
    Wanted to fill you in on something regarding this guy. As I was walking to the room, I had passed him. He then caught up to me and we began to chat. We spoke for five minutes and then he went elsewhere. Another day, he completely ignored me and that afternoon before the end of the day, he walked up to me and said something.
    Can you give me your thoughts.