Why Men Don’t Approach You & Some… Chick Bait?

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Hello again - I’m going to follow up after my last post because “Wow!” – one email stood out in the good way, another stood out in the bad way.

First the bad so I can let it all out.

She wrote,

“It’s just spam really no info. Click bait”

She unsubscribed and left me that heart felt note.

(I referred her to watch Secret Surveys)

Let’s make this clear – YES, I’m going to push my book on kindle or as a membership here.

I poured over ten years hard-core experience and it took me a year to write it. Granted, being a creative type (music and words) I’m never satisfied with the results but I still feel like it’s FILLED with helpful information ANY woman can benefit from in some way.

In other words, it's not perfect but can be enlightening and helpful to many women which hopefully includes you.

I literally left my “cushiony” day job to pursue this new more exciting and rewarding career. Doing so and sending you to the BEST experts on men, dating, and relationships out there goes along with it.

BUT I maintain my integrity.

I don’t push click bait, I don’t spam, and I actually spend some time each day ridding all the nonsense that hinders why do guys as those bad folks try to hack away and steal EVERYTHING I’ve poured my heart and soul into.

Yet, I DO spend a lot of time thinking about YOU and What I can do to get you where you want to go in as few words as possible in the least expensive way too.

Hey – I can GUARANTEE it’s not all free.

Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s all bad and it certainly doesn’t mean it’s all free.

You might complain (as you should) if some psychologist charges a healthy penny but you would assume it’s his career, it’s his financial means of living his life and supporting himself and his family too.

Enough of that…  let’s move on to MEN and this woman’s sincere request which rightfully deserves a simple answer.

“Why don’t young guys (45 and under) approach women?  Most guys look but afraid to approach me…”

I’ve answered this question many times in my life and the very real, short answers are:

  • A Fear of Rejection
  • An Insecurity and a Disbelief in themselves
  • A lack of Confidence AND…
  • They just don’t know What to Say or How

Really simply stuff here. Don't read into too much and it will make much more sense.

My long-time mentor and past dating coach taught me how to overcome all that junk above so I'd like to quote him. Please note the similarities when we talk about the two types of guys and my theories on that subject:

“There are only 2 kinds of men…

TYPE #1: Men who feel paralyzing FEAR and ANXIETY whenever they meet or talk to a beautiful woman.


TYPE #2: Men who feel CALM, CONFIDENT and SECURE about it, no matter what the situation.”

There Are Only 2 Kinds Of Men – 3 Steps To An Attitude For Dating Success

You can change the “meet or talk” to the guys who are so paralyzed and frozen, ALL they will EVER do is STARE and never do anything about it.

I’m not going to defend guys – they have a clear CHOICE to get over it but refuse to because, strangely enough…

MOST men will never become a type one on the deepest level and yeah, that’s a bit confusing because of the quote above so I'll clear it up:

The TYPE ONE I’m talking about is the guy who IS confident and secure and GETS it, and...

The majority of type twos (the guys who don’t get it) won’t EVER change or make the conscious decision to better their relationships with women because it makes them feel like less than a man to try which is why they downgrade to just staring at you.

It's eerily similar to the reason why guys won’t ask for directions when they’re lost.

Different circumstance.

Same reason.

This is a HUGE reason why in my understanding men made simple report I send you when you sign up is:

IF you want to attract a type two, ALL you really need to do are certain things which make him feel like a type one and make sure he connects those feelings to YOU.

The connections you want to make and how to do it all ARE covered by the sweet Rori Raye in her ebook:

Click, I mean "chick" bait WARNING: (... jokingly of  course...)

Get The Relationship You Want - Why Men Fall Head Over Heels For Some Women And Not Others & How To Be One Of Those Women!

I can not tell you how many women I wasn’t into who boosted my confidence while I was around them and suddenly, as if it came from out of nowhere, I started feeling something more towards them.

But this all comes with a fair warning as to how you can achieve this:

Do not do it directly!

It’s highly masculine and will (in all likelihood) do nothing but harm your future relationship with him.

But that’s not for today’s discussion – after all I’ve got lots of spam and click bait to send you today.

I’m joking!


The kind woman who wrote me clearly isn’t interested in meeting or dating a type two guy.

She wants a guy who exhibits all the GOOD qualities of my type one.

She wants a POWERFUL man who makes her feel amazing, attracted, and in love.

