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Is Your Ex Boyfriend Going To Sleep With Your Best Friend and Why?

Is Your Ex Boyfriend Going To Sleep With Your Best Friend and Why? post image

Men are not exempt from having fantasies and when given an opportunity to act on them they just might be tempted a little too much.

It's also no secret that friends often find themselves highly attracted to their friend's boyfriend. Especially if he has it "going on".

So what happens when the original couple becomes separated?

What happens when she starts imagining the possibility an encounter could finally happen?

Well she (the friend) just be tempted herself to engage or act on the sexual friction which has building between her and your ex.

Which of course can cause lots of problems.

Friends become enemies and fights break out.

The drama can reach a high point and when the whole sorted truth comes out, it's rare all people involved will find a way to make amends.

Love triangles are very common but LUST triangles are even more common.

Maybe it's the closeness, maybe it's the timing like how one hooks up while the other has a secret crush, or maybe it develops over time.

They begin to talk intimately or have talked about being intimate before but it never works out and so the guy ends up in a long-term relationship with one of them.

The truth is: men are very sexually driven and often find it very difficult to resist.

It's totally natural for a guy to imagine sleeping with lots of girls.

And if this "fantasy" involves our girlfriend's friend, it often builds immeasurably because of the frustration involved.

I don't intend to play the blaming game.

To each it's own.

While sure there's probably some jealousy going on, sure there's probably some self-esteem issues, sure insecurity and sex drive play a major role in everyone involved.

And I've found in the "aftermath" of it all - every man or woman on this planet who is not involved will probably take a side.

So the story goes...

A man and woman meet and unknowingly, on the side, the same guy meets another girl who just happens to be a life long friend of the first woman.

There's an instant connection.

Sexual chemistry is abound and running wild.

Although the guy is slightly attracted to the first woman he feels reserved towards.

The second girl finds herself falling head over heels for him and one night something happens.

Months later they find themselves committed in a mostly on and sometimes off relationship.

As the story goes there is a definite love between them and as you might have already guessed, love may be a building block to a relationship, but it's never enough to make it last.

For any couple to survive together there are many factors which must be in place and when certain things don't happen - a break up becomes practically unavoidable.

Yet... the sexual friction still exists between him, her, and her friend.

So when it's over the best friend find herself almost unavoidably drawn to her best friends ex.

Within a short time she finds herself contacting the guy, looking for a little fun - if you know what I mean.

In the case above the ex wasn't trying to sleep with his ex-girlfriends best friend.

Although admittedly more than just casual thoughts have crossed his mind.

His sexual desires being tested by the recent breakup.

His physical needs has him searching for the warmth of someone else.

Before you get your voice heard and tell me which side you would take I want to answer this whole mess succinctly:

Is Your Ex Boyfriend Going to Sleep with Your Best Friend?

If the opportunity presents itself...

If your friend has harbored deep feelings for him...

If he's feeling sexually frustrated...

If the chemistry between them is purely sexual...

Then the odds are pointing towards YES. It can happen, it has happened, and it's likely to happen again.

Of course it's rare.

As painful as an experience it might be for you (if and when it happens) - the opposite is much more likely to be the norm.

Most average decent guys would NEVER sleep with their ex's best friend.

There are way too many things which must be in place to have him even consider it as noted in the post above.

One more rather strange twist to this lust affair:

Is it MORE likely to happen IF he hasn't gotten over you or still wants you back and can't get over you?

I found one person who believes it is more likely IF he has not move on...

Does he appear to be partying a lot, dating other girls, sleeping with other women? Distracting himself.

Women often find themselves wondering this after a breakup, “How could he have moved on so quickly? It seemed like he had replaced me with no feelings at all.”

"It does not mean he is over you. It means the opposite. It means he's hurting, he's angry, and he's trying to get on with his life the only way he knows how. He's desperate for the one thing he thinks will take all the pain away. Even for just a few moments."

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Now it's your turn.

I know you want to take a side...

  • Have you ever wondered or got the feeling a boyfriend wanted to sleep with your best friend?
  • Have you ever been involved in a love-lust-triangle?
  • Whose side do you take - the friend - the girl - or the guy?


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