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Understanding Men Made Simple at Why Do Guys…?

Bad Men For You

  • What Was His Excuse To Not Commit To You? Real Fears or Bullshit?

    Fear Commitment Excuse

    How many men have used the “Poor Poor Me” excuse to avoid committing to you?

    Men have lots of excuses to avoid committing to a woman. They also have lots of reasons to not commit to a woman which are reasonable especially when they’re not feeling you’re his one and only BUT when does it become an excuse to keep you on the hook or forever dangle the “maybe” someday a relationship will happen. This post explain the worse excuse of all and if any guy uses on you, it’s best to move on quickly before it’s too late.

  • Should You Stop Wasting Your Time With Guys Afraid Of Relationships?

    Guy Afraid Being Hurt Avoid Him

    Her and her guy friend have not yet established a title but she has told him that she loves him and he asked why does she have those feelings for him. She can tell he cares but it is as if he is scared of a relationship. He exhibits confusion when she asks him “what are we” and he asks what did I want him to say. She have committed herself to him and she refuses to speak with other guys. She wants to know if she is making a mistake or should she give him time.

  • Defining A Player, The Games He Uses, & Why Most Men Are Not Players

    Men Player His Moves

    The actual real definition of a player. What his games is. The tactics he uses on you. What moves he’ll use on suspicious or hesitant women. What must be in place for a player to “play” you. How he’ll use your emotions against you to further his game. 10 tips on how to avoid being played. Why most men are not players.

  • WARNING SIGNS: FWB’s, Double Standards & A Man Who Claims He Is Broken

    Broken Bad Guy NO Commit

    Guys are simple to figure out because they will often give you every clue or signal up front IF you know how to interpret what they’re really saying. This is how a “broken” man will use the friendship angle to string you along without ever making a commitment AND allow him to see other women and disappear on you whenever he wants. Learn what a guy who wants more with you will always do AND how his feelings towards you means less than one important thing… ACTION.

  • Warning Signs: 10 Types Of Guys You’ll Want To Avoid Dating

    Toxic Man Type To Avoid

    Early signs to look for so you’ll know when to avoid a guy. If you meet a man who does any these things early in the dating stage, be warned! Make sure you’re entirely certain this man is for you before it’s too late.