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Why Do Guys…?

Why Guys Watch Women Have Sex Even If They’re In A Happy Relationship?

Why Guys Watch Women Have Sex Even If They’re In A Happy Relationship? post image

You wake up in the middle of the night because it sounds like your neighbor is getting it on and she wants the whole world to hear her moans.

You stumble getting up and in a groggy state it never occurs to you that you’re alone in bed.

As your mind gathers in all the nasty details, it hits you – you’re neighbor is NOT exactly the type to have loud sex. So then where is the sound coming from?

After a brief perplexed moment you suddenly realize…

He’s up, “AGAIN!!!” watching something he probably just downloaded off the internet. He just said how much he loved you not three hours ago. He also didn’t fail to mention how much he enjoys your body and how you’re the sexiest woman he has ever met.

Is he a liar? A Cheater? Does he really like you that much if he continually gets himself off while watching “other” woman… stars or not?

What is it with guys and their sex drive?

A reader recently asked me a question just like the ones I brought up and I can feel the frustration in her words. See for yourself…

“Why do guys watch p*** even after marriage and being happy sexually?

I was quickly reminded of a popular woman’s explanation and sent it along. Yo
But I, being a guy, wanted to give you my gut reaction to this “Hard Felt?” question.

Claire talked about how our sex drive is on supercharge. How in life we’re not going to have the option to release ourselves and watching can help alleviate this pent up energy.

And she’s right.

It doesn’t even take much to get us excited. For instance, while I’m finishing up a post here or my other blogs I have to look for the perfect picture. Many times it’s a sexy woman picture. I browse through them and suddenly fifteen minutes later, fifty pictures later, I’m aroused.

Now mostly I can blow it off but sometimes I can’t and something must be done about it or I’m not getting any more work done. No lie!

But I’m sure “that” explanation, like Claire’s, is not enough, is it?

Why would a guy resort to this type of watching even when he’s sexually satisfied with his partner is the question I know for a fact a woman just like you want answered.

Well I believe there’s a few very simple answers. (Guys… help me out below if you would.) I’ll cover one in detail and just throw the rest at you to discuss among yourselves.

The truth is – WOMEN turn us on. We’re sexually attracted to pictures and sounds. Her heavy breathing. Her deeper moans. We’re curious about every shape, size, position, what other guys have, what other men do to please their women, we’re quite literally fascinated by the female form so much we can NEVER get enough.

And you know what feels so good it’s almost impossible to escape the lure…

Watching (her) pleasant body be thrown into an orgasmic state and knowing the women we’re with is OURS and OURS ONLY to make that happen to.

Think of it like this: While you’re watching your favorite show and maybe you’re a little hungry. Suddenly as if those pesky advertising geniuses are inside your mind and stomach, your favorite Ice Cream commercial pops on and starts teasing you.

But there’s a problem. You don’t have any. Your freezer is full of anything but your favorite flavor and there’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t stop thinking about it now. Can you? You have to have it!

Well just imagine for one second you could “click your heels” and magically a spoon and bowl appears with your favorite flavor.

I can tell you when I’m watching my “dirty little stuff” online I don’t have to click my heels. (Honestly I don’t own any magic shoes… and if I did let’s keep that our little secret.)

It’s like this.

Everyday you and I are bombarded by the media in every shape and form.

We see stars we’re never going to meet. We watch stories that couldn’t really happen. We fantasize and enjoy magical places. And we get to live through experiences which in all likelihood are not going to happen.

But there’s at least one thing we can watch and do ourselves. And that’s called sex. (Okay sure there’s reality tv but if you ask me, women are highly addicted to those shows. )

Okay so it’s not like we NEED them to get excited. Trust me we can do that very easily. And it’s not usually because you’re not attractive enough for us. As Claire mentioned there’s nothing like the real thing.

I can also (almost) guarantee you most men are so preoccupied getting you off in bed they have little time to fantasize about some star or friend down the street.

Now there are other reasons:

  • Watching stimulates us. We become addicted to this stimulation despite our personal lives. Family man, politician, single guy living with his Mom, your boss, my boss, it could be anyone.  Addiction – Every one is more or less susceptible to become addicting to anything which chemically changes our state of mind.
  • Fetishes – I’m sure it’s tough but there’s at least one guy out there who likes something “odd” sexually and is scared to reveal that information to his partner.
  • The obvious – Sexually Unfulfilled. (Not in her case but nonetheless for others. BUT… let’s not be anything but honest with ourselves, just because a woman believes her man is satisfied and happy does NOT make it true.
  • Curiosity and Esteem – Some men want to know what they’re up against. They could even believe they’re not normal and want to continually prove their point. The lowered esteem being raised by being right.
  • Something Different – Let’s face it. Some men will only see a few women naked in their lives. Through the media they’re able to see all types.
  • The Typical – We can! Tell me what guy 150 years ago would salivate at the opportunity we have in this modern age to watch something so incredible primal. Maybe salivate isn’t the right word. 😉

Each one of those plays it’s part. Each one has it’s niche in society. And I’m positive within each man who watches “more than occasional” can list every reason to be somewhat true.

And we all might agree – being sexually unsatisfied is less likely to be the sole reason. There are too many other factors in place to make that assumption.

We’re exploring our fantasies. We’re being stimulating (sometimes we become addicted. We’re testing for new fetishes to increase and explore our sexual side. It’s primal to watch. Amazingly natural (sometimes haha!) We may not get a real chance to see women without clothes on. We’re curious and looking for an answer.

We’re typical?

Typical guys being led around by what’s in our pants?


But take away that “something” which makes us the male side – and what do you have?

My point is (call him typical if you want) but men are most stimulated through sights and sounds. When given the opportunity to have endless stimulation and exploration of probably the one emotion society says is normal and perfectly natural to have – for a guy…

We’re bound to take full advantage of that opportunity. Present man included.

I love to watch. I crank up the volume when I can. I bookmark the best. I’m not into the nasty but I know what I like and I’ll spend the time finding the next perfect one. (Once the old has worn out it’s affect on me.)

And it does have a little to do with the real thing but I’ll take that any day over it.

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  • Lacey

    I find this amusing as I’m a female. And see nothing wrong w men watching porn. I do it myself. Doesn’t matter if your in a happy relationship that’s full filling or not. It’s a healthy way to meet your fantasies. More woman should open up
    To the idea themselves. And it’s a huge turn on photos or video ! : ) more girls should try it just saying. Much better then ice cream.

    • Peter White

      DEFINITELY better than Ice Cream Lacey. Haha! Thanks for voicing your opinion. Always great to hear.

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