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I just sat through yet another long boring "video" presentation. (more on that below) ... It was about some woman who was perfect in every way...

Seriously, she apparently was EVERYTHNG and she believed guys "should" want to commit to her, but they never do and she couldn't figure out why.

A guy she was dating for a while who was "perfect" himself - who told her how great she was, how she was the one he was looking for BUT for some reason, didn't follow through and eventually broke up with her.

She kept the story going by deciding to remain friends with him, because she believed eventually, he would change his mind and they'd live happily ever after... because as I said earlier:

She KNEW she had it "going on" and she was "all that".

However things did not work out that way...

He (her ex boyfriend) confided in her just as she watched him get REAL close to another woman on social media - that he was FINALLY engaged and in love with another woman. Something she had a sneaky suspicion was happening under her very eyes anyways.

She just KNEW it!

She was terribly heartbroken until she met a man who explained why this was always happening to her AND how she can use his "scripts" he formulated (because he's a psychologist) to get ANY man to make him feel SHE is the one for him.

So what this guy is saying is, even IF you're the perfect woman it won't equate or get you a man until you TAP into some left-over psychology trigger a man has that makes him see you and no one else.

Okay well DUH!!!

And I don't mean that nicely.

Perfection has and NEVER will equate to love.

I can guarantee if you think or believe you're perfect, not many REAL man will even touch you.

But I know you don't think that way so it's all good.

Getting a guy to throw down everything just to be with you will NEVER be about doing it all perfectly. It won't even about him thinking you're the perfect woman for him because...




The good, the bad, and all the junk in between.

To me this a GREAT news!!!!

You get to screw it up once in a while.

You get to say the wrong things.

You get to act all weird and wild.

You get to BE a human BEING.

Men HATE perfection just as much as you do.

It's scary, isn't it?

Think about when you see someone who looks perfect, maybe it's famous singer or a movie star, maybe it's your favorite author, OR some off-the-beat overly passionate guy writing you newsletters you signed up for - ahem ahem....

HOW does it make you FEEL?

Small. Unimportant. Non-influential. A failure. Someone who just can't seem to get things right...

Well that's exactly how it feels to a guy too.

Which is just one BIG reason MEN DO NOT WANT PERFECTION from a woman.

You see - this recent "infomercial" I sat through "hoping" it would be something you can use made me realize something which is scary....

The post I wrote you a few weeks ago, about what a guy needs to feel to fall in love with you (which I came up with thinking about what goes on inside a man's mind when he actually does fall in love) is not all good.

He literally has to question EVERYTHING.

He has to cycle through ALL his emotions.

The good, the bad, and all the nasty junk in between.

Here's the part that REALLY sucks the explicit deleted, no, never mind, you're better than that - sucks the BIG one!

I'm not coddling your ass as if I'm some guy "pretending" he doesn't swear.

(I occasionally let it fly in front of my daughter, nicely and NOT at her, but because I don't have a very effective filter on my mouth sometimes.)

Point is...

The guy who wrote the product "as advertised from the video in some woman's voice" claims he knows words you can say to "trigger" his feelings of love - but I've already written what he needs to feel...

I just don't know HOW to put the words in your mouth to make it happen for you at this moment in time...

AND that pisses me off a lot more than you could imagine!

I know it's more than about what you SAY.

Guys don't even listen half the time anyways. Okay they DO listen, but WHAT is HEARD is where things get all messed up and that generally goes for both men and women too.

Again - it's more than about what you say because I know the harder you TRY to make someone FEEL something, the less you'll make them feel anything but what you want out of them.

I haven't formulated EXACTLY HOW it's done, in a way which I can get, give, or "sell" to you but...

WHAT I DO know is that IF you're in a position where and when a guy is not moving forward with you, where love seems to allude you with him, when you keep doing things to make it all right, how you're frustrated because the answers you seek are not coming and NOBODY seems to understand your very real PERSONAL problem and how to fix it...

Almost as if your life experiences with men is likened to running on a treadmill.... lots of steps which get you nowhere.


Thinking and believing and TRYING to do the perfect thing or say the perfect words isn't the ANSWER to your problems.

Scripts can work. They do have a place and can be an essential skill, but the answers are someplace else.

My SECRET, share if you like it but this gets me in trouble more times than not...


GO there.

STOP being so afraid of losing something you don't even have yet or already DO have.

IF ANY guy can't take your bullshit, if he can't put it out for you, if he's afraid, if you're afraid, if you're living life SCARED of the consequences of your words or actions - afraid to offend - afraid to upset AND...

You're NOT living in a dream world where your opinions or beliefs are not made or built from blame, shame, or indignity to others because they have or got something you want and don't have...

Then yes - Love will become a controlled event in your life and LOVE CAN NOT BE CONTROLLED, CONFINED, BULLIED.... or molded into something you want it to be...


The good, the bad, and all the junk in between.

Now I KNOW you have an opinion on what I've thrown at you today so let it out, let it ALL out...

I LOVE listening because I literally THRIVE off the passion of others.

AND since I'm not against to helping you find a way to make it all happen, you'll find the story below:

Here's the video I watched:

Sad Woman Pushed Away

Click to Watch the Video: Make Him Sure - Her Broken Hearted Story

Or the written version for those of you who prefer to read:

Why Men Push Away Their 'Perfect Girl'


Thank you so much for listening today - I really do appreciate it.

If you want to hear more about MY definition and love and how I can get you there - as best as I can because remember, it's not as easy as it looks and when it comes to me as we go along, I guarantee you WILL be the first to hear about it...

Just send me a message and I'll read it.

Have a great day we'll talk again real soon!

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Transparent Thoughts On Video Ads:

Everyone knows all about the heart tugging video ads designed to sell you their product. You'll find one on this post. They are boring to me because in my business I have to watch many of them and since I'm not a woman looking for answer, it's hard to relate to them directly.

I mean no harm and my intention is not to down-play or degrade the manner in which they are served. I DO believe in many products and I do believe it's part of my life journey to get the right information to the right people, at hopefully the "perfect" time.

The biggest problem I have is that there are way too many of them which are almost exactly the same as the last one you probably sat through - but there's little I can do to change that. Their business model works, who am I to question it. I'll just continue to do things my way.

They are linked with my affiliate attached to it, meaning I may earn a commission if bought and not refunded. I do hope you're aware of that.

If not - please read this.

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