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Why Even The Shy Guys Workout? Is It All Really Just For Women?

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Why Even The Shy Guys Workout? Is It All Really Just For Women? post image

Hi pete..ur articles are sooo guudd ..Why do guys love working out ? The guy i met says he is shy but has a great body through working out…i need some understanding on this…cos i am a shy person and i look physically gud without workouts and i am comfortable with how i look..how do shy men differ in their idea of this…?

Thank you Taurus.

We work out for many reasons and not all of them are related to the opposite sex.

In other words, it’s not all for “girls” or “getting laid” and I believe you’ll find lots of guys who work out and look great naked, are not always the most candid with women.

In fact you’ll find lots of “hot bods” buried beneath the shy guys or the ones who wouldn’t dream of showing it off to women.

Some of them will even outright refuse showing it off for a fear a woman will only like him for his body.

I know, imagine that. Right? 🙂

Take a look at the photo below. THAT is what was hiding behind the guy on the left.


Beneath that 80’s hair and glasses lived a shy guy afraid to show off what I worked so hard for.

Notice how ashamed I was to even show my face when I took my shirt off.

Occasionally I would get caught without my shirt on by a woman and I actually felt embarrassed.

I even recall getting a few hugs from women, after I lost the wonderful hairdo and glasses 😀 and they ALL squeezed a little tighter when they realized what I was hiding.

Shy guys, and I know this from personal experience, workout for many reasons and they just might be the last person you would suspect as having a great body underneath.

“When I was shy it felt like I was always being judged negatively. Like I was eventually going to do or say something wrong or socially unacceptable. How To Approach A Shy Guy – When And How To Talk To The Quiet Men

The absolute truth is they don’t like to show off.

It puts social pressure on them and shines a spotlight on them. Something they avoid at all costs.

In no particular order here are the main reasons guys, shy or not, love to work out…

1. It’s a male bonding tradition which developed quite recently.

As our lifestyle changed from chasing and hunting and farming, we began to live a more stagnate lifestyle. We needed to find a way to stay in physical shape.

You’ll find lots of great answers to this one in this forum when a man asked, “When did people start “working out”?

There seems to be more relevance to “Why Do Guys…?” when you consider brothers growing up together who are trying to outdo the other. “Only the strongest survive.” is clearly an encouragement which leads to male bonding.

I know me and my brother, while not sharing many similarities found working out to be not only natural but a great way to bond.

This tends to follow us through puberty and causes us to bond with other males when we join and participate in team sports.

Male bonding is essential to a young man’s growth into maturity and is clearly visible (negative) when a boy grows up without it.

Something you can read about here with regards to father and sons.:

Being a father is life’s fullest expression of masculinity. But for many males, life consists of a search for the lost father.

2. A boost of Confidence, energy, Self-Esteem, Testosterone, and helps to fight disease.

Frequent and regular physical exercise boosts the immune system and helps prevent the “diseases of affluence” such as heart disease, cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, and obesity. It may also help prevent depression, help to promote or maintain positive self-esteem, improve mental health generally, and can augment an individual’s sex appeal or body image, which has been found to be linked with higher levels of self-esteem.

Physical exercise From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

When done in age-dependent moderation based on our physical attributes tends to make us happier, more confident, boosts our esteem, testosterone, and generally keeps us living helathier longer.

This has been proven and well documented.

When I ask guys who are depressed about their relationships with women I often find out their exercise habits and work with them in that area.

I believe you’ll find in every self-help area of esteem and confidence your physical exercise must be included in part of it or at least added from an outside source.

We work out because it naturally increases all the areas listed above AND it does so internally.

We’re less likely to rely on other people’s opinions to justify an internal belief of ourselves.

3. We’re visually stimulated and (mostly) believe women are too. Therefore we sometimes feel the only way to attract women is to look amazing naked.

Our first stage attraction trigger is mostly visual IF there’s something to look at.

Since we’re men 😉 we think like a man,go figure right? 🙂 and therefore it’s only natural for us to assume (as we mature) that women experience the same thing.

Working out, or building our muscles relates to being seen as sexy, having sexual stamina, and more appealing to those who we want to become visually aroused by us.

Some men’s confidence is actually built on how big they are and how long they can last ad yes that includes the size of their penis. I believe most women are already well aware of that fact but if you’re not, well now you are.

Luckily it’s not every guy who bases their confidence on their looks alone.

4. To be stronger. Last longer during sports and to feel like we’re going to live more healthy productive lives. Increase our stamina in our physical lives.

We train to win and to have the opportunity to succeed and to feel better about ourselves if we fail.

To reach goals which if we were less physical than ourselves would not be able to achieve. Like mountain climbing, running, biking, boating, etc…

This has a strange effect of directing ourselves from revolving around women because it gives us clear personal goals to reach for which is more in our direct control.

On the other side, you’ll find men who believe by achieving those personal goals will attract more women and so do it for the wrong reasons. Although it might work, it just doesn’t work for the reasons they believe.

I’ve found women are not attracted to success as much as they are to a guy who actively seeks out reasonable success and balance but not necessarily achieves it.

Now if I can get more men to understand that, you should all be grateful. 🙂

5. A release of frustration. Sexually and mentally and physically.

When frustration builds nothing might feel better than a good long hard workout.

This frustration is not always sexual because normally that can be released “other” ways, if you know what I mean.

Stress over work, family, and finances can be redirected to fuel and energize the workout.

Shy guys will tend to use one or more of those reasons.

“One thing I know about men like this – shy or not – is how much the “attractive” pressure is amplified when other people are around. He’s Shy and Attracted To You But In A Group He’s Afraid To Show It

The difference being they’re not always up for showing it off.

Some of them don’t want or like to be seen as just a body. They want a woman to see the guy beneath the muscles.

They also, like many of us, don’t like to be judged unfairly.

When it comes to comfort or being comfortable with how we look, despite the exercise it IS an honorable trait BUT I believe you’ll lots of guys are terribly unsatisfied with their looks and building a better body is just one way to help them feel more comfortable. Especially when it come to attracting women and I suppose some other men too.

Some guys will end up going through a transition where they feel the have to get over the shyness and showing it off for the ladies helps them to overcome the hangups and to finally be seen as a strong sexual option to women.

That was me. Something I’m sure you ALL read on the about me page. 😀

Thanks for your question and it’s great to hear how comfortable you are with yourself and how much you believe in yourself. Keep up the great work!

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  • taurus

    Excellent work Pete !! I never thot this would have so many
    dimensions….thank u for shedding light on it. …


    We workout because
    1. To feel superior to everyone else
    2. To get laid easy from apps like tinder

    Everything else like being strong and healthy are minor reasons.

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