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Why Do Guys…?

How Some Guys Think

  • The Worst Thing A Guy Can Say To A Woman – You’ll Never Believe It

    Man Saying Bad To Woman

    Men have said some stupid dumb stuff to women but this one tops the list. You’ve heard many strange things from guys, have you heard this one? Why do guys answers the question honestly, open to discuss much about men’s feelings and what happens to them when they’re frustrated sexually and living in the friends zone.

  • Who Is More Obsessed With Your Breasts, You or Him? A Tribute to Boobs

    It’s no secret men can all too easily become obsessed obsessed over your boobs or breasts in general. What started out as a quick explanation of my current over-thinking about breasts turns into more of a tribute with a little dedication and a very simple answer. Why do guys like them so much? Why do I, as a man, consider my recent obsession?

  • Pole Dancing – Erotic or Not?

    Do men find pole sports more sexually exciting than watching a woman strip around a pole? Has pole dancing decreased the sexual edge from the pole? My girlfriend loves pole sports and she recently asked if she were to perform for me, would I find it sexually attractive. Here’s my answer.

  • Women Are Not Playthings To The Men Who Never Forget

    Guys like me never forget the women we’ve been intimate in some way, shape, or form. Attraction is beyond our control. There’s a pattern which happens for me which “deems” me a guy. Not necessarily a man but definitely a guy. (If you know what I mean because a guy is just another male but a real man’s definition encapsulates maturity and strength in such a way, not many women can resist.)

  • How Do You Tell A Man You Want To See Him Again?

    You really like a guy and you want to tell him you want to see him again but you’re worried you’ll scare him away. The answer to this problem is simple. You don’t have to tell him anything IF of course you ACT like you want to see him again.

  • Why This Guy Will Not Ask For Your Phone Number

    There’s this guy that comes in to get coffee where I work and he’s SUPER attractive to me and I get all giddy. He has a huge grin on his face when he speaks to me and we always end up chatting about something random. He said he was looking for me one day when I wasn’t working because he said he wanted to take me riding on a bulldozer (I guess he works in construction) and he always says “it was good seeing you again”. He asked where I was from originally, if I lived alone and we started talking about pets and he pulls out his phone and starts showing me pictures of his dog, at one point he even tapped my arm and leaned in and once he was leaving and I was taking out trash and he made sure to speak to me and used my name… I know this is silly but I’m wondering why he didn’t ask for my number or if I’m reading too much into it…