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Why Men Disappear, Go Silent or Pull Away In Dating & Relationships

Men do seem to disappear very randomly and often at pivotal times in the dating and relationship process. This section will show you why men pull away, why men are into you one minute and then barely pay attention to you, why they go silent at times, and all the reasons for their common disappearance from you.

  • He Said The Spark Disappeared – What Happened To The Connection You Had

    He said he was physically attracted to you, interested, dated you & doesn’t know why, but the spark has left him. You feel connected to him. You know you’re everything a guy would want but he still vanishes & disappears. The answer to what really happened is here and it’s all about the connection you thought you had.

  • Why He Lost Interest & Is Keeping You Around Anyways – Stop Chasing Him!

    A second date with him ended in an awkward moment of silence, has he lost interest? A few rules of dating to follow to keep him attracted to you. The real issues of needy and desperate to a guy, what to do when it happens, what guys really care about, how they always have something going on and why to never chase him.

  • He’s Losing Interest & You Tried Everything To Fix Your Relationship – What Comes Next?

    In a long distant relationship with a guy whose behavior is changing. She feels he’s losing interest. She don’t feel like a couple anymore. He’s accused her of overthinking. He doesn’t act like he cares now. She pushed the relationship and tried everything. What caused his change. How communication is key to their success.

  • How NOT To Communicate To A Changing Guy You’re In Relationship With

    You’re in a relationship with him for eight months and you feel him changing. You tell him how you feel and he doesn’t respond well. He feels like you’re accusing and starting a fight. He goes silent and you text him the only solution might be to break up. How to handle it this communication relationship problem.

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