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Who Is More Obsessed With Your Breasts, You or Him? A Tribute to Boobs

Man First Time Seeing Naked Breast

A playful moment some men revel in, some men obsess over, some men will do anything & say anything just to see what your breasts look like naked.

Most men (as if you didn't know this) can all too easily become obsessed with your boobs.

I'm no exception although I'm always the first to admit I'm typically an ass man. Yes, I'm an ASS and an "ass man".

Yet I do notice a change... occasionally.

My sexual mind wanders from the bottom to the top and down again, it's rare my "man brain" fantasizes beneath the bra but for the last week or two (or even three or more) this has been the case.

Yes, it's true, our (a mans) obsession is partly because we don't have breasts and since they are strategically placed on a woman's body, it's obvious to us they are normally an erogenous zone.

However they do represent more than just a visual attraction.

They are a place to go where most men can succeed in turning you on a little more when all other efforts fail OR a sad fact a certain guy might not understand how so many other regions on a woman's body can be very powerful when teased properly.

Which basically means - some guys just don't get it and going right for the boil without turning up the heat is not always the right way to handle a sexual encounter. The tits, to them might always be a fail proof region to turn you on when he doesn't understand the rest of your body as well.

A strange way to look at your boobs from a male point of view is that your breasts become a milestone for us. Poor choice of words, (milestone) but you get the picture.

Seeing them grow when you're aroused. Seeing them for the first time and comparing the mental image they created (which by the way most men get wrong) to the real thing.

Getting to touch them for the first time. Watching them bounce a little while in a heated moment when you're on top AND... we get to look up at what is always a most spectacular view.

They ARE milestones to lots of men and a sad fact about too many men is that they have no idea if a woman truly likes them back and reaching that "milestone" or those "beloved peaks" may be their only clear signal from you proving that you actually do like them.

Hey, I never said guys were that smart when it comes to reading a woman's mind.

...Back to MY recent obsession. Perhaps a point would help here.

Just as your fantasies wander up and down the spectrum and hit you on days or times which are not always appropriate, so do mine. Yes I have noticed fleeting fantasies from women who for some reason stares off into space, squeezes her thighs, and then goes back to normality as if nothing had happened).

Except for me and most guys - the stories are quite different.

We focus more on pieces and parts and find it difficult to see the bigger picture while we're getting "bigger" over something else that day - whatever it is.

Lips, legs, hair, butts, boobs, naked necks, small of the back, and this goes without mentioning the fetishes most men keep very secret until they google it and explore it more in-depth.

So lately, for me, it's been the breasts and how there is not one definition of perfection to name although I will gladly mention my girlfriends are perfect, in sight and for her body.

While the shapes and size and nipples vary from one to the next there are so many definitions of the attractive here it's hard to narrow it down to one image alone. Perhaps that's why they are so perceived to be beautifully made and perfectly placed to view from many attractive angles. (Granted evolution has placed them at a place which makes sense and are easily accessible for their primary purpose.)

It's all with good reason my sexual mind wanders to them and since I AM a guy, I assure you I am 😉  OTHER men most definitely experience the same kind of arousal.

Either way...

Thank you and every lovely pair for being there.

While they don't represent to whole of you, they are certainly appreciated, meant to be adored, touch, kissed, felt (appropriately) AND even though I imagine they can be quite the burden at times - we (us guys who haven't been made over) are not blessed with such beauty.

What is my obsession with "boobs" lately?

Well it's not that I don't have them. I'm happy with the way I'm built as a dude.

It's not because they're a milestone to me. Getting to second base is part of the process and I DO enjoy the process. They are certainly not the pun intended "peak" of my climb; AND I'm perfectly capable of knowing when a woman likes me without her showing them off to me as a gift.

My late obsession has more to do with how amazing they are - a tribute so to speak - and a little curiosity of how attractive they can be while coming in so many shapes and size and forms and how each guy sort of has an image of the perfect breasts he would love to touch.

More curiosity of how obsessed women become over their own. The care and delicate manner they treat them because they are so important and such an integral part of a female.

Enough of an obsession for some to enhance them with surgery when it's not a medical need.

Part of me is also curious on how other men see them and what that means to you as a woman... Especially when they're caught staring at your cleavage or can't keep their eyes on your eyes.

Or how men try so very hard to imagine what they look like naked and fail all too easily to guess right.

Who's obsession is greater - yours or mine or women or men in general?

Why do guys like them so much?

Well the answer is simple and complicated at the same time. Simply put, they're normally an erogenous area kept well hidden until the time and mood is as close being right as it's going to get.

The more complicated area probably has more to do with Mothers and sons and breast-feeding and their first experience with them. Let's not go deep today, just under the bra - so to speak. We'll save the compulsive "tit" watcher for a later discussion.

My obsession is simple.

They're incredible - more specifically my girlfriends are amazing and there's nothing like them in the world.

They're unique.

They're sexy.

They're hot.

They're occasionally blessed with a firmness peeking out and up.

They deserve to be adored and treated as such and not just because they're there - but because they're part of the female form in all it's beauty.

Thank you, both of you.

My recent obsession with breasts or boobs or tits or knockers or the lesser known Frank Zappa version - "mammalian protuberances" , whatever name you give them, is perhaps me just being a guy looking for a good reason to write about them with respect - whether you get this article or not or it pisses you or makes you laugh - whatever... it's done but I will never stop loving them or stop looking at my girlfriends and not because she lets me, but because I enjoy looking at beauty.

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