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  • The Dating Relationship Business – Who & What’s Really In It For You

    An unpublished interview with Peter White from why do guys answers questions on modern dating & relationship problems, the business side of dating coaches & if they take advantage of women, and pick up artists. Marketing, salesmanship, ethics, and preying on the hardship of women. What different & what is very similar.

  • Shouldn’t Getting Into A Relationship Be Harder Than Getting Out?

    The common thought is, getting into a great relationship is hard, yet there are many unfortunate reasons why many impulse buy their way into a commitment. It feels like getting into a relationship is a lot easier, getting out of a bad one it tougher as we struggle to make right our wrong. I think this is backwards.

  • Do Guys Think Pole Dancing Is Sexual When She’s Not Stripping On It?

    Pole dancing is clearly heading back to its roots as an athletic sport & is slowly moving away from a stripper on a pole. What does this mean to guys? Do they find pole art to be sexual & erotic too, even as guys are now back in the game? Discus the sexuality of sports & the short-held association between pole and sex.

  • Stop The Judgments – What This Guy Thinks About Body Modifications

    A concerned woman reached out to younger girls to stop them from getting lip injections. The greater concern of mine is for those who shame, complain, & pass judgments on others. Which is worse, body mods, etc.. or judging others publicly or on social media. What this guy thinks you should do to your body.