You Can’t Wait To Tell Your Crush How Much You Like Him – Don’t Do It!

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Thanks Pete that was also very helpful but there its one problem I told him I was crushing on him yesterday and he didn’t reply to my text until early this morning with a thank you.

I don’t think he feels the same so I'm a little crushed right now.

What should I do?

Monique... Today's advice is going to come hard but I know you can handle it and learn something which is going to help you in the future.

I understand the urges women AND men feel when they just have to tell their crush they like them BUT it's not always the best thing to do.

Telling a guy you like him won't make them like you back. He won't suddenly reveal everything you believe he's hiding from you.

Attraction just does NOT work that way.

I suffered through many crushes in my life. I say "suffer" because that's normally how they feel, right - crushing.

It's painful and at times it seems like the only way to make the pain and doubt go away is to reveal our feelings.

However if the person is not feeling close to the same way you can actually decrease what attraction might have been there. You can push him further away.

PLUS it destroys your confidence when the feelings are not reciprocated.

Sure it feels good in the moment you finally let it out but in the end, it only makes you feel worse and all too occasionally - rejected.

The crushes in my life led me down the same rotten path. Telling them only make me look needy, a little desperate, and slightly approval seeking.

It feels counter-intuitive but if you just focus on building a connection and attraction - you won't ever have to tell someone you like them...

Because they will GET it.

If they don't and can't see the obvious, pointing it out won't change a thing.

If they don't respond favorable then it simply means they're just not interested or feeling attracted to you... period.

AND on the side - please - NEVER do it in a text message.

How DO you SHOW a guy you like him?

Show some interest in who he is. Be attentive and responsive to his heart and emotions.

Flirt with him in a way which shows you're smart, confident, funny, and sexy enough to be desirable to any man who GETS you.

Granted, not all men will understand. I separate the two types on my homepage and in my newsletter.

Type two's miss a lot of the hints so you have to be a little more direct with them but telling him is still not good advice because once you tell him, he thinks he's being chased. Once that happens you become the masculine side and encourages him to take on a more feminine role.

Type one's understand and if they like you back, you'll never have to tell them so don't even bother trying because you will set yourself up to be used, rejected, hurt, and/or left waiting as long as he wants to keep you on the hook.

So make sure you get on my newsletter, download my two types of men book and study in closely. Read it twice if you have to so you can take it all in.

Now... the hard part.

I am extremely doubtful he's feeling the same way you are and if he felt a little, it's probably gone down to barely nothing.

The reaction he gave you, waiting until the next day just to say, "Thank you." was his polite way of telling you he's not interested.

Hey - it's not the end of the world though. These things happen to everyone and I'm not overly proud of how many women rejected me in my past "type two" existence. More than I care to count.

BUT I got over it. Learned from it.

AND eventually succeeded in finding and marrying the woman of my dreams.

So don't let it get you down. Don't let it affect you negatively for too long.

Feel it out. Let it out.

Move on to bigger and better things more confident with the knowledge and advice you're learning today.

Just don't linger in it for too long. Do some stuff that makes you happy. Throw in a smile or two. Watch something you enjoy that makes you laugh. Drink it off if you have to.

Feel it out. Let it out.

Move on to bigger and better things.

Where do you go from here?

Well honestly, I would put this one away.

There's no sense "trying" to make something happen and it's certainly not a good thing to try and fix a mistake AND there's certainly NO benefit or good results that will ever come from trying to talk your way into the heart of a guy who rejected you.

However if you must proceed against my wishes or advice...

I'm going to guess he'll pull back a little now but not completely disappear.

In other words, more of the same of how he responded by not messaging you as often and just replying with a bland, "Thank You."

All YOU can do is the same - pull back a little more, gather and gain your confidence, understand where all these urges came from and how they brought you to reveal your feelings so you can avoid doing it again

At least at the wrong time.

Where you are now is close to what is called the dreaded friends (or merely acquaintances) zone. This recent article should help guide you from there:

What To Do When You Fall For Your Friend & He Doesn’t Feel The Same Way

Follow the steps I laid out for you exactly.


What you're suffering comes from what I call "a sense of urgency".

It's prompted you to reveal your feelings to this guy and it must be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible OR it's bound to happen again as it did to me for so many times and lots of different women.

The way I overcame it was very similar to the steps you'll get on getting out of a friends zone so read the post I gave you above.

What you now must do (if you got the distraction and attraction part down) is to put in practice something called "Circular Dating" from Targeting Mister Right.

Trust it will solve this urgency problem and a whole lot more too. Rori Raye designed it as "free" therapy and it works wonders. It's exactly what I did when I gathered myself, learned about attraction, and started putting my new self out there.

Here's all the info you need to get you started: Targeting Mister Right and if you want to know who Rori Raye is, just sign up for her free Have The Relationship You Want Newsletter.

In conclusion...

NEVER tell a guy how you're feeling in a text.

NEVER reveal your deep inner most feelings to a guy (early on) especially before it's clear he feels the same way about you.

It won't change how he feels if he's not there yet and can only lessen any attraction that might've been there.

You might be thinking he's hiding his feelings from you or he's "afraid" to let them out but most of the time - if a guy is not moving forward with you - he's either a type two who doesn't know how AND he only sees you as a friend OR he's a type one who is just not interested or attracted to you.

Showing a guy in an attractive way is the ONLY way it must be done.

Show some interest in who he is.

Be attentive and responsive to his heart and emotions.

Flirt with him in a way which shows you're smart, confident, funny, and sexy enough to be desirable to any man who GETS you.

If you're in what I call a constant "state or urgency", like you must get your feelings out to a guy or ANY guy if you've done this in the past - start using Circular Dating from Rori Raye.


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