Why Men Always Ignore Particular Women

Man Ignoring Woman

Written By Clayton Max, Creator of Infatuation Scripts - Make Him Sure.

All her life, Tanya was constantly told she was "outstanding", "A great catch", "gorgeous", and "perfect wife material" by the men she'd been out with.

Yet all those reassuring words actually made her feel bad.

Because the unfortunate truth is:

Despite how fantastic they SAID she was, they still weren't PICKING her.

Which implied that they were all either not telling the truth, or there was something else wrong with her: Something so undesirable that they couldn't bring themselves to continue with her.

"It made me feel broken" she explained.

"Why am I never good enough for the men I feel a connection with ?".

"All I want is for someone to want me".

So, what makes a man choose a certain woman while not feeling it with others? This is the fundamental question that has plagued women for all of time.

Today, science may finally have the answer.

According to new research released in the scientific journal, "Archives of Sexual Behavior"*, men don't choose partners based on "logical reasons".

As relationship and dating coach Clayton Max explain,

"It's not about checking off the boxes on a man's checklist of what makes his 'ideal partner '. A woman can not convince a man to want to be with her".

As a matter of fact, Max says, when a woman attempts to persuade a man, pressure him, or show him just how ideal she is, 9 times out of 10 it's going to backfire, since these behaviors actually indicate the reverse of what makes men confidently sure she is it for him.

"The reality is" according to Max, "men choose women that do one thing and one thing only:

They choose partners who can make them feel the hypnotic emotion of INFATUATION".

Psychologists have discovered that infatuation originates from a subconscious instinct deep within the brain...

Either it's switched on or it's switched off.

When his infatuation response is triggered, it doesn't matter if a woman has any of the personality traits he's been looking for.

They could be completely 'incompatible' according to his criteria, however he'll make time for her. He'll move cities to be with her. He will do what it takes to be with her.

Because the Infatuation Instinct essentially causes him to ignore everything else other than wanting to be with her.

So exactly how does a woman turn on a man's Infatuation Response...

To make him so overwhelmed with desire for her he's willing to do what ever it takes to convince her how much he wants her?

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Why Men Push Away Their Perfect Girl!

When you meet a guy you’re really into…

It’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to be his “dream girl”.

You exhibit all the ‘good girlfriend’ qualities, trying to show him you’re:

  • A good listener
  • selfless
  • loyal
  • attentive
  • there for him
  • And so on…

In the hopes that you’ll check every box on his list and be his natural choice.

The problem with this approach is: It almost NEVER works!

So you’re disappointed and frustrated when he chooses another woman who has almost NONE of the qualities he says he wants.

Because despite priding themselves on how logical and rational they are…

Men don’t choose the woman who’s the best LOGICAL choice for them.

Instead, they choose the woman who makes them FEEL certain things…


A man will choose the woman who unlocks feelings of INFATUATION in him

Get Exact Scripts on How to Make a Man Feel Infatuated With You!

You see, researchers at Rutgers University recently discovered that men are wired with a primal ‘infatuation instinct’…

Which releases powerful emotions inside a man…

Overrides any ‘rational objections’ he might have to being with you…

And erases all feelings of doubt…

Making him absolutely sure you’re the only woman he wants.

When choosing between a woman who ‘makes sense’ for him…

And one who’s tapped into his infatuation instinct…

He’ll choose the one who’s triggered his infatuation instinct EVERY TIME.

So if you’re NOT triggering his infatuation instinct…

But instead hoping and praying he chooses you because you’re the best girl for him…

You need to change your approach right now before it’s too late.

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