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Two Views On Why Single, Attractive, and Successful Women Are Single

Single Attractive Successful Woman

The Honest Truth Why commented this here and I felt compelled to give my view on why single, attractive, and successful women remain single despite their success.

Well lets face it since there is a very Good reason why attractive women are still Single is because many of the women that have their Careers today are so very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, greedy, picky, and so very money hungry would be an Excellent Reason why since many of us Good Single men out there really Don’t want that kind of a woman anyway since they do want the Best and will Never settle for Less. Most women that make a very high salary today will Never go with a man that makes much Less money than they do which would be such a Miracle if any woman would go with a man like that to begin with unless she really truly Loves that man for who he is. That is why many of us men are Single since this has a lot to do with it since many of the women nowadays just Can’t Accept us for who we really are which makes it a real Shame since there are a lot of us Good men out there that really Know How to treat a Good woman with a lot of Love And Respect.

I disagree 🙂

Your "honesty" or what you believe to be true is based on your limited view of the world.

My "honestly" or what I believe to be true is based on MY limited view of the world. 😀

The difference is, I choose to see it from an entirely different perspective than you... most of what is objective.

Attractive women who are still single AND are NOT consciously choosing to stay that way is because of this very long article:

They all want or expect too much OR feel compelled to want what they can't have. Normally this is made worse IF they are successful because they are more attracted to men who offer them the greatest challenge.

It's been shown to me that successful people are less likely to take the easy path. They thrive on challenges and overcoming the difficulty of problems too many other people avoid.

BUT - whether they want or expect beyond the typical may have less to do with them being single then their own level of esteem and confidence and abilities to attract "better" men.

Meaning... they may feel confident in their career but very little confidence around the men they feel attracted to.

The men who are more likely to chase, pursue, court, or take action with them are either the false bravado types whose low confidence is masked by something else OR have many experiences with very attractive women.

Meaning, the guys they often find themselves secretly attracted to are less likely to make any kind of real move with them. They are intimidated by them as I proposed here: Why Nice Guys Are All Too Intimidated By Beautiful Women and here: What Guys Think When They Meet An Attractive Woman Who Is Still Single.

My other thoughts on your comment are specifically:

Just because a woman is attractive does not grant her success over others considered less attractive than them.

High maintenance women tend to be those who need maintenance or constant assurance from the outside world. Some do it on purpose, some don't.

A woman who is successful in her career increases her strength and knows how to take care of herself. Her assurances come from within.

Honestly, I find independent women EXTREMELY attractive because it tells me she can take care of herself and doesn't need to hold my hand. She does so strictly out of love and a little comfort.

The support is nice and at times needed but man or woman, that's something we ALL need on occasion.

Granted, just because a woman is successful in her career does not necessarily mean she's successful in other areas of her life BUT either way, successful and high maintenance does NOT seem to go hand in hand.


We're ALL selfish. The only "good or bad" I get from that is the good - trying to survive or the bad which includes conscious taking from others.

Attractive or not, selfish people who only wish to take from others does not determine whether they're single or not.

This only determines whether they can ever be truly happy or not and whether they're in a relationship or not is not the determining factor of their happiness.

Making the statement that just because someone is spoiled or likes to be spoiled has little to do with again, whether or not they remain single.

Sure I agree, a woman of beauty might become easily spoiled in attention or even given certain things based on their beauty alone BUT if that makes her more cautious or less likely to be hook up with someone then that's a good thing.

It harder to trust a gift when you don't know why it's given or when you believe it's only given because of how you look.

Greed - I see absolutely NO connection between greed and looks and whether or not someone is single.

Picky - ANY person who is picky or selective only says they HAVE choices and CAN be more selective.

Which in dating, being more selective and dating many IS a good thing.

Sure if she's expecting too much from her future mate or expecting unrealistic things from someone then sure, she might be stuck living single when she doesn't want it, but that trait alone normally proves more beneficial than hindering.

IF you believe you can't "get" with an attractive woman because she's too picky to feel something for you - then you don't know how attraction works because women do NOT choose to feel attraction.

The problem is YOU are not creating the attraction and she's choosing to NOT be with someone she feels nothing for.

Money hungry - well yeah I've found myself thinking women tend to want more and more and more 🙂 of anything which they feel is good for them BUT I don't see that as a problem of remaining single UNLESS she only goes for the rich guys despite how she feels.

Now the women who only ever seek to marry a rich guy who she IS attracted to, well then sure, she might find it difficult because most people are not rich.

