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WARNING SIGNS: FWB’s, Double Standards & A Man Who Claims He Is Broken

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Hi my name is Kelly I am 28 years old I met a guy in November 2014 and he and I have been close friends. We have done things but haven’t had sex. We have stayed friends. Every time that I told him that I have a date he has asked me how long I have known the guy and everything. When I asked him through a text message if he likes me and then he texted back asking what do I mean by like. I told him more then a friend and then he said he doesn’t like anyone more than a friend he’s broken. But before he had to leave for deployment he and I went to the movies and we kissed after the movie. I am not sure how he feels about me. PLEASE HELP

Hi Kelly, My name is Pete and oddly enough, I was born on November 28th. 😀 I’m trying to age gracefully so you don’t you dare ask me what year! 😉

ALWAYS be wary of ANY guy who says they are broken and wants to remain friends but still wants to fool around with you.

It’s a bad sign and normally an indicator of someone who will string you along for years IF you allow it.

I understand you want a REAL answer on whether or not this guy “likes” or not so here it goes…

You’re friends, right? Well under normal circumstances we tend to like our friends. At least the people we’re willing to call our friends.

You’ve “done things” together which is another clue that he likes you. I’m assuming “done things” is something intimate but does not include sex. Being a guy I can tell you we “do things with women we’re typically attracted to but that’s not always the case. Some guys will just go for anything, anyone at any given time.

He kissed you which is another clear sign he likes you. We don’t normally put our lips on women we don’t like unless we’re stupid drunk and clueless. 😀 Trust me because I’ve seen two straight guys who were so freaking drunk they “attempted” to make out. Of course they were WAY too drunk to even find each other’s mouths so it was hilarious.

What signal would prove to you ( without a doubt ) a guy has some kind of feelings for you? When Is It Safe To Assume A Guy Is Interested or Likes You And Why

Whether he wants more has already been answered by HIM, “he doesn’t like anyone more than a friend he’s broken”. Most guys are quite obvious (if you can believe that) and will tell you up front what they want from you.

Which in your case HE believes it’s okay to make out with a friend.

He’s only looking for a friend with benefits and that’s where you are fitting in right now.

AND judged by his attention to you and other guys he’s merely concerned with:

  1. That you’re okay with HIM seeing other women.
  2. He probably thinks it’s okay for HIM to do it but not you. He’s thinking in double standards.

If a guy is giving you every reason to believe he doesn’t want a relationship, or if he’s telling he’s not good with them, how he’s broken, depressed, hurt from the past, unable to balance his life, always busy at work or doing other things…

You can ALWAYS take that at face value because it means YOU will be waiting a long time for him IF you choose to wait and hope.

It can also mean that you’re being played because by relieving himself from entering a real relationship with a woman opens up the “friends with benefits” angle and excuses him to just “DO THINGS” with you without any sort of commitment or dating responsibility.

I told you we’re simple and easy to read and will give you everything upfront whether we know we’re doing it or not.

Here are some clear signs to look out for:

  • A guy who IS ready to commit will talk about his future. His plans. His dreams. His aspirations.
  • A guys who is NOT will tell you he’s bad at relationships, been hurt in the past, only finds women who are no good for him, etc…
  • A guy who IS ready will ask you about YOUR future. YOUR plans. YOUR dreams and aspirations.
  • A guy who is clearly NOT is less worried about where you will be tomorrow because in his eyes, HE won’t be pressured to be there anyways AND he’s always looking for a clear signal that you can’t be there too. Which excuses his actions with other women and gives him every reason to disappear or ignore you at any given time he wants with no regard to how it might affect you.

No matter HOW he feels about you, even though I know you want to know exactly how he feels – please use what I’ve given you today to see into the future with this guy and see where it takes you.

His feelings really don’t mean much IF you want something more and he’s not ready and is given you all the signs to tell you that.

What he says must be backed with risk, action, and commitment. Words A Man Uses When He Loves You

It’s when a guy takes ACTION in a direction which is getting closer to a commitment that backs up how he feels is all that matters.

A man can tell you everything you want to hear but without ACTION it means he’s not ready OR he’s not ready with YOU and is still looking for something more. Whatever that is remains open to the guy you’re seeing.wondering about.

Thanks for your question Kelly and all the best to you… Also, make sure you read this –> How Can You Absolutely Know If He’s Interested In You?

Your guy friend,

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