What Being A Man Really Means To Guys & Why We Confuse Women So Much

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Is He Angry, Frustrated, or Just Painfully CONFUSED?!!!

Hello again - How are things going today? Hopefully all is well and you're ready for some crazy, I mean CRAZY facts about men, how they think, what they believe, and how all that shapes their entire masculine existence.

Yeah - it's a BIG one alright.

But first...

Have I ever told you HOW I came to know all this, let's call it "stuff" about men?

You can blame it on my Brother and his nasty friends when I was growing up. Mind you I was  fairly the popular kid in school - one of the "cool" kids but when it came to my brother and his friends they were ALL:

The WORST type ones you could imagine and they liked to have their "tease me into my manhood" way with me. (No hard feelings though I managed my own despite their lame-ass bullying.)

They were ALL great with women - dated all the beautiful girls in school and out of it too - they cheated on them, treated them like shit, played with their hearts, etc...

Which is basically why they were NOT the GOOD type ones.

AND poor little me was the all too predictable NICE GUY  type two.

(Don't forget to sign in below to fully understand the difference between these two important types of guys - it will mean something to you.)

I was one of the good guys - got nothing or little from being that way while they were rude, abusive, did lots of illegal acts, and got EVERY woman I would've laid my body down on the tracks just to have one day with any of them.

The pattern was set and it became crystal clear through the years and I promise to tell you ALL about it as we go along.

It was all so plain and obvious to me how I could nail down ALL men into two types with some minor differences based on character traits and actions.

The guys who got the most of them women.... (the ones)...

And the rest of us... (the twos)...

AND as mentioned in the book you can read when you sign up - the women I didn't want all that much who managed to get with me in those early years - mind you, there was not many of them at all, well they...

ALWAYS made me feel like I was one of THOSE guys despite my overly nice tendencies, okay I'll say it, despite the fact I WORSHIPED women to the point they probably found it creepy and me all too easy to get.

However - despite these two polarizing differences between men - I can GUARANTEE they are formed from the same template early on which sets their life up with women one way or another.

Despite the fact those guys were good with women - their secrets are all too eerily similar to the other ones too.

If you'd like to open up their heads - get a behind the scenes look into what they're thinking about - go deep inside all their private thoughts and in all fairness compare that to what I reveal to you on my blog and my letters then I want to formally suggest you seriously consider watching this BEFORE you talk to another guy:

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The video link explains it all but in a nutshell:

Over twenty-thousand men - type ones and types twos, mainly the type twos responded, they were asked deep personal questions about themselves and women just like you.

Michael put it together as part of a membership club any woman can join who wants to know these truths:

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I tell you everything because I UNDERSTAND this stuff and all the crazy feelings and experiences I've been through, but as you already know and will learn more about today - most men don't or are clueless unless they're asked specific and revealing questions.

So go check it out when we're done today and maybe you'll find it fits your heart and perfectly.


What Being A Man Really Means To Guys - How Men Think

Men can be a strange often confusing bunch.... something I'm sure you're already well aware of in your everyday life.

Part of the reason is that you and I (me being a man) communicate differently; so of course our lines can easily get crossed.

Another reason men can be confusing is because of how our brains work and how we go or set out to do things in our daily lives.

All these differences and more are explained in full details with examples in my book: Why Men Go Silent, Ignore You, Refuse or Won’t Share Their Feelings!

Here are some examples you might not have known which can make men less confusing once you know them:

We're not always wondering what something means.

We don't feel any more comfortable knowing whether something is going anywhere or not. Yes - that includes dating and relationships.

We're (mostly) just happy with the way things are on a day to day basis.

We are predominantly focused on one thing at a time and find it very difficult to do much of anything else. (Generally speaking of course.)

When we want sex, we do things to get it.

That doesn't mean we'll cheat or act otherwise morally devoid, just that our behavior might be sexually biased one way or another. No more than most women would to too.

When we want a relationship, we do things to get one.

Of course that doesn't mean any guy walking the planet knows HOW to get into one even if everything is pointed in that direction.

Most men just assume that's YOUR womanly thing and will happily follow your lead the entire way; which I guarantee is NOT a good thing.

So here's a tip: When you meet a guy who only ever wants you to lead - be careful, tread lightly, you're NOT going to like it.

THAT guy is not only a classic type two - he's what I would call a FEMALE type two. Not in the "girly" put him down way - just that when it comes to dating and relationships - that's HOW he acts.

Next up...

When we're not sure if you're the one we want to spend our lives together with, our focus becomes, well misguided, confusing, or erratic, because we have a dilemma I know most of you experience too.

Something inside us tells us just maybe we could do better.

Something just doesn't feel right... on THAT given day.

That's where our focus gets us in trouble.

One day we FEEL like there's no woman like you in the entire world and our actions show it.

Other days we're just not sure.

Who knows maybe some OTHER woman made us feel like you don't understand us as good as she does.

