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Do Guys Imagine Sleeping With Every Woman They Know?

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Guy Imagination Undressing Her on Beach

If she’s attractive and famous, then I’d say yes, we might not imagine sleeping with them BUT we’re certainly wondering what they look like naked. Especially if she refuses to be publicly naked in a movie.

I once turned off some Katy Perry concert or documentary in disgust because I exclaimed, “Well if she’s not going to get naked, why bother?!!!”

Undressing a woman with our eyes is an art form and I’m positive women are just as good at this artful demonstration of imagination. Tell me if I’m wrong below. 😉

But the BIG question is, “Do we really imagine sleeping with every woman we know?” so will try to keep it on the subject…


The thing is we see so many women everyday and most of them we’re not at all attracted to and imagining them in a bed with me is the last thing we want on our mind. Lots of guys would certainly agree with me here.

However, if she’s good-looking, you know has a great body AND proves she has a great personality, then it’s a good bet at some point, while in the heat of our more private moments, it might happen. Okay, it’s very likely to happen.

“When I see an attractive girl who is single – and I believe this is the answer so many of you are looking for…” What Guys Think When They Meet An Attractive Woman Who Is Still Single

It rarely (if ever) will happen while with her, talking to her, at work, doing things, those kind of moments are reserved for later on. When we’re alone.

Let me think about some friends who are attractive enough to catch my eye… just a minute please. Okay… 😉

There’s what her name, haven’t slept with her but curious enough to wonder. Curious enough to imagine her voice moaning. Maybe a little too eager let her have her way with me.

Then there’s this other woman… yeah, blonde fair-skinned beauties are, and always have been my favorite, I have definitely imagined sleeping with her.

If I run through a day of mine, you know going from woman to woman, I would have to say this can and does happen:

We absolutely WILL undress women with our eyes at some point.

How far we will go depends a lot on the guy:

  • How much sex he gets – If he doesn’t get much or any he’s more likely to allow his mind to wander from undressing to sex especially later on. If he’s getting some a lot, he won’t put more effort in to it that just a quick casual look.
  • How creative his mind is – The truth is I know lots of who are not very imaginative at all making it very difficult to move from imagining her naked to actually doing it with her.
  •  How varied his sexual mind is – Some guys have some pretty strange fantasies as I’m sure women do too. If he is into a specific thing like tying her up, spanking her, I would assume he not only imagined her naked but also put her in his position or fetish of choice.
  •  How long he’s been in a relationship – Let’s face it. If he’s been with the same woman for a while, his mind will undoubtedly wander more, just to check out what he will miss or can never have. I’m positive there’s a curve here. In the beginning while he’s still not sure, he might wander more. As time goes by it’s replaced by feelings of guilt. As time goes on further and their sex life is declining, his mind once again starts imagining someone else.
  •  How physically attracted he is to his girlfriend or wife – I find it hard to believe that if a guy is not that physically attracted to his wife or girlfriend that he doesn’t undress beautiful women. Not that it means anything to anyone involved, but that it DOES and WILL happen.

I’m sure I’ve missed a few here but let’s not break it down that far… at least for now.

What we have here is a clear distinction and based on my own experiences and the guys I have known…

We do NOT imagine sleeping with every woman we know.

How attractive our friends and the women we will ultimately decide that for us or how often it happens.

We DO however undress lots of women and it’s quick and unavoidable at some point. We’re curious. We want to know.

That undressing is normally NOT fantasy based so we’re not imaging sleeping with her.

Just what she might look like in a moment, her nipples, the shape of her ass. the small of her back, for some guys the upper supple strong part of her thighs, the basic womanly parts we’re not allowed to see.


The fad of Yoga pants have made it worse. How skimpy your clothes are makes a difference.

Meaning if you give us a bigger peak we’re more likely to envision more because, well it’s right there and we’re visually based people.

The imagination of actual sex is something different though and normally our minds don’t wander that far during the day at least. When we’re alone and capable and feeling it, anything goes BUT how far seems to depend more on the guy, what he wants, what he gets, what he can’t have, who she is (famous or a friend).


Do guys imagine sleeping with every woman they know?

Absolutely not.

No more than you (being a woman with a supposedly better more elaborate fantasy routine than us guys) do while you’re out and about.

It’s my belief where guys do imagine the naked female body and do it consistently and often, women tend to have quicker more indulgent fantasies us guys never experience.

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