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Why Would A Guy Tell You, Girls Call Him All The Time

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Is she calling the guy you’re dating all the time?

Men brag. Oh they like to brag. Especially when it comes to how many other girls are after them, calling them, or so-called “want them”.

But that’s just the tip of it.

If and when a guy tells you, “girls call him ALL the time” you can safely assume a few things:

#1. There’s a great chance he’s attracted to you or at least wants to have sex with you.

Attraction is one thing and it’s impossible for us to control, predict, or ignore completely.

Wanting to have sex with you doesn’t require much (if any) attraction at all. That depends on who he is, where he is, and his “real” experiences with women.

Some guys will just have sex with any girl willing to accept his dick. Most of them experience some form of guilt or shame because of it AND it can lower their confidence and increase their anger or it can even have them despise women and the woman just for doing it with him.

If he’s out having sex with women just because she said yes and he feels absolutely nothing for her, or if he’s just using her for a body to get off on… chances are it WILL lower his self-esteem and confidence at the same time.

#2. His confidence around women is not all that it could be.

“A man will talk about other women(…) to stir jealousy. How you react can either guarantee your real devotion or have him believing you don’t really care. This borderline passive aggressive act is done with purpose although…”

What Does It Mean If My Boyfriend Tells Me About Other Girls Who Want to Be With Him?

This type of guy feels the need to advertise because he actually thinks it makes him look better or more attractive in your eyes.

In a way, it’s a distorted version of “trying to buy your attraction” or impress you with his manly conquests.

Do NOT discount this guy because even some of the best “real” men out there fall for this and find themselves playfully bragging. Since bragging comes in many forms and levels, you might struggle determining if a “better guys with women” is doing it with you but I guarantee you it’s happening in one way or another.

We ALL experience ups and downs levels in our confidence so during a downtime… we’re more likely to tell you, at least hint at the fact that “other” women are calling us or chasing us down or treating us like man-candy or well, you’re getting the picture. Hint hint…


My direct experience (which I feel is relevant to you,) women who are intensely attracted to me will often bring up this topic without me even saying a word about it. They tend to assume other women are contacting me and will find a (sometimes) clever way to work in this topic. And yes, occasionally they are blatant and not so creative as they playfully state, “So… how many women are you fucking right now?”

I suppose the others are just cleverly fishing for an answer as to just how many women ARE in my life.

Sometimes I think it’s cute. Especially if a part of me wants her physically.

Sometimes it’s annoying because she makes it so obvious and is using it to downplay our current situation.

Maybe she’s trying to steer me away from believing she would want a relationship with ME. Perhaps she’s thinking if she convinces me she doesn’t want an early one or isn’t interested in one right now, that I’d be more likely to talk to her and possibly screw around with her.

At which point she’ll slowly work in the “future” talk.

So as a word of warning, better men find that “game” annoying and will often prolong the dating experience with no commitment because we’re sensing an ulterior motive.

The same goes for you, right?

If for one or more moments you suspect a guy has an ulterior motive or is looking to game you into doing things his way… you become hesitant and your trust in him plummets.

Okay so we have, he’s attracted to you and is trying to “brag” or impress you because his confidence or experience with women is not all that it can be.

You can definitely and safely assume, a guy who does this or finds a way to work in his “other” girl problems or prowess into the conversation IS attracted to you and is trying to make something happen indirectly.

Some of them go deeper and try to make you jealous or encourage you to “act quick” before so other girl snatches them up.

Some don’t do it purposely, they just get nervous and it comes out because when they’re around a woman they want, they end to act “differently” because of it. Their lack of confidence has them acting in a strange often unpredictable way.

Some of them, the rare bust ball guys will happily bring it up and lead you on, making you believe it’s happening whether it is or not, just because they like to see that scrunched up look on your face BUT to those guys… it’s a tease.

Go ahead and needle this guy back. Show him you can handle anything he throws at you AND that you’re comfortable and secure enough to take a joke AND give it back.

The last of them do it out of habit and also because they’re trying to figure out whether or not you’re attracted to them through your reaction. They normally don’t get women and are always trying to look for signals or reactions rather than just making something happen.

With this guy, do NOT give it away. His “other” girlfriends are HIS problem.

I would say, IF this happens, IF a guy brings it up how men other girls are calling him or is bragging too much , and it is not an occasional mention or a gentle ribbing to tease you… BE warned and suspect the truth behind his words.

If what he is telling you is in fact, the truth and he feels the need to use it to impress you, go with your intuition here and move on, ignore it, wait for him to do something more than trying to impress you with his game OR play along by doing it yourself and see just how strong he really is.


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