3 Tips To Make Him Love You Deeply

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Written By Clayton Max, Creator of Infatuation Scripts - Make Him Sure.

What do you do when you're falling hard for a special man? Is your mind overwhelmed with love and desire for him, yet you don't know how to demonstrate it?

Possibly you're worried that he might find you too extreme and retreat, or maybe you're worried he'll be drawn into someone else's arms.

Whatever the scenario , I have 3 awesome approaches to make him feel an extreme, all consuming craving for you.

# 1. Gently Work Your Way Into His Mind.

A lot of women presume that men intend to sleep with a date as soon as possible. But from my research, I identified that you're most likely to successfully pull him in by becoming close friends with him first.

Now, I understand that sounds scary since this could get you moved to the "Friend Zone". Yet the suggestion is to not hop in bed right away and to draw it out a little.

The fact is, guys respond to the wonderful torment of the "slow burn".

If you follow my advice, you can maintain this tango till his mind gets to a level where he can't imagine being 'just friends' with you .

He'll begin to feel an instinctive desire to take things to a more romantic level.

# 2. The Key To His Heart.

A great relationship happens when two people have a routine of connecting in a gentle, loving manner .

Of course, in reality this isn’t always the case, especially when disagreements pop up .

But for the most part, a connection prospers when there are more moments of affirmation than hostility or criticism.

That's the reason why he is most likely to react constructively to a woman that recognizes his strengths and then encourages them through words of positive affirmation.

As an example, you can easily mention to him how strong he looks wearing his brand-new shirt, or even the way he remembers all that information about cars or cinema or whatever he's into.

Think about the characteristics that you like in him, then put in the effort to tell him.

Use These Scripts To Activate A Man's Infatuation Instinct And See The Dramatic Difference In How He Responds

# 3. Make Use Of Powerful Body Signals.

Have you ever observed how some lovers seem to perfectly complement each other?

I'm referring to the manner in which they finish the other's sentences and already recognize what the other is thinking about without needing to say anything.

You might notice this uncommon occurrence in happy couples, whether it's your colleague and her husband or your grandparents. When they appear to simply naturally connect on a deep, unspoken level .

If you want to replicate that closeness and set the direction for you and your partner, begin with body language .

Obviously, a long-term partnership requires you to create a life-story of mutual growth and so on. Yet matching his expressions and mannerisms, for example, is a powerful way to put down the initial foundation.

For example, if you're on an adventure with him and he's having fun , he will probably be wearing a content and engaged expression on his beautiful face.

Here you can reflect the brightness of his expression and, instantly, that will enable you to create a subconscious emotional synergy with him.

This experience is nothing short of remarkable, and it will definitely feel like it .

The moment you start using these things, you will begin placing your partnership on a much better path. Treat these as habits you can adopt as part of your day-to-day routine, like going to the market or making deposits at the bank.

You'll notice that quickly, your connection is going to be abundant with passionate love and you will have a lot of it to go around for many years to come.

Furthermore, did you know that you can also whisper a few specific words to him and make him instantly love you even HARDER?

It seems crazy, however there's a combination of words that can actually change a male's emotional state and create burning feelings of passion for you.

The truth is that it's based on an odd psychological concept .

Any female can apply this with a mix of certain words that will develop a powerful effect on the way he sees you.

It's virtually like re-wiring his mind so that he can not think of spending the rest of his life with any woman but you. Honestly, it's a degree of devotion that's almost scary.

If you're ready for this kind of dedication, however, you can find out the secrets to this method right here:

How To Use Infatuation Scripts To Make Him Sure That You're The One For Him

Make Him Say HELL YEAH To Being With You!

Here's the TRUTH: You don’t want a guy to settle for you.

You don’t want him to choose you just because he “might as well”.

And you don’t want to have to CONVINCE him you’re the one for him.

Or worse, NAG him for his attention and affection.

You want him to WANT YOU so bad you’re his last thought before he falls asleep and his first thought when he wakes up…

In other words:

You don’t want him to say “ok’ to the idea of being with you…

You want him to say “hell yeah!”

Because he’s ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN you’re the one for him:

This makes him say “hell yeah!” to being with you!

So… how do you change his mind about you so he becomes absolutely sure you’re the only woman for him?

The answer has nothing to do with being his ‘perfect woman’…

Nothing to do with having the qualities he THINKS he wants…

And nothing to do with CONVINCING him you’re right for him.

If you want a man to have that “hell yeah!” feeling about you:

You have to get him INFATUATED with you.

You see, men are naturally reluctant to devote themselves to one woman…

The very idea of commitment freaks them out…

Like a cat running away from a sudden noise.

But researchers at Rutgers University have discovered an ‘emotional tripwire’ in the male brain which overrides his natural reluctance…

Wipes out any doubts he has…

And focuses all his desire onto one woman.

So he no longer fears ‘missing out’.

It’s called the Infatuation Instinct.

And once you set it off in a man…

It creates a chemical change in his brain…

Which wipes out any LOGICAL reasons he might have not to choose you By literally putting those parts of his brain which feel ‘doubtful’ or ‘hesitant’ to sleep…

The lesson is simple:

You can’t convince a man to want to be with you.

But if you trigger his infatuation instinct, he’ll convince HIMSELF you’re the only one he wants.

Find Out How to Trigger a Man’s Infatuation Instinct Here!

I could keep going on... but you need to get going with your weekend and you need to watch this.

Make sure you do!

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