Maybe we feel smothered and the burden of a relationship is overwhelming.

On those days, since our focus is once again guided towards indecision our actions appear indecisive, unresponsive, short, and sometimes like you don't mean anything to us anymore...

Which could NOT be further from the truth.

It's just where our focus happened to be that day.

Told you we're a strange bunch, aren't we?

One secret to understanding men made simple is to definitely understand HOW we think.

How we perceive things.

NOT how we're unemotional because that couldn't be farther from the truth.

BUT how we interpret our emotional level and HOW we focus on those feelings day in and day out.

Also HOW we interpret our masculine role in our lives as we consider what it really means to...


Something I can tell you rarely ever crosses our minds consciously but tends to come out in our daily actions.

Let me explain.

Being a man, socially, means being in charge.

Yes I know the rules are changing, times are evolving, but that doesn't take away from the fact (others) including ourselves make it FEEL like we're supposed to be in charge.

We're "supposed" to always be strong, the leader, solid, action-orientated, and altogether masculine.

Yet here's a hard FACT about way too many men:

They wake up everyday so feeling helpless to ALL females.

They feel like YOU are in charge of THEIR destiny.

Like you're the one who will have the final say in whether you give us sex, happiness, marriage, children, love, etc...


If being a man means taking charge, actionable things, leading, making decisions, being decisive, and embracing our masculine role in the world we live in...

Where is the one "area" a guy might feel like none of it is within his control and where he feels the most helpless?

I'll answer that with ONE word:


Men deal with that dilemma early on and some cope with it incredibly well.

Some don't.

I'm not excusing men in any way shape or form.

Just merely explaining an unknown area of  guys which starts early on in their lives and what makes matters worse is that...

Many of them would say their lives do NOT revolve around YOU.

When in fact.


Their whole definition of what being a man means to them is based on women.

Yes - it's true.

Men learn early on that a huge part of being a man means pleasing you and yet in what seems at times to be a cruel joke nature has played on us, we're not shown or given the minds to make it happen.

We're given the body but not the instinctual template to go from eye contact to meeting to dating to a relationship.

We feel or just know you're already there. You're born with the courting sequence ready to fire up at a moment's notice.

We're not born with it and we're left to just either figure it or guess.

WE are supposed to lead but only YOU know where we're supposed to go.

Our masculinity is tied directly to pleasing you, courting you, making you smile, etc... giving you all we can on any given day BUT only YOU know what makes you FEEL happy or how to meet your needs.

Can you see how and why we can act a little strange at times?

Add to that crazy mix the fact most men find it difficult and extremely tough to do anything but focus on one thing at a time.

When we're working - we're there.

When we're playing around - we're there.

When we're with you and nothing else is on our minds - we're there entirely with you.

That is until something is on our mind and  draws our attention elsewhere.

You can now see how difficult it is for a man to see any relationship or dating phase too far in the future...

(As stated in the second opening of today's post.)

So we just go with it.

We go with how we're feeling that day.

We're not always wondering what something means.

We don't feel any more comfortable knowing whether something is going anywhere or not.

We're (mostly) just happy with the way things are on a day to day basis.

Today's post on men is merely a slimmed down explanation of what it means to be a man and how at times we're a walking dilemma filled with uncertainty and living one conundrum after another.

Again - lots of men THINK this way:

We are "supposed" to lead but only YOU know where we're supposed to go or how to go from one step to the next.

Read that last statement several times because it's a reveal FACT about men which can explain WHY we can be so confusing at times.

It leaves men in a constant state of confusion and it's only made comfortable or bearable for some guys - to just remain focused on one thing we feel a slight bit of control over... and for men all over the world that tends to be different from one to the next.

I'm not asking you to feel sorry for us.

I'm not asking you to forgive us or let us have it easy because of our (what it can feel at times ... a design flaw).

Just merely an inside peek into the complexity and confusion the male mind faces and how it transfers and can relate to you as you interact with one another.

The next time you see a guy - any guy - be it your boyfriend, husband, some guy checking you out, your friend. your friend's friend, your boss, your co-worker, the guy who won't stop bugging you to go out with him, and even the guy who blew you off that you're stuck seeing everyday...

Look at him with a keen eye.

Like you know something even more about him that no other woman has ever been told.

Smile lightly.

Raise an eyebrow just a little.

Imagine where he is in that moment, where his focus is, what could possibly be going on "inside his mind" and you'll see it.

Oh you will see it.

So enjoy it.

Enjoy EVERY second of it.

Please don't forget that if you want to open up and take a peek inside ALL men the video below is still up and running ready to reveal some facts about men you do not want to miss:

Click to Watch: What Men Desperately Want You To Know But Are Terrified To Tell You!

Thanks again and I do hope you've learned something or lots of interested stuff about men.

As always - if you have a simple question about men you want answered - send me a note and I'll certainly look into finding the answer for you.

Thank You For Sharing

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