Let alone have attractive qualities too BUT since their numbers are small and not many of us will be driven by such small numbers... does it really make a difference in our world?

As for your next statement,

"Most women that make a very high salary today will Never go with a man that makes much Less money than they do which would be such a Miracle if any woman would go with a man like that to begin with unless she really truly Loves that man for who he is."

Have you looked around at all? Have you truly thought this one out?

"...Unless she truly loves a man for who he is..."

I've seen way too many women willing to support some loser or jerk or bad ass just because she loves him for who he is.

First, it's common and proven knowledge women make much less money than men do in our world. Generally speaking of course because the "problem" is much more complex than just comparing numbers however...

In 2015, female full-time workers made only 79 cents for every dollar earned by men, a gender wage gap of 21 percent. - See more at: About Pay Equity & Discrimination.

Second, what does that have to do with attractive women?

Actually, disregarding the media or music culture, most women who run very large companies or make lots of money have to down-play their looks, even borderline dress like a man, just to succeed and be seen as equal.

Third, what's so wrong with a woman who makes a lot of money to look for a guy who does too? Sure again, it may decrease their viable options but what does that have to do with her being attractive or not?

Fourth, I believe if you look closely around you and the problems men and women have or the reasons they break up.. happens to be money. You'll also see how more men have a problem with women making more than them and not the other way around.

If she's single because too many MEN can't deal with HER success, then how is that her fault?

Next you state,

"...many of the women nowadays just Can’t Accept us for who we really are which makes it a real Shame since there are a lot of us Good men out there that really Know How to treat a Good woman with a lot of Love And Respect."

Believing that a part of society is not accepting you for who you are is always YOUR problem of needing acceptance.

It has nothing to do with them.

Also, if you ask lots of attractive women their opinion on this, they're going to say the same thing, "Society won't see me for who I am because they only see me as a body and not a mind."

Strange how that works. You're telling us you also don't feel accepted by attractive women for who YOU really are.

Seems to be MOST people don't feel accepted for who they are which the only answer to this is...

Stop needing or basing your view of yourself on how others see you.


There are a LOT of good men who know how to treat a woman with love and respect.

I agree.

There are also a lot of good women who know how to treat a man with love and respect.


There a lot of people who are capable of being what.... human?

Yet, those traits or abilities might be good at determining the morals of a person BUT they are not shown to be good traits of communication AND communication is a key component to attraction.

In fact, communication has EVERYTHING to do with triggering attraction AND even more to do with cultivating (and maintaining) a healthy, long-term relationship.

Love does not lead to attraction - attraction leads to love.

You can NOT convince a person to feel attracted to you just because you think you're a good person who deserves it.

You can easily respect those you feel nothing for and just because a you respect a woman does not mean she's going to feel something for you.

Again, it comes down to what you're communicating and how you're communicating yourself.

Who you are is WHO YOU ARE and never needs to be proven.

You have NO control over how others see you but you CAN CONTROL your communication skills which can either create attraction or not.

Now let's get real serious and truly honest here 😀 ...

If an attractive woman is still single or finds it difficult to put herself in a healthy relationship:

She can choose to be like you and blame the opposite sex for her problems. On that note she can blame her "beauty" for guys not bothering to see who she really is before they want to get in her pants.

She can choose to adopt the "smart person attitude" like so many men do - This is where you believe you're too smart, you have all the answers and refuse to seek real help. This is common among women and men.

She can also choose to lower her standards which is NOT recommended.

She has every right to give a guy a chance who she feels nothing for, just because he CLAIMS he's a good guy - again NOT advisable at all.

She can also choose to bury herself in her work and NOT put herself in better positions to naturally meet real men outside her career.

Those are just some of her REAL choices. Things she DOES have a fair amount of control over the outcome.

Here are 7 more reasons in an article I find absolutely amazing and insightful:


Reason #1: Independent and successful women are smart enough to be dangerous
Reason #2: Believing in the "men don't like successful women myth"
Reason #3: Success itself won't get you there
Reason #4: Assuming that success strategies "cross over" to men and relationships
Reason #5: Successful women often "accidentally" prevent men from naturally feeling attraction with them
Reason #6: Successful women are used to being in control
Reason #7: They fall into the trap of using "masculine energy" to shape their love-life

Why Successful Women Have a Harder Time Than Other Women Finding Love

Yeah, I get it. This went on and on... 😀

But it's because I see SO much of my older thought process in you. I guess you touched a nerve. 🙂

I also see it all way too much in men... the blame game.

