The Lies People Tell – 3 Main Reasons Why We Are All Liars

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All people lie some of the time. They use words to convey their lies while their body language usually gives them away. This is curious. Why did evolution prefer this self defeating strategy?

The answer lies in the causes of the phenomenon.

We lie for three main reasons and these give rise to three categories of lies:

1. The Empathic Lie - is a lie told with the intention of sparing someone's feelings.

It is a face saving lie - but someone else's face. It is designed to prevent a loss of social status, the onslaught of social sanctions, the process of judgement involved in both.

It is a derivative of our ability to put ourselves in someone else's shoes - that is, to empathize.

It is intended to spare OUR feelings, which are bound to turn more and more unpleasant the more we sympathize with the social-mental predicament of the person lied to.

The reverse, brutal honesty, at all costs and in all circumstances - is a form of sadistic impulse.

The lie achieves its goal only if the recipient cooperates, does not actively seek the truth out and acquiescently participates in the mini-drama unfolding in his honor.

2. The Egocentric Lie - is a lie intended to further the well being of the liar.

This can be achieved in one of two ways.

The lie can help the liar to achieve his goals (a Goal Seeking Lie) or to avoid embarrassment, humiliation, social sanctions, judgement, criticism and, in general, unpleasant experiences related to social standing (a Face Saving Lie).

The Goal Seeking Lie is useful only when considering the liar as an individual, independent unit.

The Face Saving type is instrumental only in social situations. We can use the terms: Individualistic Lie and Social Lie respectively.

3.. The Narcissistic Lie - is separated from his brethren by its breadth and recursiveness.

It is all-pervasive, ubiquitous, ever recurring, all encompassing, entangled and intertwined with all the elements of the liar's life and personality.

Moreover, it is a lie of whose nature the liar is not aware and he is convinced of its truth.

But the people surrounding the Narcissist liar notice the lie.

The Narcissist-liar is rather like a hunchback without a mirror. He does not believe in the reality of his own hump.

It seems that where the liar does not believe his own lies - he succeeds in convincing his victims rather effectively.

When he does believe in his own inventions - he fails miserably at trapping his fellow men.

Confabulations are an important part of life. They serve to heal emotional wounds or to prevent ones from being inflicted in the first place.

They prop-up the confabulator's self-esteem, regulate his (or her) sense of self-worth, and buttress his (or her) self-image. They serve as organizing principles in social interactions.

Father's wartime heroism, mother's youthful good looks, one's oft-recounted exploits, erstwhile alleged brilliance, and past purported sexual irresistibility - are typical examples of white, fuzzy, heart-warming lies wrapped around a shriveled kernel of truth.

But the distinction between reality and fantasy is rarely completely lost.

Deep inside, the healthy confabulator knows where facts end and wishful thinking takes over.

Father acknowledges he was no war hero, though he did his share of fighting.

Mother understands she was no ravishing beauty, though she may have been attractive.

The confabulator realizes that his recounted exploits are overblown, his brilliance exaggerated, and his sexual irresistibility a myth.

Such distinctions never rise to the surface because everyone - the confabulator and his audience alike - have a common interest to maintain the confabulation.

To challenge the integrity of the confabulator or the veracity of his confabulations is to threaten the very fabric of family and society. Human intercourse is built around such entertaining deviations from the truth.

This is where the narcissist differs from others (from "normal" people).

His very self is a piece of fiction concocted to fend off hurt and to nurture the narcissist's grandiosity.

He fails in his "reality test" - the ability to distinguish the actual from the imagined.

The narcissist fervently believes in his own infallibility, brilliance, omnipotence, heroism, and perfection.

He doesn't dare confront the truth and admit it even to himself.

Moreover, he imposes his personal mythology on his nearest and dearest. Spouse, children, colleagues, friends, neighbors - sometimes even perfect strangers - must abide by the narcissist's narrative or face his wrath.

The narcissist countenances no disagreement, alternative points of view, or criticism.

To him, confabulation IS reality.

The coherence of the narcissist's dysfunctional and precariously-balanced personality depends on the plausibility of his stories and on their acceptance by his Sources of Narcissistic Supply.

The narcissist invests an inordinate time in substantiating his tales, collecting "evidence", defending his version of events, and in re-interpreting reality to fit his scenario.

As a result, most narcissists are self-delusional, obstinate, opinionated, and argumentative.

The narcissist's lies are not goal-orientated.

This is what makes his constant dishonesty both disconcerting and incomprehensible.

The narcissist lies at the drop of a hat, needlessly, and almost ceaselessly.

He lies in order to avoid the Grandiosity Gap - when the abyss between fact and (narcissistic) fiction becomes too gaping to ignore.

The narcissist lies in order to preserve appearances, uphold fantasies, support the tall (and impossible) tales of his False Self and extract Narcissistic Supply from unsuspecting sources, who are not yet on to him.

To the narcissist, confabulation is not merely a way of life - but life itself.

We are all conditioned to let other indulge in pet delusions and get away with white, not too egregious, lies.

The narcissist makes use of our socialization. We dare not confront or expose him, despite the outlandishness of his claims, the improbability of his stories, the implausibility of his alleged accomplishments and conquests.

We simply turn the other cheek, or meekly avert our eyes, often embarrassed.

Moreover, the narcissist makes clear, from the very beginning, that it is his way or the highway.

His aggression - even violent streak - are close to the surface. He may be charming in a first encounter - but even then there are telltale signs of pent-up abuse.

His interlocutors sense this impending threat and avoid conflict by acquiescing with the narcissist's fairy tales.

Thus he imposes his private universe and virtual reality on his milieu - sometimes with disastrous consequences.

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