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Written By Clayton Max, Creator of Infatuation Scripts - Make Him Sure.

"A girl must be 2 things: classy and also incredible ."

-- Coco Chanel

Whether you're trying to find a future companion, or currently have one, it pays to have a few key habits to keep the attraction growing .

The thing about guys is they don't necessarily know how to articulate what they're looking for in a relationship.

A lot of men never exactly learned about expressing their emotions when they were younger. So it can be complicated for them to explain their desires.

And this causes miscommunication and unfulfilled expectations, which can create problems .

The good news is , I'm here to give you the inside track to exactly how men think about relationships. Drawing from my experience and from helping my clients, below are the Top 5 Behaviors That Make Guys Crazy About You:

# 1: Playing Hard to Get (the right way).

I know this could seem like familiar territory , but listen up.

Commonly, many women (and guys too!) try to make somebody like them by putting on a detached-but- I-might-be-in -to-you type of act.

Additionally, these women might wait for a few days before replying to messages so they don't look desperate. Even worse, they act like they've got better things to do, expecting it'll make a guy more interested in them.

However this approach tends to backfire.

Doing this sends mixed messages - and if it keeps happening he'll at some point see through it. This, of course, is a huge turn-off.

It's perfectly natural to show interest in a person when you like him, so there's no reason in this day and age to play childish mind games.

Rather, you can take a different approach -- one that shows authenticity.

Send your guy hints that you like him, and be engaged when you're together.

Experts say that a man starts falling in love with a woman once they recognize that they are wanted.

As for "playing hard to get", that means actually being busy. That's not the type of busy where you're at home and ignoring your messages.

Be to be "busy" or "engaged" with all aspects of life. You've got your job, social life, leisure activities and other interests that make you well-rounded and unique woman.

If living an engaging life means that you're unavailable from time to time, that's fine .

Richard Wiseman, who wrote the book "59 Seconds: Change Your Life in Under a Minute", looked further into this .

He found that individuals who were hard to get gave the perception that they are a scarce resource. Nonetheless, they ALSO needed to be enthusiastic toward the other person to successfully create attraction.

By doing this , it put the subject in a more balanced and appealing light.

# 2: Rock His World!

In short , you need to create intense emotions within a guy when you're together . This will make him link those emotions to you, which naturally produces the desire to be with you.

In an MIT study, behavioral researchers identified that individuals have a tendency of transferring their feelings from one setting to the next.

How does this apply?

For instance, if you nearly had a car crash on your way to work, you would carry those upset thoughts with you into the workplace. That previous, unconnected experience would bleed into the remainder of your day.

This is known as "emotional mis-attribution" or "psychological leakage " - the human propensity to connect strong feelings to the closest person, even if they had little to do with it.

Additionally, it has to do with the fact that being physically aroused can quickly translate into a sexual attraction.

So, if you can find a way to keep things exciting for him - like doing sports or something physically stimulating - then he'll latch those feelings onto you.

# 3: Encourage His Jokes.

For sure, many women react to this recommendation with a raised eyebrow.

But hear me out - this can be huge for building momentum in a relationship.

To start with, I'm not telling you to roll on the floor in hysterics at every one of his awful "dad-jokes".

But go on an show it when his efforts to amuse you succeed.

Studies show that wit is a big aspect of sexual attraction.

As you already know, women are drawn to men who are funny or clever because it suggests intellect (which is an alluring trait).

But studies done by Westfield State College, University of Western Ontario, and McMaster University state that "men preferred those who were receptive to their own humor, particularly for sexual relationships."

This looks like it's not so much about treating a man 's ego with kid gloves ... but more about his desire to be valued in a relationship.

Believe me, I work with many men who have "appreciation" as one of their top priorities in a relationship.

So, valuing his humor is a good step in that direction.

# 4: Let Your Friends Be Your Cheerleaders.

A multitude of studies show that having a strong group of friends will boost your appeal to a man who is interested in you.

For example, there's research from Tilburg University in the Netherlands and the University of California which both identified what's known as "The Cheerleader Effect."

This essentially concludes that a person's judgement of you changes for the better once you're in a team.

At first glance, you could think it's due to the fact that you'll appear more sociable or friendly.

But there's one more angle to it.

You see, we have a habit of classifying individual elements (like shapes, objects and people) into a general group.

This is mostly a hardwired survival trait to not focus only on one point - and rather the whole picture (similar to peripheral vision) . And this instinct applies to an individual 's social life as well.

So as a tip, you can change your Facebook (and online dating) profile to a photo where you're having fun with a few friends.

Just ensure it's clear who you are in the photo so you don't get lost in a sea of faces!

Planning to meet a new fella in an event ?

Bring a couple of your girlfriends with you! Social proof is a powerful attraction-enhancer , so make the most of it .

# 5: Appeal to His Sensual Appetite.

No surprise here. Any guy who's interested in a woman will obviously desire physical intimacy in the relationship .

However you might be stunned - and downright worried - how many women are struggling in this department .

A lot of don't even realize power of using their feminine charm to win him over.

And I'm not saying you need to act out an adult film to get him excited.

What I am saying is that you should be more familiar with a guy's desires and what he responds to.

For example, some women underestimate the power of physical touch.

Most guys go their entire lives not knowing the pure pleasure of a reassuring pat on the back, a hug, or other kinds of love .

Women, on the other hand, tend to experience this on a daily basis.

So making use of touch is a powerful way to spark his senses - whether it's brushing against his arm or leg "accidentally " ...

... or putting your hand on his arm for a couple of seconds.

Bear in mind, men like the flirty chase, and the delicious pleasure of the "slow burn."

And of course, men also appreciate variety when it comes to in between the sheets. Trying something new once in a while can really keep him excited .

Even Better, discuss your mutual desires. What he's curious to try, and maybe you have your own burning desires.

One final thing - there's another characteristic I forgot to mention earlier, yet it can be immensely powerful in taking attraction to a whole new.

Research done at Rutgers University found a unique psychological quality in guys called an "emotional tripwire."

When you understand exactly how this works - and how to implement it (which is incredibly easy ) ...

... your guy will quickly get in a state of extreme infatuation.

It's like a splinter in his brain, and he'll be incapable of seeing any other women in a romantic way - other than YOU.

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