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Your Relationship With Him – Communication, Understanding, & Connection

Why do guys is certainly not reserved for single women dating – this section brings out men & the relationships you’re in with him.

A good relationship always has great communication, understanding of your partner, & a unique loving connection with intimacy.

Here’s where those answers can be found to assure it’s all there.

  • This Is Why Your Sex Life Isn’t What It Used To Be With Him

    Is the sex life in your relationship not the same as it was when you first started dating? Is your man paying more attention to porn than pleasing you? Does it feel like the passion is gone? When everything else seems great & he’s not cheating, here’s the reasons why your sex life is not active anymore.

  • You’re Feeling Lost & Looking For Yourself, How To Find True Happiness

    When the past, present, & future seem to blend together, it can be very hard to find yourself & to get in touch with your true feelings. Being in touch & interacting with man often leads to relationship & dating success. Time to explore identity, destiny, & belief to see how you can solve this searching problem.

  • Shouldn’t Getting Into A Relationship Be Harder Than Getting Out?

    The common thought is, getting into a great relationship is hard, yet there are many unfortunate reasons why many impulse buy their way into a commitment. It feels like getting into a relationship is a lot easier, getting out of a bad one it tougher as we struggle to make right our wrong. I think this is backwards.

  • Why He Might Never Love His Girlfriend Or Maybe He Already Does

    This guy gets sad and disappointed when he doesn’t understand why he’s not in love with girlfriend. Is that true? Is he in denial? She’s everything and more to him but why can’t he feel it for her. I gave him this love test and he passed, so what is really happening, is he in love with her or not? Find out the truth.

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