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Breaking Up – What Your Ex Was Thinking – After The Relationship Ends

Everyone knows the saying – breaking up is hard to do. While this section grows it will contain articles on what goes on inside a man’s mind after a breakup, ex-boyfriends and husbands, knowing if you can get him back, and all the reasons why your relationship might have fallen apart and how to fix it too.

  • Is Your Ex Boyfriend Going To Sleep With Your Best Friend and Why?

    Your best friend likes you boyfriend & you know it. Fine, you’ll deal with it even though you don’t like it or you’re tired of talking about it with her. But what happens after you break up with him. Will she sleep with him? How will it all go down? If you’ve ever wondered if this could happen to you or has read this.

  • Out Of Relationship Mode, What Goes On In A Man’s Mind After A Breakup

    Have you ever wondered what goes in a man’s mind just after a breakup? You’ll be shown two views. One my exact feeling as a guy who just broken up with his girlfriend of two years. Two, what a man experiences after a breakup. How long he holds on. Is it possible to get him back. The stages of emotions he goes through.