The trick to getting that type is more about yourself – how you connect and communicate with him and how YOU live your life AND a little about making sure he IS one of the good ones, because unfortunately, the guys who do know their stuff and “got it going on” are not more likely to play – but have the ability to do it.

Those powerful guys, when they see someone they want – will rarely hesitate.

I’m not saying they’ll easily commit to you and do everything for you, just that moving forward when they meet their special one is part of who they are and what they do.

You'll want to make sure a few things are going on.

You're a relatively as (best as you can be) type one woman.

Confident. Secure. Fun. Open. In the Moment.

No need to have it all, a little in each goes along way and boost the others too.

When it comes to relating all of yourself to a man - learn to communicate your perfect feminine counterpart already inside you over to his masculine side.

When two people can achieve that, it's a combination that creates fire, passion, love, etc.

YES - I know, it can easier said than done.

AND as much as it pains me to say this, just because you got all that going for you in no way guarantees results, because there still must be a CONNECTION made with him.

Something which goes beyond the sexual and physical intimacy which is the relatively easier one.

That's the really hard part. Trust me it IS!

Dating Coaches and the Salesman know how extremely difficult it can be for you.

They come at you with lots of skills designed to show you how to, of course,  connect with a man in the REAL SPOT which makes him fall madly in love with you, and stay there too.

One friend says it happens when a man is testing you.

So you have to pass those early tests.

Another says it is through his heart which means you must find a way to open yours while not appearing all needy and desperate - in other words, through attractive communication.

When that happens he has no choice but to feel relaxed and confident when he shares his heart with you.

That's Rori's advice I mentioned above.

Get The Relationship You Want - Why Men Fall Head Over Heels For Some Women And Not Others & How To Be One Of Those Women!

Another says it's not about chemistry and how relying on chemistry will only get you the wrong man.  Or at least a quick failing relationship. The burn too bright ones we are all aware of.

He's not against chemistry, but his best advice is to have you look in a too often missed place to find a REAL connection that will last and grow too.

His name is:

More click "chick" bait?  ... Evan Marc Katz

His Secret to Not Only Keeping a Man Totally Hooked But Making Him Feel That He Never Wants to Leave

If you've had troubles in the past, he IS the guy for you.

One more says it about respect and making him feel and play the role of your hero, without giving up your integrity and your own personal power.

(I guess that would be the tricky part and what is mainly taught to you.)

Click chick thing coming up again...

Really? 74% of Men Said They Would Rather Feel Unloved than Disrespected - Watch The Respect Principle To Learn Why

So YEAH...

I'm sure you can tell I've certainly done my research on these "connections" with men, including my own as being a man, and I've come to find it's not all black and white, BUT it's open enough in a way which is great news:

There are endless ways to make that important connection happen and often it can be done effortless and intuitively.

Once it's learned and practiced, it becomes a part of you.

If things done work out, you still get to take it with you.

We'll continue to talk more about these connections later.

In the meantime...

Let me know what you think:

  • What are your experiences in connecting with a guy?
  • Have you ever thought about the different types of connections?
  • What's worked or not worked for you in the past?
  • Do you think men see "love and connection" in the same way a woman does?

Always happy to hear from you and despite the VERY FEW bad letters I get....

I read them all and take them to heart.

All the best and we'll talk again real soon.

Have a great day!

Opening "chick bait" image credit: Achim Bongard


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  • Nika

    Hah, I can tell you’re “type 2 guy”. You get butthurt too easy, passive aggressive and hold grudge.
    I don’t blame the first woman about “click bait” I would do the same.
    Also, you go on and on about how you want to “teach”, heh, women about men but between the lines all you want is a submissive woman. Why? Because you don’t the dick to be a man (like most “men”) you need some bitch to feed your ego, hah! What a joke! It’s not that we don’t have enough submissive c..nts as it is.
    Thanks so the laugh now you’ll have to excuse I feel disgusted by the bullshit I read, feel like I need a shower.

    PS: Have fun replying to this, I’m sure you have lots more passive aggressive bullshit ways to vent on and give another reader a good laugh, at you.

    • Nika,

      Thanks for sharing. If you made any kind of sense (or a legitimate argument for your case) I might take the time to discus them with you but you didn’t go there. Name calling and odd accusations are not really what I would call “adult” in nature so when you “grow up” a little – feel free to leave another wonderfully well-written comment.

      You’re welcome for the laugh. Always happy to oblige.

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