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How Do You Tell A Man You Want To See Him Again?

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How Tell Him Want See Again

How DO you tell a man you want to see him again?

Is there a perfect way or some magic words which will always work?

Honestly… or sexually, yes. But you already knew that telling a guy he’s going to “get something” next time works more times than it fails so the odds are with you on that one.

Less sexually – nope. I’m a realist and when it comes to men and women, nothing is guaranteed to work every time.

Here’s what I think.

If a guy really wants to see you again AND he is actually capable of making it happen – you WILL hear from him again.

The word “capable” is very broadly based on how comfortable he is with women AND what he feels he has to offer you.


If he’s unsure or stuck thinking about if YOU want him to call again, chances are, that’s what you’re going to get… More indecision and even more insecurity. Random calls or texts or even nothing at all. Whatever happens at this point is his indecision about himself more than his attraction to you.

The fact is – When I want a woman I WILL contact her again. When you don’t hear from me often, there’s a reason for it. I’m just not that interested or believe it’s worth our time to bother moving forward with you.

It does NOT mean I’m not attracted to you or wouldn’t want “something” to happen. There are more things going on aside from a physical attraction which compels me to write, call, or “demand” a meeting.

What we have here is this:

You don’t have to tell a guy you want to see him again IF of course you ACT like you want to see him again. You must give him a clear signal or he might not get the point.

Actually, even If you don’t give him a clue but he is attracted to you and is relatively smart, he’s going to try again. After all, perseverance is one trait of an attractive man and the challenge is very hard to resist.

Those are most normal situations where the guy is relatively experienced with women or is known to follow through the dating process regardless of his ability to attract women.

However, when it comes to men – here’s a REAL condition you might not know about which will impact whether or not a guy will want to see you again or even make the first move to see you outside of where you met.

This condition or circumstance has more influence than who you are and how attractive you believe you are to men. So yeah, it’s a big one.

Think about the now classic song, “Material Girl”.

You’re going to find many (straight) men who believe women are definitely more materialistic than men.

The truth of their belief is not important but their belief is because… IF the average guy feels this way AND if he believes he has little to offer – he will be less likely to want to see you again.

HE might be happy with his possessions for himself. He might not need much to keep himself busy.

Yet – when the first thought crosses his mind that you will sooner or later reject him for lack of worldly possessions, he’s less likely to let you see that part of his life and will quickly fade away.

YOU might feel that a guy doesn’t need “stuff” BUT his belief will decide his action, not yours.

This goes without considering the obvious guy who is constantly trying to buy your love or affection with gifts and fancy dates because THAT type of guy does keep trying, right? He’s not part of this discussion.

It comes down to this…

What a man might believe all women want or would want from him and what he has to offer can ultimately cause him to not bother trying to see you again.

You’ll feel rejected but he’s just rejecting himself or sparing himself from finding out whether he was right or not.

If he, even in a small amount, feels like less than a man because of his job, home, apartment, car, family, past, and future – he’ll only show spurts of interest. While left alone to consider his embarrassment or lack of materialism to offer, his thoughts will overpower his urge to act…

And you’re less likely to hear from him again despite his attraction to you.

I’m not going to tell you that if you do want to see a man who thinks like that again that you should prove it to him, that plan usually backfires and causes more problems.

After all, some men need to learn HOW attraction works and if he believes his possessions or lack of materials to offer are that important to women, then he needs to take a close hard look at every couple that ever existed and see the real truth behind it all. If you’re not sure who to avoid, here’s a list of men to look out for: Warning Signs: 10 Types Of Guys You’ll Want To Avoid Dating.

I AM going to tell you this once more though:

If a guy really wants to see you again AND he is actually capable of making it happen – you WILL hear from him again.

Sure it helps to pass on some kind of interest or at least one clear signal you want to see him again and give him a real way of contacting you again BUT based on my experience with women and my observations of lots of men including myself…

When we are attracted to a woman (and the circumstance or situation is right) we WILL want to see her again.

When you don’t hear from us often, there’s a reason for it.

We are either not actually feeling attracted, not interested in something more, we don’t feel at all compatible, we don’t believe it’s worth our time to move forward, we’re not capable, we don’t believe we have anything to offer up to and including a personal rejection of ourselves, and so on.

Which brings me to this:

How DO You Tell A Man You Want To See Him Again?

You don’t have to tell him anything IF of course you ACT like you want to see him again.


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