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  • Men!!! Need I Say More? How Tired Of Them Are You?

    You’re a complex woman. You’re a smart woman. You want to understand men but all they do is frustrate, confuse, and make you want to scream men so loudly you’d think they’d finally get the point. When you want to get past all the needless blame, answer these questions honestly to find a new path to understanding.

  • When The Chronic Pain Gets Too Big To Handle, Here’s How I Deal With It

    Dealing with chronic pain can be physically, emotionally, and mentally challenging for anyone. The complete answer is not here along with my personal story & experience, but I wanted to share a little hopefully helpful advice to ease any suffering you might feel chronically. Be it related to men or a sad disease.

  • 4 Ways You Can Become Instantly More Attractive To A Great Man

    If you could change a few things you do in your life & adopt a few simple mindsets, would you? When the goal is being happy, accepting more love, being more desirable, & meeting a great guy, then I believe you already know the answer is yet. Here are some easy ways to enjoy life more while attracting a guy too.

  • Step Out Of The Man Circle & Learn A Direct Path To Any Guy’s Heart

    Does it feel like you’re going in circles with men? You feel like you’re only meeting two type of guys, one is boring & doesn’t do it for you, the other sparks fly with lots of chemistry, yet getting him to commit to you seems impossible. Here’s your chance to break the cycle & get off the merry go round with men.

  • You’re Feeling Lost & Looking For Yourself, How To Find True Happiness

    When the past, present, & future seem to blend together, it can be very hard to find yourself & to get in touch with your true feelings. Being in touch & interacting with man often leads to relationship & dating success. Time to explore identity, destiny, & belief to see how you can solve this searching problem.

  • The Dating Relationship Business – Who & What’s Really In It For You

    An unpublished interview with Peter White from why do guys answers questions on modern dating & relationship problems, the business side of dating coaches & if they take advantage of women, and pick up artists. Marketing, salesmanship, ethics, and preying on the hardship of women. What different & what is very similar.

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