Yet hey, I can't "blame" you for letting your true feelings out and I certainly don't blame you for expressing them... I just don't think it's going to help you at all when it comes to attracting women.

Nor will my arguments above. My words alone won't drive a woman in my arms.

What we have here is a passionate debate where I choose to objectify.

Your argument was clearly based on lingering feelings of dare I say... helplessness to attract the women you really want, and who apparently won't feel anything for a guy who appears to hate women and blames THEM for HIS problems.

Now... just maybe... women ARE seeing you for who you really are.

Single, attractive, successful women have a lot experience in determining the true character of a guy. They have an amazing ability and the skills to get men to reveal their inner self quickly and efficiently.

Whether they choose to remain single for every reason ever known or find themselves single for others reasons, some under their direct control, some not... well in the end where YOU see it as a problem, a mark on your failures, a path to choose the negative...

I see it as this:

Awesome!!!! 😉

The more attractive single successful women who are out there roaming around looking (or not) for a REAL man, the more choices there are, the better chance I have at just getting laid if that's what I want 😉 and perhaps being supported by one while I work on my creative outlets 😀 AND... Well I'll just stop there before I really get myself in trouble.


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4 comments… add one
  • Diana

    Hi Peter,
    So in this article, although it is not a central point, you mention the needy or the high maintenance woman. What are the characteristics of a high maintenance woman? So that all of us can avoid being her😉

    • Maduabuchi

      Diana, I noticed Peter has yet to answer your questions so I am going to drop my two pence.
      Also, Peter I have recently found your blog, but I noticed the articles are not dated. That makes it hard to know how long ago these comments were made.
      #1. Excessive partying: Whether you met your partner in the pub on the dance floor or at a rave, the party has to stop sometime. I have met ladies who complain that their boyfriends are controlling for not letting them behave as freely as they used to when they were single.
      What your attitude tells a partner when you continue to excessively party when you are exclusive especially if he is not in on it all the time, is that he has to continually step it up to keep your attention. This can be exhausting for most guys or drive him to a rage of jealousy that will end the relationship.
      #2 Poor Money management: Spending sizable monthly income on fashion and accessories, especially when your salary can not cope. Even though the guy may be shit at managing money, there has to be a sane head in the relationship. Else it’s headed for disaster.
      #3. A habit for drama: How many times have we all experienced a cat fight on a night out. It may be fun for onlookers, but definitely not fun for your partner. True some guys are also born trouble makers, but the irony is, you will find a girl who adores him for that. When a girl attracts this kind of negative attention, letting the slightest annoyance turn to a raging free for all; most guys run hard the other way.

      This is what high maintenance means to me, it maybe different to different guys though.

      • Peter White

        True, but I don’t like to add dates to my pages. This stuff is timeless 🙂

        I’ve already personally answered her question and forgot to post up a proper response. I’m sure lots of women will appreciate and respect your answer.

        Needy women tend be to overly jealous. They give guys less freedom and as you wrote – more drama.

        Needy women tend to play games more too. They tend to text or say things to illicit a certain response as if we’re not able to see through them.

        Needy women also typically want instant relationships. They are more likely to assume a relationship. They’ll push them early. They chase guys right from the beginning. They call too often, want to hang out or text way too much.

        Those are just some of the “actions” of a needy woman and not necessarily the whole story. Just enough for now. 😀

        High maintenance (broadly spoke) often seeks validation way too much. Always looking or fishing for compliments. Always looking outside herself for proof. Often that maintenance is reserved for those outside of her normal social circle. Meaning not all of these women seek the same from the guys they date.

        I’ve dated several women where outsiders would believe they’re high maintenance but in reality, they didn’t expect or accept anything from me beyond the normal stuff. They were generally easier to please in some ways.

        However “high maintenance” often does refer to more work. From getting a date to keeping her around, to support and everything you wrote above.

        And yes, more drama equals high maintenance.

        These are all just generalizations, instant judgement and assumptions though.

        I’ve found when we meet or see people we often encounter their persona first. If I’m able to break through that barrier the truth is revealed. Some women actually “act” this way to repel the men they tend to bother them to avoid having to reject them.

        But that leads to a whole new subject. Haha!!

        Thanks for your answer – I do appreciate it.


  • The Truth Is

    Well these type of women are a complete turn off for many of us men since they’re so very greedy, selfish, and very spoiled as well.

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